This UK collection brings together contemporary Italian designs with more traditional styles in a comprehensive range to compliment any new kitchen. PAINI Compatible Replacement Ceramic Faucet Cartridge 1/2" x 20 spline (Short Stem (53mm) - - showComparableCompanies( "paini", "r-7", "w-2", "-black", "europe", 5 ); Most of these faucets are pricier than La Toscana, and most do not offer a lifetime warranty or the exceptional Paini customer service. Paini is an Italian manufacturer of good to excellent faucets distributed in North America through Paini USA and Spectrum Brands. Having faucets tested and certified for the North American market can be an expensive proposition, so Paini has wisely limited the faucets it sells here to just those it feels will be price- and style-competitive. If you are looking for paini faucet you’ve come to the right place. Its brands are La Toscana and Fortis. manufacturer. Many fau­cet companies try to disclaim implied warranties, evidently blissfully unaware that Section 108 of the federal Mag­nu­son-Moss Act (15 U.S.C. Shop For. showFaucetLink( "jewel", "Jewell Faucet Company", " in British Columbin, "); We can see a lot of influence that has migrated from the Hego line. It initially distributed La Toscana through Home Depot's World Imports, Inc. but has now opened its own distribution and support facility outside of the Home Depot archipelago. We proudly produce 4 million pieces per annum. Paini Kitchen Tap Spare Parts By Series. Happily begging once again for advice from the experts: I'm looking for a replacement part for a single handle lavatory faucet. Faucet Design: Standard. Spare Parts. It's highly automated factory in Pogno, Italy is, according to the company, one of the most modern in Europe. showFaucetLink( "ikea", "", ". Sort by. Paini’s blenders and the cartridge associated with each one is distinguished on the market by superiority in terms of quality and for the compliance with European legislations regarding the production of materials for taps and fittings. But, if they do break, Paini's customer and warranty service is some of the best. Shopping Cart - (£) Total: £0.00. It sells a broad spectrum of faucets under its own brands but also makes faucets and faucet components for other companies as an PAINI / AXIA SMALL / Lavello 579. It leaves out some things that Mag­nu­son-Moss insists must be in a product warranty. Paini Faucets. For help, information or support call 0845 310 8059. It requires that a warranty be written in a single document and in language that is clear and easy for the average consumer to understand. In our tests of customer service, the company scored well. showFaucetLink( "jewel", "", ", "); Paini USA is the company's venture into selling faucets under its own name in the U.S. and Canada. PAINI / OVO WF SMALL / Lavabo art. Some home owners do it themselves, while others get the parts to save time and money when the plumber comes. You will be well taken care of by very friendly, very competent agents who know their products and usually take the extra steps necessary to be helpful. American Standard. (physlical vapor deposition), but most plated. Argo Rubinetterie s.r.l., a Paini subsidiary that specializes in easy-to-install DIY faucets. Water is as essential as the air that we breathe, one more reason why we are so passionate about it. It did — recently revising its warranty once again to offer a "lifetime" term. La Toscana and Fortis are just a small part of the 30 or so collections that Paini offers to its European customers. showFaucetLink( "pfister", "", "(formerly Price-Pfister)", ", the " ); And, we applaud the clarity, and simplicity of the Paini warranty documents. ); //--> showFaucetLink( "newport brass", "", " and" ); Paini Kitchen Tap Water Filters. Up to 60% off, Price Starting at $25. showFaucetLink( "ikea", "", "." The Ripple Faucet was created by Smith Newnam and Touch 360 Studio. The Better Business Bureau grades Paini's product support A+ on a scale of A+ to F. It's not easy to earn an A+ rating, so kudos to Paini's excellent customer service organization. -->. , Paini also has a long history of association with North America. The omission has not particular consequence for buyers of Paini faucets, but it may result in the Paini written warranties being voided by a court or interpreted more in favor of the buyer than would otherwise be the case. Paini Faucet Concepts. Faucet Material: Brass. We are continuing to research Paini and its products. Highgate / Arcadia. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for LaToscana by Paini Bathroom Vessel Faucets - Morgana 73PW205VRLL at the best online prices at eBay! 211. 24 per page 36 per page 48 per page . Fortis, the more upscale brand, is sold by Spectrum Brands but fulfilled by Paini USA. The limited lifetime warranty applies to both La Toscana and Fortis faucets. Payement Options. The production cycle provides the usage of high quality raw materials only, … --> Da piccola azienda artigiana fondata nel 1954, in 50 anni è arrivata ad essere una delle società leader nel settore. All of Paini's faucets include ceramic disc cartridges from a variety of manufacturers including Hydroplast, S.r.l.s an Italian manufacturer that also supplies cartridges to We are different than most online stores, we actually stock and ship what we sell from our warehouse in Knoxville, TN. We ship to plumbers, maintenance workers, and direct to home owners. , At Bathroom Spare Parts we carry a large range of Paini spares in stock and can order most parts. European faucets comparable to Paini include If you have experience with Paini faucets, good, bad or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below. 2 Way Water Filter Faucet kitchen faucets Dual Handle Filter faucet Mixer 360 Degree rotation Water Purification Feature Taps — Regular price $166.95 + Gold Swan 8 Inch Wide Spread Lavatory Faucet With Crystal Handles — Regular price $181.95 + Paini Torlan Cold Handle 78CR910/16X40L41C. Our panel of consumers and industry professionals has recognized Paini's La Toscana faucets as the best value in mid-priced European-manufactured imports for 2017. Delta Faucet Cartridges. Paini’s taps have high-quality materials, which made respecting the environment, as well as all Paini’s taps spare parts. showFaucetLink( "moen", "", ""); Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. The distinctive design incorporating a large flattened supporting bar gives it both strength and flexibility – meaning you can direct the spray where you need it to be. Paini offers a wide range of taps - mixers, bathroom accessorieses and ship-building industry, kitchen, bath and shower associated products. Paini Kitchen Tap Valve Covers. Mag­nu­son-Moss dictates the minimum content and scope of a consumer product warranty. Latoscana/Paini USA creates fixtures with high quality raw materials to last a life time. These are outlined in the regulations that support Magnuson-Moss which may be found in the Code of Federal Regulations at 16 C.F.R. Paini LaToscana Lady Widespread Bathroom Faucet + Drain Assembly. It supplies faucets. We have 27 images about paini faucet including images, pictures, photos, wallpapers, and more. PAINI / DAXR WF / Lavabo art. Panini America, Inc. Store Panini America, Inc. Panini Authentic; Panini In The World; Online Store.