Close. I have seen a lot about zenithal priming but have a beginner … Press J to jump to the feed. Zenithal priming is a method of underpainting, but there are other options for underpainting. The best paint for this is available not at your model or game store, but at the art store. And, because you’re in the early stages of the miniature painting, you could always start over by re-priming … Applying Contrast paints effectively. The base coat is VMA White Grey. Log In Sign Up. Question on zenithal priming. Also, I typically will do "zenithal priming," where I do a solid black prime, then a grey from 45 degrees, then white from directly above and on particular areas I want highlighted. Credit: OhDearGodNo. It's even possible to do it with spray paint can and brush, but it take a bit of skill to get the glaze right (it's super good training thought) Red paint is translucent so we usually prime white to get good coverage in 2 thing coats. Wanting to spray prime over brushed on primer pretty much only suggests zenithal priming. I mainly bought it for priming as i ruined too many minis priming outside due to weather. I don't like to have to wait for prime weather to be able to prime something. User account menu. As a shortcut, black primer also lets you use zenithal highlighting. Zenithal, meaning “located at or near the zenith”, is all about painting from above. Question on zenithal priming. Use a large, flat headed brush and coat in thin layers. Most people suggest that if you are just priming, base-coating or Zenithal Shading, 0.5 mm or 0.4 mm Nozzles are fine. The reaper liners are best for priming bones. zenithal Priming is priming your model with 3 colors instead of just 1. You can get a more even and consistent coat doing it that way, but that's not really the most important thing for primer coats (they can have slightly spotty coverage, it won't hurt anything). 2 different ways to apply snow 4. Another breakthrough in my airbrushing has been trying Tamiya paints. Im trying to figure out zenithal priming. I do this to create a ‘value map’ for myself to follow when I start applying the colour. This is basically a Zenithal Priming in which you start with black primer, and then once that is dry, you hit it from the top with a brighter color: gray, white or both. And in a fraction of the time it would take brushpainting white. Zenithal priming is a technique that uses more than one color of primer to pre-shade and highlight your models when you follow with nice thin layers of paint. Recent Posts. The great thing about zenithal highlighting is that it doesn’t require a lot of extra technical skill to execute. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. OSL (object source lighting), both with airbrush and by hand 3. Zenithal priming is a method of underpainting, but there are other options for underpainting. Pretty hard to see the seams in the photo. Once you get good at using the primer in your airbrush you can start base coating your mini's the same way. 2. This will be all wrapped into the same piece, one of the new Grey Knight Terminators (kindly donated to for this tutorial by the very generous btemple0). White glue cannot be filed when dry -- the entire "strip" of dried glue will come off. I did 36 figures in 1,5 hours. He looks good, but I'm missing the color gradients I normally do. When you are playing a board game, chances are you are sitting at a table. I've also used Badger StynylRez primer through airbrush, and it's also pretty good. If you want to do detailed airbrush work like recess shading or spot highlights. Link to post Share on other sites. Zenithal Priming Help Hey there everyone, brand new to this and I am finally going to take a dive into trying this to make some upcoming games from KS really shine. Front Rank 28mm French reinforcement set. Starting to tackle this guy. Mix with an old synthetic brush. you are looking at a 0.2 mm or 0.15 mm Nozzle. I recently did a gremlin from malifaux using zenithal. Zenithal priming is a method of underpainting, but there are other options for underpainting. Share your pics! I have been brush priming for most things for a long time now, and like it for the same reasons that you do. Instead of buying grey or black, I just mix the white with some color or another to get something “dull” and go with that… typically this is white plus dark brown or black to get a grey tone. Sometimes a model might need 2-3 layers of a brush-on primer. You can achieve really good highlighting with this technique. 1 Quote; Share this post. Preshading/Zenithal PRiming. Contrast paints are a pain to clean up on your model, so you need pretty tidy brush work to get the most out of them. It went on very smooth and opaque. You must be logged in to post a comment. But then I learned about zenithal. It's aim is to provide a priming layer of under-painting with highlights and shadows already in place, and this is achieved quite simply. Going to try zenithal priming for the first time. I find my airbrush is better for priming/basecoating and for painting big batches of miniatures. Sur cette figurine de Solomon Grundy, du jeu Batman Gotham City Chronicles de chez Monolith, je vous montre comment mettre en couleur votre... Zoz Studio I went out and purchased an air brush and primed my survivors with black/grey/white. You can also mix in say gray with some black to get a more subtle highlight on top of a black base prime. If you don’t know about zenithal priming, I won’t go into it here, but look it up – its a fantastic technique. Enough blabla let's get to it! I tend to use Black primer (Vallejo), Cold Grey (VMA – Key at end of post), and White (VMA), ... One thing I have learnt, though, is don’t overload the brush with glaze. Owen Lawrence. The distance you spray makes a huge difference in the smoothness of the primer. Prime / Zenithal / Varnish . Zenithal priming is adding white/grey over your black primer to show where light will hit different parts of your mini, helping you determine where to add highlights. Zenithal highlighting when priming is to use the lighter color more on areas that would be exposed to the light, and more of the darker primer on shaded or recessed areas. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Even those starting out with an airbrush can apply zenithal highlights without much trouble. Zenithal Priming is a way to paint your miniatures based on how they are traditionally viewed. I do this to create a ‘value map’ for myself to follow when I start applying the colour. Started off, as always, with zenithal priming. Selecting either option could be considered the best for airbrushing minis. Brush on priming is alot of work and it's far fiddlier. I use a cheap synthetic brush for priming and base coating models. Will be doing it with a brush wish me luck! But beyond this, you can also mask off your model with putty and paint other colours on different areas. Zenithal Airbrushing 2. Sometimes I roughly block in the midtone, shadow, and highlight values of the major areas on my figure using black, white, and grey brush-on primer. Zenithal Priming. 18. Block In. I painted his skin green using a mix of green and glaze medium. Archived. Make your models really shine. I do this to create a ‘value map’ for myself to follow when I start applying the colour. Next: Priming! Allow each layer to dry before applying another coat. 2. The rest of the colours I’ll block in with a brush. This time we are going to use a black preshading + white zenithal to change the red coverage on the model. 7. You’ll apply black, grey, and white primers in a way that creates a gradient effect from the shadows to the upper most areas. 4 . You can read a nice article that I wrote on the subject by clicking on the link in the paragraph. They are VERY smooth through the airbrush. Another painting tutorial from P3, and this week, it’s all about the first steps. I absolutely love the Sundrop in Tainted Grail and I want to mimic it as closely as I can and found the Zenithal Priming method when researching it. Get yourself a tube of artist acrylic heavy body titanium white paint. This week, there’s a fantastic tutorial on zenithal priming. If you mess up it's okay, You are just going to paint over it anyways. Zenithal Priming There is a miniatures-painting technique that has become quite common these days, called zenithal priming. Hey all - I am hoping to gain some knowledge from folks more experienced with this than I am. Zenithal priming is another great way to achieve striking effects quickly with an airbrush. Sometimes I roughly block in the midtone, shadow, and highlight values of the major areas on my figure using black, white, and grey brush-on primer. I have a black and a white matt primer can from Army Painter. It’s okay if you can still see the bare surface of your model under a brush-on primer. While zenithal priming gives us a good start, for this technique to work to its maximum effectiveness, we need to kick it up a notch. It really is down to what you want to do. Put a little glue on a brush or your finger, fill in the seam and wipe off the excess with a wet finger. It's handy for certain techniques that I don't always use, like painting camouflage on vehicles or doing zenithal priming. How to make quick and easy Icicles using a hot glue gun. 2. Let’s get the condescending part out of the way. I recently watched some videos on preshading and zenithal priming, and got excited about the possibility of taking my paint job up a notch. This has worked really well for me. After zenithal priming, I used a mix of Tamiya white and Deck tan to airbrush all the white on these French infantry. I found this to be the best looking temperature of white. Watching a few videos, some say to prime with the white directly from top, other at a 45 degree angle, then 45 degrees from top AND down, or even a … Normally i would build up layers probably up to a yellowish green. I do thin it just a touch with a drop of water from my brush. Zenithal refers to a light source from above, like the sun. As for spray, it really depends on what I'm priming, if it's a large terrain piece I'll use it but that about it. This means that for the majority of the game, you are looking at the miniatures from above. Posted by 1 year ago. The camera lies, as usual! The easiest and most common effect is Zenithal Shading, this is where you base the model in 1 colour, then from above at a 45-degree angle spray the model with a lighter colour to show how it would be lighter in the areas as the sun hits it. Specifically I love the Tamiya Flat White when I am zenithal priming. When you hear this term, it means painting in a certain area with a chosen dominant colour. Sometimes I don't use it, because I spend almost as much time cleaning the airbrush as I do painting with it. I have only painted a few minis and done brush on priming in solid grey or black. I mean, if you’re cash strapped or lazy you can get away with using 2 colors, but 3 gets best results. Get some brush-on primer, mix it with a little water and start z-priming your mini's. Anyone else paint this model? Sometimes I roughly block in the midtone, shadow, and highlight values of the major areas on my figure using black, white, and grey brush-on primer. By doing a quick dry brush, we can catch the edges and highest highlights of the model. I use an airbrush but you can do it with a brush or a spray can, but it's easier with an AB (you can use a very cheap one from amazon if you only want to do zenithal)-Start by priming the whole model with light grey (i mix stynylrez grey and white 35/65) -Do a Zenithal from the top and side with pure white.