Thanks for your input guys. I then progressed to longer wedge and short iron shots, finally using the grip on the Driver. The thumb of the leading hand is still pointing down the club, and the trailing hand is moved closer to the leading hand so there is still no gap between them. If you haven’t paid much attention to your golf grips up to this point, the following process will help you get the right grips on all of your clubs. As fewer fingers are in contact with the grip, you may sacrifice feel and touch that is possible with overlapping. As you look down at the left hand grip that you have taken, note how many knuckles you can see on the back of your left hand. Overlapping grip. In fact, most golf shops will actually do the installation for free if you purchase the grips from them. When you are at the practice range, hitting one handed shots is a great way to work on your grip and make sure that it is doing what it need to do during your swing. What’s the most important fundamental in golf? If you can simply form a good grip with your hand around the club, you will be well on your way to making a quality swing. Default value is blue (index color no. The overall result is the reduction of undue wrist action and an increase in putting accuracy. Experiment with different hand positions on the driving range until you are able to find one that seems to produce the ball flight you are looking for on a consistent basis. This troubleshooting section will touch on some of the most common grip problems, and how to get them corrected. If you have taken the time to get fitted for your clubs, it only make sense that you should get fitted for your grips as well. When you notice that you are starting to have trouble with a hook, try turning your left hand a little bit to the left until you reach a slightly weaker position. Lift the pinky finger on your bottom hand (in this image the bottom hand is on top) and slide your bottom hand toward your top hand until your ring finger is up against your top hand’s index finger. The overlapping grip is the most commonly used method by many popular players. Short-game guru Dave Pelz has mentioned using the double-overlap grip during pitching practice to encourage lighter pressure when using your regular grip. If that isn’t the case for you just yet, keep practicing your grip and making small adjustments as necessary until you are happy with the comfort and consistency that you have achieved. Overlapping grip is a method that involves firmly holding the handle of the club with the smallest (pinky) finger placed on the small space between the left index and the middle fingers. To form a baseball grip, place your left hand at the top of the club and your right hand directly below, so the side … Obviously these shots aren’t going to fly as far as your normal, two-handed swings, but you should be able to achieve solid contact and get a good ball flight relatively quickly. What should I expect, learning-curve-wise, switching grips? If you enjoyed this post, please consider, Shoot A Low Golf Score By Breaking Down Each Hole, Golf Shank Fix: How to Stop Hitting Shots off the Hosel. To form a baseball grip, place your left hand at the top of the club and your right hand directly below, so the side … Getting a blister while you play might seem like no big deal, but it actually could indicate that there is something wrong within your grip. Not all golfers are the same, and your grip has to work together with the rest of your swing to create good shots. If you get your hands rotated too far to the right or … WC says: April 3, 2017 at 9:37 pm. Yes, I too have lost distance, but I am approaching 73 years of age. Interlock or Baseball Grip? A blister is a sure sign that your hands are moving around on the club during the swing, which is a problem that could hurt your performance overall. I switch from baseball, to overlapping, to interlock. The putting grip known as "the claw" has become popular since the early 2000s, so much so that more pro golfers are using the claw now than the cross-handed grip. 2. This likely came about due to the influence of Harry Vardon, who popularized the grip as a way of taking some of the right-hand action out of the swing and therefore lessen the possibility of a hook. I wish I had been taught as a young child how to write using dynamic tripod grasp. Putting grips onto your clubs is a pretty easy job, and you might be able to do it yourself if you have the right equipment at home. Commonly, golfers who work on their grip specifically will suddenly notice that they are unable to hit the golf ball as far as they used to. With your style selected, the final step in taking your grip is getting your hand oriented on the club properly. The main reason to try this grip is to gain additional release through the impact area. The other common type of golf grip is the 10-finger grip. The overlap. Begin by placing both hands on the grip similar to the 10 finger grip. That said, if you want to use the baseball grip for irons as well for added distance, then feel free. I feel it unifies the hands and promotes better wrist hinging. (We respect privacy and keep all emails confidential).