Due to the length of the hike, many people will probably opt to camp at Geneva Lake. With young children, I have found some of the more family-friendly hikes around the area. Your fitness and pace will ultimately determine how long each trail will take. This trail winds its way up, around, and down until the final summit pitch. Filter the guide below by clicking on only one of the criteria (it’s exclusionary) in a category above the trail images: Difficulty, Features, and Time. For the first 5 miles of the trek, the trail is relatively flat and steady. Known as Mount Crested Butte, it rises like a tower over the small town of Crested Butte at 12,162 ft above sea level and is one of Colorado's most well known and popular landmarks.It is an attraction all year long. Crested Butte Hikes: Crystal Mill The Crystal Mill is a long drive, but a short hike. How D.I.A.’s Murals Feed Conspiracy Theorist, 10 Wonderful Winter Vacation Spots in Colorado, Quick Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in Denver, A Brief Timeline of Colorado’s Ski and Snowboard History, Location: 5 miles south and east of Crested Butte, Location: Trailhead just outside of Crested Butte, Distance: ±9 miles (officially 7.3 miles), Location: 2.1 miles southeast of Crested Butte, Location: Just outside the northwestern side of Crested Butte, Difficulty: Lower Loop—easy; Upper Loop—moderate, Location: 3 miles south and east of Crested Butte. 4 Favorite Hikes for Families Near Crested Butte. Hiking Crested Butte Colorado is one of the most hiker friendly areas in Colorado. Hiking and Public Lands in Crested Butte. Many trails take you above the tree line and  expose you to lightning. The sweetest deals, event ticket giveaways, news and more. For detailed trail info: Click Here. Keep in mind, much of the hiking season here is also during the monsoon season, when afternoon thunderstorms occur like clockwork. This includes: total milage, steepness, trail conditions, altitude, and elevation gain. For our assessment, we estimated the times based on a leisurely pace of + or – 2 miles per hour depending on the gradient of the trial. The climb is strenuous, but once you break out above treeline, you’ll see why it’s worth it. You’ll find information on hundreds of dog friendly hiking trails in Crested Butte, CO here. Escape the crowds and visit special places most locals have never even been to. Crested Butte lies Snodgrass. Lift tickets can be purchased through the ski area. The hike from Aspen to Crested Butte takes hikers over the 12,500-foot West Maroon Pass and is one of the most iconic and popular routes in the area. Enjoying these trails? High alpine views, lush wildflowers, and freshwater streams adorn this … The main road through the town of Crested Butte eventually just ends outside of town when it hits the mountain range. hiking views nature-trips wild-flowers forest wildlife birding mountain-biking walking dogs-leash trail-running lake backpacking dogs river camping dogs-no kids If you wish to hike to the peak from the base, it is 11.6 miles. These Gunnison area hiking trails in both the Gunnison and Crested Butte areas include waterfall hikes, wildflower hikes, and anything else that I think you might like. People often hike just the first four miles before turning around, since it’s nearly flat. It’s one of those surprising Colorado towns where you realize that the town sits around 8,885 ft. and any Crested Butte hike or bike you do from there is up! The Caves Trail switches back and forth across the hillside. Whether your preference is for day trips, overnight backpacking, or multiple day traverses and loops in the West Elk mountain range, the Crested Butte … While traditionally accessed through Marble this hidden gem, deep in the Elk Mountains can be accessed from Crested Butte as well! Private rooms or dorm beds from $25. Please help support them with a tax-deductible donation (501c3). All payments are securely processed via PayPal and your guide will be sent directly to your inbox. There are over a thousand miles of hiking around the Gunnison Valley. Crested Butte is 12,162 feet. 3.7 mi 6.0 km #1 Snodgrass Trail #590. Our guidebook covers 65 scenic hiking trails in Crested Butte. Uncover Colorado - Vacations, Travel & Tourism | Sitemap | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer, A few of Colorado's Coolest Winter Day Hikes, Spend a Day Snowshoeing at 10 Amazing Spots. By car, Crested Butte and Aspen are 100 miles apart. FRIDAY ADVENTURE HIKES Join us in 2020 for our 14th season of these grand Friday adventures. STAY. Crested Butte, CO 6 3.4 mi 5.4 km #2 Scarp Ridge Trail. Donate to the Crested Butte Conservation Corps. From the top of the Silver Queen Express, it’s a 2 mile round-trip hike but hikers can expect a rather strenuous climb, … Once at the top of the Silver Queen Express (the end of Silver Queen Road), start the trip's final pitch up the Crested Butte Summit Path. It’s always recommended to check the weather forecast the night before your trip. We hiked West Maroon Pass from Aspen to Crested Butte, spent a night in the hostel there, then hiked back via the 16 miles East Maroon Pass, camping for the night about 2 miles before we got to the trailhead. Just across from Mt. But on foot, the two mountain towns are just 11 miles from one another. Beyond summer, golden aspens shine in late September and October. The Peak of Mt. Overlooking the Crested Butte valley from atop Mt Crested Butte. Whether your preference is for day trips, overnight backpacking, or multiple day traverses and loops in the West Elk mountain range, the Crested Butte area offers a hike for everyone. Shopping, dining and lodging can be found on or near Elk Avenue, the town’s main east-west thoroughfare. These times don’t include stopping for rest or long meals, but with a short intermissions for snacks or photos. Known as the wildflower capital of Colorado, CB is an incredible place to experience summer flowers in incredible mountain landscapes. These trails and many others like them are maintained by the Crested Butte Conservation Corps. Here are some of the top day hiking trails in Crested Butte, CO, in no particular order: 1. Located on the east side of Mt. Be sure to bring plenty of water for that last push before the pass. Hiking in Crested Butte, CO Whether you’re looking for a pleasant stroll through a wildflower-filled meadow, an overnight backpacking expedition, or a vigorous ascent to a soaring mountaintop, Crested Butte has the trail for you. The length of this hike is the hardest part. Crested Butte, CO Intermediate. There are 29 moderate trails in Crested Butte ranging from 1.3 to 28.7 miles and from 8,766 to 12,516 feet above sea level. Difficulty is subjective, however we incorporate a number of elements into the Crested Butte hiking guide to help distinguish how strenuous each trail will be for you. While in Crested Butte, you will be engulfed by the vibrant colors of thousands of wildflowers from over 50 species that range from sunflowers, to lupine, to paintbrush, and of course, the state flower, the Columbine. It closes to the heart of the Elk Mountain Range in the Colorado Rockies. Complete hiking information for Crested Butte, Colorado with maps, photos, trail descriptions, guides and outfitters, and more Easy Brush Creek is a quick drive from town and typically missed by visitors. Follow the South Fork Crystal River to the historic mining town of Crystal. East River Trail – Brush Creek Trailhead Brush Creek Trailhead. Caves: The Caves Trail near Crested Butte South is a starting point for many different hiking routes. Add Your Trails. Wherever you go in the Crested Butte area, you are never far from some of the most magnificent National Forest land in the country. Park in the parking area on Cement Creek Road about a mile after it turns to dirt. A rule of thumb is to be at your highest place before noon. The Gunnison National Forest, which includes five wilderness areas, ensures pristine conditions and memorable experiences. Crested Butte has been designated as the "wildflower" capital of Colorado and they have a wildflower festival each summer to celebrate the abundant wildflowers in their area. But once you pass that point, the trail becomes steep, crossing over the ridgeline near West Elk Peak. One of my favorite hikes too – those wildflowers! Get our Guide to Hiking from Aspen to Crested Butte for only $2.99 USD! For budget-conscious travelers, the affordable, chic Crested Butte Int’l Lodge and Hostel (cbhostel.com) is the way to go. Crested Butte restaurant delivery to Mt Crested Butte/Prospe Sep 24, 2020 Enough terrain for a week of snowboarding Sep 23, 2020 Aspen Colors week of Sept 21: Update? Many are very remote and strenuous. If dark storm clouds are brewing, it’s best to head down to lower elevation immediately. a great time to explore the surrounding mountains of Crested Butte. The route is only passable (without skis) from around late June to early October depending on snowfall. The loop described is one of the most scenic hikes the Crested Butte area has to offer. Hiking Project is built by hikers like you. The variety is astonishing; there are … Save yourself the trouble of searching all over the internet and get access to everything you need to plan your Aspen to Crested Butte adventure in an easy to read guide. Or, pick up a copy of Anne and Mike Poe’s book: Crested Butte Colorado: 65 Scenic Day Hikes (Crooked Lane Press, 2012). The final two miles up to the pass are much steeper. From picking up trash to trail maintenance to poop removal, they do it all and keep our backcountry pristine. Designed by serious hikers for serious hikers, these advanced hikes take you off the beaten path and off-trail to several of Crested Butte’s most stunning and remote locations. It’s hard to find a better wildflower trail this close to town. Most of its popularity is gained during the winter as the mountain is a very popular ski resort. Crested Butte, this trail takes you through hillsides where wildflowers flourish in the summer. Hiking Trails, Crested Butte is a worth, because this land contains a lot of nature as we can cite mountains, creeks, rivers and lakes. Turn around 1 – 2 miles in, where some of the best scenery can be found. Trails in Crested Butte - 86. Starting in May and going through October, the hiking season is a great time to explore the surrounding mountains of Crested Butte. Crested Butte radiates a relaxed, small-town ambiance sure to enchant young and old alike. **Be careful out there and know your limits. These places are best for hiking trails in Crested Butte: Meridian Lake; Upper Loop/Upper Upper Loop; Lower Loop Mountain Bike Trail; Copper Creek Trail; Walrod Cave Loop Trail; See more hiking trails in … Prices vary from year to year. Help support the people who maintain them. Tall and dense aspen groves line the base, making it a great choice for a quick out and back hike (no need to summit). This hike has the most scenic views of the West Elk Wilderness and is considered one of the most worthwhile Crested Butte hikes by area backpackers. Altitude, trail conditions, surrounding hikers, wildlife, and more all play a hand in hikes.**. You’ve come to the right place! On this Crested Butte hiking trail, you’ll encounter approximately 2,000 feet of vertical gain. Intermediate. Known as the Wildflower Capital of Colorado, Crested Butte is a very special place in the summer months. Temperatures can fluctuate dramatically, especially with rainfall, so be prepared with proper clothing and layers. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time! Want to bring Fido hiking? On two feet around Crested Butte Wherever you go in the Crested Butte area, you’re never far from some of the most magnificent National Forest land in the country. Description: Mount Crested Butte is best accessed by first riding the Silver Queen chairlift. View Larger Image; Gunnison County is the proud home to the largest number of acres of public lands of any county in the lower 48 states. It’s an 11 mile hike linking two quintessential mountain towns, Crested Butte and Aspen. Intermediate. Hiking times are even more subjective than assessing difficulty. In More Sweat, Popular, Summer & Fall, TAPP by Kryptonite CreativeApril 9, 2017. Top that off with an amazingly beautiful lake and this loop is one excellent package. Crested Butte offers hundreds of miles of epic hiking trails, wilderness areas, alpine and aspen forests, rivers, lakes, and public lands.