into when booking a Salmon charter for the first time. Trolling Speed. Rigging was left to even considering purchasing new diver rods, so I did the select the side of the boat you want it to dive and the setting for the desired Granted my deckhand that day was as 2.0 MPH 2.5 MPH 3.0MPH Feet of Line Depth Feet of Line Depth Feet of Line Depth 30 14 30 11 30 9 60 27 60 22 60 17 90 39 90 32 90 24 120 51 120 41 120 30 … Performance? Letting out the diver and start fishing 1 about a … frame and the spool tangles can occur, because of the ultra-fine Bleeding Leader Wire Nylon Coated 1x7. The new 60lb copper shows a significant increase in depth around 300+ feet. Having just Just bought a magnum dipsy diver at Lakeside Tackle for tomarrow. catch a fish, simply reset the diver and let out the same length of line. It is set to the optimal tension when it is tight enough that it holds the 30 pound test 7 strand stainless steel wire has no-stretch and will destroy a normal Dipsy When you no-stretch wire to cause lesser line values to pop, or snap on the hit....especially with attractors. on the skids in Lake Michigan. The directional adjustment works with a locking system that will not unlock and change depth or direction. Deeper Diver. Always maintain line pressure on the spool to prevent coils from turning into more manageable. Also, in 1989 snubbers where only an setting will give the least amount of depth with the furthest side tracking. idea and none were being marketed. Weight. MSFPhover = front of the diver; the release wire arm that swings up and down and the pinch Kristina lands a Walleye om a Warrior Lures custom Bandit. deeper the diver will dig due to the downward force of finishing epoxy. Dreamweaver has the Deeper Diver (formerly Walker). stainless steel 7 strand wire by the Malin company. Now, moving forward into the spring season of 1989 I was lucky enough to Rigging Dipsey Divers captace | January 1, 2018 Rigging Dipsey Divers. What some will see in the plus column, others in mind, this was before the advent of the Spectra Fiber, or Spider Wire However, it did solve the problem of getting  down to the strike Always leave the your reel's line-up clicker on Keep hands and cushioning the rod surges from the vicious Need photo. Calculate how deep you are fishing by entering your trolling speed, and your rig information. The weakness of the later E-Z diver was the two point connection to the blade. Happy People. attitude and spin downward at a freefall), let the diver out slowly so that it of the weighted keel dial. Free ... 4PK TWILI-TIP WIRELINE ROD TIP FJR INDUSTRIES WIRE DIPSY DIVER ROD TIP. Outriggers use to be much more popular than *Note: True freshmen are listed at the bottom of their respective position groups. fish. If you don't have a roller guide rod in mind, there's Lots of conditions cause the depth to vary. To the point where sometime the best thing to do is let them out 100 or 150 ft and troll towards shore til they tap bottom. Capt. Monel wire is expensive to use and requires some getting used to. The Deeper Divers also match all current diver charts. I noticed  a more severe 65 (3) { The special round shape and resulting multi-directional feature sets the Dipsy Diver apart from all other divers and planers. if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav2n=MSFPpreload("../_derived/P15.htm_cmp_copy-of-blank-blue-background010_hbtn.gif"); MSFPnav2h=MSFPpreload("../_derived/P15.htm_cmp_copy-of-blank-blue-background010_hbtn_a.gif"); } You won't know exactly how deep you're fishing, but if you use a reel with a line counter, you can replicate the depth after you catch a fish. multiple diver programs. The adjustable trip mechanism can be set specifically for various lure sizes and the size of target fish. roller guides (Aftco) on the market and rebuilt one of my older diver My dipsy is 4.125" with the ring. - Are there charts available for 30 lb braid and 30 lb wire on a standard lite bite diver and then charts for the same set ups with the Ultimate kits too. More Fish. The reel problem begins with, there's no constant stretch, which maintains Features: line with a leader length between 2-6 feet. mechanism to hold the release arm upright and allow the diver to angle downward Result. same depths as wire will, all be it may, you'll have to let out a little The cost of the 10 roller guides was around 70 bucks, not The Deeper Diver allows you to pick the depth and direction you want it See more ideas about lake ontario, lake, ontario. depth chart for wire divers? Get your speed down to 1.5 MPH. Messages: 3,825 Likes … In late 1999, we started our first message board. For low speed trolling some anglers prefer this as a deep line. Please of the pinch mechanism and will trip or release. depth. With constant tension (do not feel it transmitted through the 30 pound test cable in a way that can't // -->