Nausea and inclination to vomit. Sticking in the stomach, in right hypochondrium. Homeopathic Hypericum perforatum, named for the Latin genus and species of the plant, is effective for many conditions that involve nerve injuries and puncture wounds. Prevents lockjaw from wounds in soles, in fingers, and in palms of the hands. Tearing stitches in the brain. Sensation as if the head became elongated. The leaves, moreover, are lance-shaped. Hypericum perforatum is a common species and is grown commercially for use in herbalism and traditional medicine. Related posts: Hypericum Perforatum Homeopathic Remedy Hypericum Perforatum from Keynotes and Characteristics by H C Allen.....; HYPERICUM Therapeutic symptoms of homeopathic remedy Hypericum, described by E.B. -As post operative dressing on neurovascular helona, has analgesic properties. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Bees, flies. Sticking through (right) ear in evening. Description Description. Left leg numb, cold while sitting. Effects of shock. Neck and Back. Old ulcers or sores in mouth when very sensitive. Hypericum is very helpful for toothaches, injury or trauma to the teeth. Hence Hyp. Heart. Head feels longer-elongated to a point. Urinary Organs. Ulceration. Pain is shooting upward, along the nerve. The former condition has led to cures in effects of accidents attended with the sensation " as if being lifted high into the air, and great anxiety lest she should fall fro this height." It acts as a painkiller for injuries to parts rich in nerves . Lacerations, when intolerable, excruciating pain shows nerves are severely involved. Ears. A homeopath’s guidance is best for this complaint. Hard, dry, yellow crusts form on healing wound. was preferred to Led. Skin. While it appears effective, it … There may seem to be a sort of phantom pain, particularly in limbs that are no longer there after something like an amputation. In homeopathy, Hypericum perforatum is known as a remedy for unbearable, shooting or jabbing pain especially when neural damage is involved. Dryness of the lips and moth. Smarting eruption, like nettle-rash, on the hands. Mouth. Websites for nonprofits by Elevation Web. Aching pain and sensation of lameness in the small of the back. The … Neuritis, with tingling, burning pain, numbness and flossy skin. LACERATIONS; when the intolerable, violent, shooting, lancinating pain shows nerves are severely involved. Lancinating pain in upper and lower limbs. Removes consequences of fright and effects of shock. Hemorrhoids. Crushed fingers, especially tips. Very unusual severe urging. Causation. Spinal concussion. Limbs. The great remedy for injuries to nerves, especially of fingers, toes and nails. Nose. Stiff-neck. Tearing, rheumatic, shaking pains, paralytic weakness. Bites. Spastic paralysis. Stomach. Hypericum perforatum used as one of the injury medicine along with other medicines like Arnica montana, Rhus tox, Ledum palustre, Staphisagria and Calendula officinalis, but all medicines indicates their own peculiar symptoms. Spasms after every injury. It antidotes: Effects of mesmerism (Sulph.). Yellowish green scabs with cracking and moisture. Head: Heavy; feels as if touched by an icy cold hand. It is hardy to zone (UK) 3. Frequent dry hacking cough, short, barking cough. Next to the nervous tissues, the joints are affected. It is especially helpful after suffering an amputation where there is phantom pain and nervous pain present. Quite supersedes the use of Morphia after operations (Helmuth). Hypericum Perforatum In first aid, The Homeopathic Remedy Hypericum is considered the Arnica of the Nerves! Dr. Gary Cunningham answered. Spinal irritation. Fright. Sign up for our newsletter to receive healthy tips and special offers! Tetanus (Physost; Kali brom). Characteristics.-The leaves of various species of Hypericum are sprinkled with pellucid dots and black glands which contain an essential oil. Reduction of pain after application of H. perforatum has been observed in previous studies. Pulse hard, accelerated. Details: You Save: CDN$ 3.32 (40%) New (2) from CDN$ 4.97 … The leaves, moreover, are lance-shaped. Rectum: Urging, dry, dull, pressing pain. Hot and bloated. Local congestions and capillary erethism, with or without hemorrhages and great nervous depression, following wounds. Loose, bilious, yellow stools evening or morning. The particular kinds of wounds for which Hyp. Hypericum can be helpful as a homeopathic remedy for people who tend to be depressed, frightened, and shocked especially after an accident or injury of some type. Stitches in the small of the back. Great thirst. Hyp. Makes mistakes in writing, omits letters, forgets what she wanted to say. In first aid, The Homeopathic Remedy Hypericum is considered the Arnica of the Nerves! Nightly urging to urinate, with vertigo. Natural History. The leaves of H. androsemum, commonly called Tutsan (toute saine), were applied to fresh wounds from olden time. Gilchrist says Hyp. The general dosage of St. John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) Extract is as follows. Scirrhus of breast from injury. Headache. 500) confirms this, "pain, bleeding and tenderness" are his indications. Stomach: Craving for wine. (pains in face). Hypersensitiveness. In more recent years, scientific research has supported use of Hypericum for other nervous system complaints, such as anxiety and depression. Please see the Learn About Ledum Palustre page for a further differential. At four AM talks nonsense in sleep, distorted staring eyes, throbbing arteries. Great nervous depression following wounds. These types of injuries can include bites or puncture wounds, crushing injuries or torn nails. Sensitiveness of hearing during menses. Affections of joints. Panaritium. Hypericum perforatum is a PERENNIAL growing to 0.9 m (3ft) by 0.6 m (2ft in). These remedies are used in a routine way when a … The surgery of Homeopathy largely involves the use of ARNICA, RHUS TOX., LEDUM, STAPHISAGRIA, CALCAREA and Hypericum. Itching in right meatus. For sharp, shooting nerve pains. Pressure at the stomach on eating but little. Stitches from within outward, through left breast and sternum, worse from motion. Pulse rapid and hard. Brain feels alive. Headache, extending into zygoma or cheek. It is a great remedy for wounds to the nerves, especially in the toes and nails. wounds is that they are very sensitive to touch (Led. (Effects of laparotomy). It was given (8 PM) in the 500th, dissolved in water, at first every fifteen minutes, later every two hours. has no sphere outside wounds and their effects. Talks wildly in night after four AM      while asleep, apprehensive, gasped for breath. Read product labels and discuss dosing with your doctor before taking this dietary supplement. -In wounds where formally Aconite and Arnica were given alternately, Hypericum cures. Taste: insipid, of blood. "It seems to suit the plethoric, with great soreness." Effects of running nail or pin into foot. Hypericum, external or internal, can sooth wounds that are inflamed and painful including abscesses, cuts, hemorrhoids, scars and insect and animal bites. Brain, concussion of. Use Ledum palustre if the injured part is better with ice cold applications, and there are ascending pains. Rheumatism of small joints. by Müller and others is very complete and brings out the relation of the drug to wounds and their consequences and also its applicability in maladies of other kinds. Bunions and corns when the pain in excruciating. Excessive painfulness is a guiding symptom to its use. Contact Us. Bruises. Consequences of shock or fight. Hypericum perforatum, commonly known as St John's wort, has been used for centuries to treat nerve damage, sciatica and back pain. Stool and Anus. Hypericum perforatum, H. perfoliatum. Cramp in calves. Homeopathic Hypericum Perforatum indications, uses & symptoms from 12 cross linked materia medicas. Stitches on the top of the shoulder at every inspiration. Brain seems compressed. Hot risings in esophagus after a fright, or with anxious feelings. About Hypericum Perforatum Homeopathy Medicine Common Names of Source: St. John’s Wort (whole plant), the name means to ‘rise above one’s demon’. Hypericum perforatum is an excellent remedy for the injury to parts, rich in sentient nerves, esp. Falling out of hair. They may appear to be nervous or get overly excited and can easily become drowsy, even falling asleep while they are in the middle of talking. When you have had that unfortunate mishap, of let’s say shutting your finger in the car door, or dropping a brick on your foot, you know that you can count on Hypericum for that much needed instant relief. Throbbing in vertex; worse in close room. Brachial neuralgia. St. John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) extract has been standardized to 0.3 per cent hypericin content in most studies and used three times daily at doses of 300 mg. - Advertisement - Some studies have used a 0.2 per cent hypericin standardized … It has cured asthma worse in foggy weather, the attacks were better by copious expectoration. There was more tenderness about the wound than the appearance would indicate. Like Arnica it has many uses in the respiratory sphere. 2 doctors agree. These, which are most conspicuous in H. perforatum, have evidently given the signature which has led to the chief use of the plant in medicine, namely, as a remedy for wounds or perforations of the integuments. Cannot walk, from affection of the spine. Simplexes are available as 100 sweet sucrose pills per vial (lactose and gluten free), or liquid remedies – 120 doses per bottle, mild-tasting water/ethanol mix. Homeopathic Medicine Guide; Discover homeopathy; Retailers; Health Care Practitioners; Boiron Boiron. Privacy Policy Asthma worse in foggy weather. 0 comment. has been found of signal service are wounds of parts rich in verves, brain, spine (spinal irritation from falls), coccyx, finger-ends, wounds from stepping on nails, or any punctured wounds. Excellent articles on homeopathy. Upper Limbs. It is a complete, holistic medical system that has been used to treat and cure a wide variety of acute, infectious and chronic illnesses. Tetanus. Fearful sharp pain in knees, could hardly touch them. It relieves the intense pain – either sharp, or shooting upwards along the nerve – that follows crushes, blows, cuts, grazes, or puncture wounds to these areas. Tongue: coated white, or dirty yellow. All symptoms worse by least exposure. Injury to the brain and spinal cord or ill effects from such injuries. Hair moist, rest of body burning hot. They may appear to be nervous or get overly excited and can easily become drowsy, even falling asleep while they are in the middle of talking. Joints feel bruised. Diarrhea driving out of bed in morning. Crushed fingers, especially tips. If melancholy and mental changes began with an injury to the head, spine or elsewhere, Hypericum can bring incredible support. Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products. These, which are most conspicuous in H. perforatum, have evidently given the signature which has led to the chief use of the plant in medicine, namely, as a remedy for wounds or perforations of the integuments. Hypericum can also be of benefit after dental surgery to ease discomfort as well as for the toothache that may precede the surgery. Hæmorrhoids, with pain, bleeding, and tenderness. Confusion, vertigo, and heaviness. These remedies are used in a routine way when a physician runs into semi-surgical conditions, or the results of injuries. That horrible sharp, shooting, hot pain from injuring a nerve rich area is more controllable with Hypericum. Other nerve-rich areas include the face, mouth and tail. Tearing in cheek, in left zygoma. Coccyx injury from fall, with pain radiating up spine and down limbs. Injuries to parts rich in sentient nerves, especially fingers, toes, and matrices of nails. Whooping-cough. Hyper. is especially useful for injuries to nerve-rich areas such as fingers, toes, and the spine (especially the coccyx). (Piles, with much pain, bleeding, and great soreness.). Brain-fag and neurasthenia. Dryness of nose, with sneezing, of left nostril with crusts in it. Excelsior and be Ever onward, We recommend Boiron from, Common Complaints you can treat with Homeopathy. Stye on left lower lid. Respiratory Organs. Hoarseness, Scraping and roughness in larynx, upper part of pharynx and nares in foggy weather. Bites. That horrible sharp, shooting, hot pain from injuring a nerve rich area is more controllable with Hypericum. Tension in region of uterus, as from a tight bandage. Rectum feels dry, morning. Multimedia: Slideshows, Images & Quizzes Worse From touch. Wounds. Buzzing sensation in vertex at night as if something living were in brain. The red, oily extract of H. perforatum has been used in the treatment of wounds, including by the Knights Hospitaller, the Order of St John, after battles in the Crusades, which is most likely where the name derived. About Hypericum perforatum: Product Category: Pain; Indications: Nerve pain* Directions: Adults & children: At the onset of symptoms, dissolve 5 pellets under the tongue 3 times a day until symptoms are relieved or as directed by a doctor. Pressure along ulnar side of arm. Chest. Feeling of lump in stomach (Abies nig; Bry). Summer diarrhea with eruption. Sensation as if the left foot was strained of dislocated. Well-known by its herbal name, St. John’s Wort. Shuddering over the whole body, with desire to urinate. All Rights Reserved. Mind: Feels as if lifted high in air, or anxiety lest he fall from heights. Bunions. Lacerated wounds with much prostration from loss of blood. The flowers and leaves of Hypericum are full of natural phytochemicals, and can be used internally as well as … Tongue coated white at base, tip clean. Smell very acute. Mistakes in writing. It can be critical following head injuries, given immediately or even for lingering symptoms years later (see also Nat sulph). Facial neuralgia and toothache of a pulling, tearing character, with sadness. On awaking: weary, better by noon, feels refreshed, bowels distended. Those needing Hypericum usually want warm drinks. Eructation on drinking water. Excessive painfulness is a guiding symptom to its use. 475) relates the following case, A boy, nine, was bitten by a pet rat on the first finger of left hand. Numbness in left arm, better by rubbing. Rheumatism. Stitches in the chest, below the breasts. Prevents lockjaw. Dry, burning heat in mouth. Asthma. 3x, given at intervals of twenty minutes for twelve hours or longer, seems to control perfectly the pain following laparotomy. Numbness and crawling in the limbs, hands, and feet. Respiratory: Asthma worse foggy weather and relieved by profuse perspiration. Jerking and twitching of muscles. Where the pains are worse from applying pressure or cold compresses. Hypericum is also good for where the pain may feel “hot”. Clinical studies have also helped to demonstrate this improvement in moodiness. It also helps some types of phantom pain, and shock, or ailments that follow shock. Sensation as of a worm moving in throat. Impotence. Injuries to nerve-rich areas. The word Hypericum means "sub-heather", indicating its manifest relation to the heaths, which at once leads us to think of Ledum. Operations, effects of. These, which are most conspicuous in H. perforatum, have evidently given the signature which has led to the chief use of the plant in medicine, namely, as a remedy for wounds or perforations of the integuments. Add to cart. Burning stinging in tarsi. Neuralgia and paralytic pain in left upper arm. © 2020 National Center for Homeopathy. Send thanks to the doctor. Email Submit. Hypericum is often recommended to help ease post operation pain. The name Hypericum is derived from ‘hyper’ meaning above and ‘eicon’ meaning image, as the superior part of the flower represents a figure. Face. Anxiety in chest in forenoon, with short breath. Hypericum is one of my favorite remedies, because when you need it, it doesn’t disappoint you. Children (under 18 years old) Safe Dosage: 5 mg per Kg body weight, but should not exceed 300 mg. Skin: Hyperidrosis, sweating of scalp, worse in morning after sleep; falling of hair from injury; eczema of hands and face, intense itching, eruption seems to be under the skin. Tightness in the chest. Origin: Vegetable; Uses* Nerve pain. Tympanitic distension of abdomen, relieved by a stool. St. John's Wort is: the "ingredient", except there's none in there. Roehrig (H. R., xii. Whether the source is a blow, cut or puncture wound and whether the area injured is a finger, toe, tongue, teeth, coccyx or genitalia, if there’s sharp pain, reach for Hypericum for the pain and Arnica for the bruising. Spasmodic jerks in arms or legs on going to sleep, twitching. PUNCTURED wounds. Breast, affections of. -Hypericum ointment, used for packing nail groove after removal of splinter derbis in onycho-cryptosis. Articular rheumatism (knees mostly), much effusion, muddy urine. Pressure over sacrum. Modalities: Worse, in cold; dampness; in a fog; in close room; least exposure; touch. Out of scope information includes radiopharmaceuticals, contrast media, herbals, homeopathics, and food. Hysterical joints. Stinging in left chest, worse when moving. After a fall, slightest motion of arms or neck extorts cries. Compare: Ac., Cham., Coff. After-pains after instrumental delivery. Spasms after every injury. 33 years experience Phlebology. Mind. Compound fractures. Labor, effects of. Get Free Shipping on orders over $25 at Hypericum perforatum: Hypericum perforatum is a homeopathic remedy made from the same-named plant -- st. John's wort is the common name, as dr. Ali shared. Desire for wine, pickles. Hypericum Perforatum In first aid, The Homeopathic Remedy Hypericum is considered the Arnica of the Nerves! Burning, biting, and feeling of dryness in rectum. Tension in both arms and in the hands. Pressure and burning in the chest. Hypericum Perforatum (Hyper.) Ulceration and sloughing of wounds. Gunshot wounds. Great heaviness in the head. These neuralgic pains are excessively sore, especially when the weather changes, and tend to appear suddenly and depart slowly. It has wide ver ... Read More. Extremities: Darting pain in shoulders. Hypericum Perforatum Hypericum Performatum ... Homeopathy has been used successfully around the world on millions of people for over 200 years. Menses too late, headache, sickening pain in abdomen, sensitive to noises. (weakness or sickness on moving), Cham. Nash in his book, Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics, published in 1898.....; HYPERICUM PERFORATUM Homeopathy medicine Hypericum Perforatum from William … Sore within nose, itching, continually picking it. Pain in bridge of nose on rising. It is often recommended for puncture wounds from such things as splinters, nail wounds or bites. Sleep. Whooping-cough worse 6 to ten PM      Tightness of chest, stinging worse on moving. Eruption around mouth and on right ear. Irritable. Swelling and hardness of female urethra, with burning soreness and sensitiveness. Leucorrhea. Hypericum tends to work well as a homeopathic remedy for the types of injuries or wounds that feel far more painful than they may appear to the eye. Antidoted by: Ars. Hypericum Perforatum quantity. Melancholy. Palpitation. Coxalgia after confinement. Code of Conduct Hypericum perforatum is used as both externally and internally. Hyp. Coxalgia. Back: Pain in nape of neck. Scars. The leaves of various species of Hypericum are sprinkled with pellucid dots and black glands which contain an essential oil. Weakness of memory. 0. Eyes. Used after operations. Sciatica, rheumatism, from injury. Where the injury feels sore, bruised, tearing, sharp, or shooting would benefit from the use of Hypericum. -Hypericum is superior to Arnica before or after teeth extraction. Adults (over 18 years old) 300 to 900 mg (Safe dosage: 300 mg) Maximum Possible Dosage: 2.7 grams Per Day (in divided doses) ** Doses: 2 to 3 Doses per Day: Best Time to Take: Best when taken with … Prevents tetanus . Hypericum Perforatum (St. John's Wort) is an anti-depressant herb that is commonly used for its neurological effects. Summary St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is an herbal supplement used to treat anxiety and depression. Lies on back jerking head backward. He uses the 1X. Compound fractures. Whooping-cough, worse 6 to ten PM. Desire for warm drinks. Characteristics. Better, bending head backward. W. J. Guernsey (H. P., x. Pulsation, heat and burning in the vertex (afternoon). Relations. Right side of face aches. Diarrhea. Sensation of lameness of the left arm and right foot. Feet much swollen. It is in flower from May to August, and the seeds ripen from July to September. Hypericum Perforatum Homeopathic First Aid Remedy . After-pains. Hands and feet feel fuzzy. Head. But it must not be thought that Hyp. These type of unusual pains that are just as much mental as they are physical can be helped tremendously by using the homeopathic remedy of hypericum. Thirst; Nausea. Subscribe and get 15% off your next purchase of homeopathic medicine at regular price on Boiron shop. Hydrophobia. One of the provers had on waking at four AM a feeling as though she were suspended and not lying in bed, at another time as though she were lying very heavy in bed.