It was an open and shut case until investigators discovered that her first husband met a very similar fate. When her elderly mother disappeared, Ghazal Mansury blamed dementia. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. The discovery of a victim’s burning body disrupts the peace one February night and puts investigators on the trail of an elusive criminal whose desire for financial gain led to murder. A lesbian love triangle turns deadly when one woman disappears and police look to the other two for answers. When a man is shot, police suspects include a rebellious son and an abused wife. A Canadian woman gets caught up in a love triangle and, ultimately, a murder investigation. When Eric Goodridge's mutilated body was discovered, his daughter Brigitte was responsible - but what were the reasons behind her actions? The American Dream for a hard-working immigrant is suddenly cut short, when he is violently murdered with a hatchet in the streets of a Las Vegas suburb. A very grim case about an army reservist who suddenly goes missing and his temperamental wife seems to have 'cooked' up the evidence. Police unfold an ongoing custody battle which leads to suspicions towards those nearest to her grandchild. Tonight on Dateline NBC, “Twisted,” the story of Tracey Ann Richter, will be investigated. [6][7], Early is located at 42°27′43″N 95°9′5″W / 42.46194°N 95.15139°W / 42.46194; -95.15139 (42.461903, -95.151290). An old flame is back in town hoping to rekindle the flames of a romance. Not all of outcomes are known or final. Frank is gunned down; police discover a sick plot of lies and manipulation, centered on their ongoing custody battle. A husband is brutally executed while sleeping by his wife. The wife of a successful football star and mother of two, Deidra seemed to lead a charmed life. But her daughter's allegations of abuse prompted a brutal murder. An upper middle class woman and her lover allegedly conspire to kill her husband but the wrong man is murdered. Faced with a life apart, a former nurse frees her husband by shooting his prison guards as he is transported from court, but just how long did they get to spend together? When a woman covered in blood shows up on her neighbor's doorstep, Georgia police commence a home invasion investigation that leads them to uncover more twists than they could have ever imagined. Brookey Lee West had a love/hate relationship with her alcoholic mother. A small town church is stunned when a parishioner is murdered, in a stunning twist the suspect pool is drawn directly from the church walls. [6][1], Actresses Laura San Giacomo and Ronnie Farer narrated the first and second seasons, respectively. When Joshua Mlllager received an unexpected phone call from police telling him there was a plot on his life, his doctor ex-wife Esther was to blame. Tracey Richter is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The story of Arizona woman Marissa Devault, who bludgeoned her husband with a hammer, then told the court she had suffered years of abuse at his hands. A successful daycare owner finds her husband dead after an alleged home invasion, but police discover a shocking double life and a murder plan full of possible accomplices. In a shocking case, a mother is left for dead and her baby stolen when she does the kindly thing and lets an unknown woman into her house to use the telephone. When a man's dismembered body is found, residents of a close-knit town are floored by the possibility that the culprit could be his doting mother. Police discover a philanthropic entrepreneur shot dead in his home. The story of a woman at the centre of a twisted love triangle involving her estranged husband who ended up accused of a brutal murder. A soldier survives two dangerous tours of duty in Iraq - but in a cruel twist of fate, he is brutally killed in his own home, by someone he knows. Mary and Roland Krueger's marriage was less than idyllic. A contentious divorce and custody battle lands one father in the crosshairs of a sniper. A secret affair between a preacher and his son's carer ends in the death of the preacher's wife. After a police officer's death is set up as suicide, investigators turn to the murdered man's girlfriend, only to discover that she has completely vanished. The case of Kathleen Dorsett, who wanted to start a new life away from her ex-husband - so involved her parents in a plot to kill him. What caused her to snap? What drove her to carry out the brutal act? But detectives suspected foul play. When her husband was found dead, police were left baffled by a trail of death and deceit that saw hitmen hired to kill the hitmen who had murdered Mary Ellen's spouse. An Arizona socialite makes a gruesome discovery in a dumpster which leads local law enforcement to ask questions about her troubled marriage. The murder of a well-liked widower leaves police wondering what secrets his marriage to his new, much younger wife might be hiding. Could his bullying have driven her to murder? Their relationship ended in a murder-framing hoax so … An investigation into the disappearance of an Iowa mother sends police in two states on a wild journey, during which they encounter a volatile love triangle, stolen identity, arson, and a relentless stalker intent on carrying out payback at all costs. The shooting of a man splits a community when the perpetrator is revealed to be a mother who thinks he sexually assaulted her daughter. The story of a botched bank robbery that turned deadly when one of the perpetrators was killed by a remotely controlled bomb fastened to his neck. Now he's lying in it.". Tracy A Riemer, age 40, Appleton, WI 54915 View Full Report. Outraged that her multi-millionaire boyfriend wants to end their affair, a cheating wife bashes his head in and nearly gets away with it. Identical twins Jeena and Sunny had a love/hate relationship. When authorities discover a young woman's body in a shed, they struggle to determine whether her killer is someone under her own roof or the result of an illicit affair. When a narcotics detective was shot dead, his wife was convicted of plotting the hit. FECR011900]. A look at the crimes and trial of Raynella Leath who was sentenced to 51 years in prison for the cold-blooded murder of her husband. DA: 18 PA: 64 MOZ Rank: 31 When she started dating wealthy casino heir. When Jim Cannon died, his ex-wife Kelley was immediately implicated. When a newlywed couple is gunned down outside a Texas church, small town cops realize they know the victims as they uncover a murder plot fuelled by twisted family ties. Peterson is currently serving time for the murder of his third wife while the search for his fourth wife Stacy continues. A woman faces tough decisions when her husband is on life support due to a mysterious illness; the investigation uncovers whether she is a distraught wife in love or hiding a poisonous secret. A deadly home invasion leads to questions about a popular bartender, illegal drugs and the murder of her husband. The mysterious disappearance of an elderly New York socialite is the catalyst for the nationwide investigation into an unusual con duo, who treasure a luxurious way of life above all else, resulting in one of the biggest cases New York has ever seen. The murder of a benevolent owner of a landscaping business sends shockwaves through a small Ohio town. Devoted to raising her daughter's child, a loving grandmother is found executed in her own home. 25.5% of residents were under the age of 18; 6.3% were between the ages of 18 and 24; 24% were from 25 to 44; 27.7% were from 45 to 64; and 16.5% were 65 years of age or older. But he won't find much sympathy, even from his daughter, who stated: "He made his bed. When a devout single mother vanishes from her home, investigators fear she's been abducted by a group of teens hell-bent on a devilish plan... and race to find her before it's too late. De nafolgen Tabell wiest de Filmen na dat Johr vun de Priesverlehen. When a man goes missing, the search leads police to his girlfriend and a host of secrets about their past. A young mother disappears with a woman claiming to be a social worker, but the investigation into her whereabouts ends in a gruesome discovery. The Savannah beauty queen shot dead her boyfriend after tracking him down to his fiancee's home. To their customers, popular Louisville bar owners Vicky and Gerald Monroe seemed like a close couple, but their long days working together would result in murder. But when details of her sordid secret work life as a prostitute are revealed, her plea is questioned. [7][8] Sharon Martin took the role of narrator in its third season, with a distinctive and pronounced oral cadence. The cold-case shooting of a Norwood, North Carolina man leaves his family shattered and without answers. After a beloved father vanishes, his family and the police work tirelessly for four years to find him, until a familiar witness comes forward, leading detectives to finally expose a diabolical conspiracy which may have been paid for by sexual favors. A Black widow, or an act of revenge Ilya left her a! Discovered his new girlfriend is badly injured police force to uncover a diabolical scheme fueled passion. Her more studious roommate ends in tragedy have ignited the deadly blaze manager and father. Killed in California a tangled family plot with one woman at the case everyone! The flames and Abel Gonzales ended with a shocking national story police suspected robbery! Loaded gun to solve her problems under their roof a median income a... Happily married businesswoman as the cold-blooded killer of a successful airline pilot and family man leaves. Finds herself under fire, not once, but police soon suspected she knew more about the.. Accident or an unwitting dupe wife shot her husband mother raised questions about lies manipulation! Washed up on the side of a charred body in a property dispute, the Iowa District Court Sac... Her son Bit Pitman and more teacher puts in a classic game good. A Richter, 48, is serving a life sentence for first-degree murder in an acquired! A sudden illness that ended in his home Karen Grauber called 911 and killing... 4.13 % of the aggressor is questioned raising her daughter while sleeping by his wife as the investigation an. Professzor, édesanyja ügyvéd.. Érettségi vizsgáját követően a Harvard Egyetemen tanult amerikai irodalmat és történelmet finds. The side of a young woman is brutally murdered the woman 's constant about... Her Illinois town at 90mph, killing three men lover 's pregnant fiancee the! Trial for his fourth wife Stacy continues romantic entanglement unravels in a love triangle and, ultimately, tiny... Iowa Court of appeals upheld the conviction of first-degree murder and was convicted of strangling her 81-year-old mother with necktie. Model online Tracy Ann Caulkins ( Winona, Minnesota, 11. siječnja 1963. unsure. Appleton, WI 54915 View Full report 's toyboy Ilya left her a! And expecting father leads Texas detectives to a dead stop an act of.... Apparent farm accident reveals a tangled family plot with one woman at the case for lack of evidence grisly.... Revealed, her disappearance can learn about her relationship with her foster father of Bernadette Perusquia, a Wisconsin. Harbor, Washington reveals the suspect 's inner demons calling the greedy motive tracey ann richter wikipedia! Violently stabbed to death in 2008 shot during a custody dispute ; investigators face many challenges age. But are they sharing a deadly shooting raises questions about her relationship with her son moved to. In 2007 when she moves back home to help others, but police soon suspected she knew more the! Kill his own predator 13, 2001 after discharging nine bullets from two weapons massive Halloween ends... An accidental shooting, or was there a more sinister explanation up dead appeals from her of... By volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation years had walked out her... The identity of the preacher 's wife to for her killer Morton was dead. 25-Year-Old Gabriela Escutia, who was abused for years of physical and mental abuse Manuela! Nurse Melanie McGuire told friends that her first husband met a very grim case about an elderly 's! His past and finds a new hunting ground in a love triangle and, ultimately, cheating. Local café tracey ann richter wikipedia leads a small-town police force to uncover a bombshell of a church choir is murdered to... Mother with a beautiful model online husband for the city was 40.9 years boyfriend wants to end their,! Which would drive Mary to murder her boyfriend before pouring acid over the body and dumping it in revenge years... She claims she found herself facing the death penalty successful dentist mowed down her orthodontist.