Various Non-conventional machining Process 1. which were presented in this article in a detailed way. Electron beam machining is same as laser beam machining process in which except laser, high speed electron beam impinges on work piece. Modern Machining Process, Aditya. MACHINING OPERATIONS AND MACHINE TOOLS. Introduction to Rapid Prototyping, A Ghosh, North West Publication MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CHANNEL - ANUNIVERSE 22 has started to stand on the shoulders of engineering giants and Now, It is a place to hang out to learn the Basics of Mechanical Engineering. 1. Trimming is the operation of..... A. 2. Seminar on Non Conventional Machining Report Download ABSTRACT. Home >> Category >> Mechanical Engineering (MCQ) questions and answers >> Advanced Machining Process; 1) The Laser Beam Machining process can be carried out, when the media for energy transfer between tool and workpiece is. University. Advantages of EDM (a) This process is very much economical for machining … Non conventional machining 1. 2002 5. 74% average accuracy. Various similarities and differences between conventional machining and non-traditional machining (NTM) processes are given below in table format. Comparison between Conventional and Non-conventional machining : Sr. No Conventional Non-Conventional 1 Direct contact of tool and workpiece. Understand conventional and non-conventional manufacturing term. Turning & Related Operations • Turning – a machining process in which a single-point tool remove material from the surface of a rotating work piece. contains 10 Multiple Choice Questions for Mechanical Engineering Unconventional Machining Process - 3 (mcq) to study with solutions a complete Page 1/3. Materials are removed by traversing in a direction parallel to the axis of rotation of axis or along a specified path to form a complex rotational shape. The following are considered a non conventional machining process, EXCEPT... answer choices . Course Objectives 1. 2 Cutting tool is always harder than w/p. There is no physical contact between the tool and work piece, In some non Dear Readers, Welcome to Manufacturing Processes - 1 multiple choice questions and answers with explanation. Conventional Process Non Conventional Process 1. The Non-Traditional Machining methods include, Ultrasonic Machining, Laser Beam Machining, Water Jet Machining, Abrasive Water Jet Machining, Electron Beam Machining, etc. Specially developed for the Mechanical Engineering freshers and … 2 Non-traditional Machining Processes. 240 ipm vs 60 ipm conventional machining. High speed machining is able to cut walls to 0.020” (0.51mm) without … The book provides insight into the use of some basic processes existing today in the domain of nonconventional manufacturing (machining). Tools are non-conventional technique like Laser beam, electric arc etc. Lecture Series on Manufacturing Processes II by Prof.A.B.Chattopadhyay, Prof. A. K. Chattopadhyay and Prof. S. Paul,Department of Mechanical … Differences between Conventional and Non conventional machining processes. Non-Conventional Machining, P.K.Mishra, The Institution of Engineers (India) Test book series, Narosa Publishing House – 2005. Laser beam machining (LBM) is a non-conventional Machining manufacturing process, a form of machining, in which a laser is directed towards the work piece for machining. The non-conventional manufacturing is designed to prepare interested students for future careers manufacturing industry where non-conventional machines are used. 4. Similarities between conventional machining and NTM. These objective type Manufacturing Processes - 1 questions are very important for campus placement test, semester exams, job interviews and competitive exams like GATE, IES, PSU, NET/SET/JRF, UPSC and diploma.