Note: This article applies to C by GE bulbs and plugs only. 3) Plug the Smart Plug back into the outlet, and immediately press the button on the smart plug 8 times once per second. View Details . dead smart plug? I couldn’t figure this out and I was so frustrated, and I thankfully found this post a few pages back in a desperate Google search. Check the house fuse/circuit breaker box and replace the fuse or reset the breaker. The LED light should blink blue indicating it is ready for setup. 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When you press the button to turn on/off power while it’s plugged in does it light up? At GE Appliances, our goal is to ensure your satisfaction, while offering the highest levels of professional service at affordable and competitive rates. All C by GE Smart Bulbs and Light Strips are available in two easy connection options. The controller was an RPI systems, the SD card for which has long since been re-imaged (i.e. SIMPLE SET UP Connecting your C by GE smart devices to your app has never been easier—we’re talking half as many steps compared to the previous version, on average. An FCC ID is the product ID assigned by the FCC to identify wireless products in the market. You'll need to do this within a 12-second period. The defrost drain might be clogged or frozen. The Bluetooth word mark is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such mark by GE is under license. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 01 - Clogged or Freezing Defrost Drain. When I tried to setup the following smart plug, Wsiiroon WiFi Smart Plug, it fails. This works even if the controller was never previously paired to it. The Ge Monogram And C By Ge are Trademarks of General Electric Company Used Under License. I checked the wall plate … read more By then your allowed to add the smart plug to your hub. With features like touch buttons, intuitive features, and digital display panels, they offer convenience and smart living. Set the brightness level to match your mood or task Choose the option that works best for your lifestyle. If you are having trouble connecting your C by GE plug to the C by GE app, here are some common solutions: Confirm the plug is plugged into a wall outlet; Turn mobile phone Bluetooth on; Move your mobile phone closer to the smart light; Power cycle the plug by unplugging it, then plugging it back in I hit the reset button on the power plug but but when I plug it in the reset button pops out and still now power. GE 15079 timers provide an easy and convenient way to automate small electrical appliances such as lights or coffee pots. When light indicator turns red, the plug has been successfully reset. Learn how your comment data is processed. In rare cases, the circuit interrupter could be defective. I unplugged the AC/Heater and left it unplugged for a while. myTouchSmart Indoor Plug-In Simple Set Digital Bar Timer, 2 Pack, White . From my experience you may need to try this 2-3 times to get it right. To reset your C by GE smart bulb you have to turn it on and off multiple times in sequence. Reveal ® Is A Trademark of Consumer Lighting (U.s.) Llc. When light indicator turns red, the plug has been successfully reset. To reset the smart plug you will need to do the following. When power is restored, wait 3 minutes to restart the air conditioner to prevent tripping of the com pressor overload. ( Log Out /  Try pressing the reset … All C by GE Smart Bulbs and Light Strips are available in two easy connection options. IMPORTANT: Make sure to … At the Power Switch Turn off the main power to the smart bulb for at least 5 seconds. Posted by Hsi-Pei Liao in Instructions, Iris, hub, Iris, issue, Lowe's iris, Lowes, reset, smart plug. I have a multimeter, so if you need me to check anything I can do it. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. If the reset button is out, but the plugged-in devices work, there could be a reversed line and load. My plug is now paired and working perfectly. Also for: Mytouchsmart 26898. 2) Press and hold the button on the Smart Plug for 15 seconds. The C-Start Smart Switch maintains voice and app control at all times, so your C by GE bulbs will respond to voice commands and provide out of home control even when the wall switch is turned off.