Apodaca, who also likes to share his Native and Mexican heritage in his videos, was inspired to start making TikTok videos by his daughters Angelia, 15, and Makyla, 12, according to The New York Times. "@420doggface208 had it right," Fleetwood wrote. The CEO of Ocean Spray has also responded in kind to TikTok’s latest craze: the “Dreams” challenge, in which participants sip cranberry juice as they skateboard to Fleetwood Mac. Now, Ocean Spray has thanked Apodaca for the attention the beverage company is getting by gifting him a brand new truck filled with bottles of its cranberry juice. "Yesterday, Ocean Spray was humbled to gift Nathan with something of importance to him — a truck we knew he needed. They made sure to fill the bed with quite a bit of cranberry juice, too. "I can’t go nowhere," he told Idaho's Post Register. Which he plans on using to buy a new RV. The Ocean Spray juice has an easy twist-off cap so you can pour with precision. And nobody knows that better than the guy who went viral skateboarding to a Fleetwood Mac classic. It provides 26 percent of the daily value of vitamin C, and 20 percent of the daily value of vitamin E. The 37-year-old has been making videos for months, but his September 25 post of him long-boarding while listening to Fleetwood Mac and drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice … I seriously almost turned around and almost didn’t do it.". Ocean Spray gifted him a red pickup truck filled with — what else? Now, the cranberry juice company Ocean Spray is getting involved in the craze. Wow, well shoutout to Ocean Spray for recognizing the value of that guy just enjoying Fleetwood Mac’s song Dreams while he drinks cranberry juice. A rep for Ocean Spray rolled up to Nathan Apodaca 's RV Tuesday in Idaho... and the dude who just loves sipping cranberry juice while vibing … Ocean Spray CEO Tom Hayes also got in on the act. Because honestly, that was the exact energy we needed to start fall the right way. Fox News - Remember that viral video of the guy skateboarding down the street to Fleetwood Mac and sipping from a bottle of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice? Morning vibe: Ocean Spray gives cranberry juice drinking skateboarder new truck after viral TikTok video FILE PHOTO: Ocean Spray has gifted a man who went viral for drinking its cranberry juice … @downtownphoenix#DreamsChallenge #GoodVibes #PHXVibes pic.twitter.com/QtfHu6s8cw, montana dreams pic.twitter.com/JSpvY3aYsp, A creative (and funny) take on the #DreamschallengeWait for it...☕️ pic.twitter.com/b8kau2DqaI, I love this Canadian Indigenous versionInuvialuit, Arctic marikasila pic.twitter.com/jT5YSMaMTz. 11.8M 136.2K 639.4K @420doggface208 TikTok star Nathan Apodaca gets a new truck — and lots of juice — from Ocean Spray ... a boon for business for the cranberry cooperative Ocean Spray too. Wow, well shoutout to Ocean Spray for recognizing the value of that guy just enjoying Fleetwood Mac’s song Dreams while he drinks cranberry juice. It not only has brought the hit song from 1977 roaring back on to the charts, it also has ended with the father of two from Idaho inspiring others to share their own "no worries" moment of gliding along to "Dreams" with a drink in hand under the hashtag #DreamsChallenge. ", Nathan Apodaca, 37, went viral for the "morning vibe" of a TikTok video posted on Sept. 25 that shows him leisurely skating on his longboard while sipping from a jug of Ocean Spray and lip-syncing to Stevie Nicks' vocals from the Fleetwood Mac song "Dreams.". Nathan Apodaca, aka 420doggface208, has many fans after he posted a TikTok featuring a Fleetwood Mac classic “Dreams” and a jug of Ocean … "So I watch it one more time and I’m just coasting. "Behind the Scenes from my gift from ocean spray today.... love the cranberry red," he wrote on Instagram. The company surprised Apocada with a new truck filled with bottles of juice. Like the first video, he had a bottle of Ocean Spray cranberry juice and he sang along to "Dreams." This juice can make a tasty addition to your breakfast, picnics or anytime you get thirsty. doggface208) and featured the man skateboarding and drinking Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry Juice to … The viral cranberry juice skateboarder says the video is helping him make a down payment on a home; Ocean Spray gifted a truck to the man who went viral skateboarding while drinking cranberry juice and lip-syncing to Fleetwood Mac; Mick Fleetwood joined TikTok to recreate the viral video that caused Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams' to surge in popularity The TikTok in question was created by user Nathan Apodaca (a.k.a. Ocean Spray jumped on ... and gave Apodaca a truck as part of a promotion after he made their juice more ... which is an agricultural cooperative owned by more than 700 cranberry … Because honestly, that was the exact energy we needed to start fall the right way. Cranberry Classic™ Juice Drink. Powered by Source Digital, Inc & The Northstar Group, [WATCH] Anderson Cooper Goes Viral Laughing At Snoop Dogg’s Get High Stories, Feds Reject Kodak Black’s Reduced Sentence Request. He celebrated by sipping some Ocean Spray behind the wheel of his new ride. Q: Are the men in the Ocean Spray commercials real farmers? Unsweetened, pure cranberry juice, which is not the kind you buy in the grocery store from Ocean Spray, is a good source of vitamins C and E, which are both antioxidants. It’s 100% juice made with the crisp, clean taste of real cranberries straight from the bog. Last week saw the arrival of an instant meme legend: A guy riding a longboard who filmed himself singing along to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” between pulls on a big bottle of cranberry juice. Find cranberry juices, recipes, and more information about cranberry health and our farmers. Find cranberry recipes for everyday dishes and special occasions from Ocean Spray®. Cranberry Juice Skateboarder Gets Surprised With A New Truck Full Of Juice From Ocean Spray Digg In case you missed it , Nathan Apodaca went viral on TikTok over a week ago when he skateboarded while sipping Ocean Spray cranberry juice and singing along to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams." And I’m like, man, I’m usually like going fast and making it look risky and whatnot. The truck’s bed was filled with jugs of Ocean Spray juice. Nick Apodaca, who goes by @420doggface208 on the social media platform, rides a skateboard while drinking from a bottle of Cran-Raspberry juice and listening to “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. A rep for Ocean Spray pulled up to Nathan Apodaca’s RV Tuesday in Idaho. None other than Mick Fleetwood himself of Fleetwood Mac joined TikTok just to share a video of himself sipping some Ocean Spray and vibing to "Dreams" in homage to Apodaca, who goes by @420doggface208 on TikTok, where he has more than 2 million followers. Meet Nathan Apodaca, the cranberry juice-drinking skateboarder He … SZA Arrives with`Good Days` Single & Visual, The Game Calls Drake The “Michael Jackson of Hip-Hop”, Playboi Carti to Perform Virtually for New Year’s Eve, Professional Wrestler Jonathan Huber, aka Mr. Brodie Lee, Dies at Age 41, Macca Wiles Releases ‘Honeytrap’ Featuring Wifisfuneral, 21 Savage and Black Santa Launch Limited Edition Christmas Hoodie for Leading By Example Foundation, Asylum Records Signee JoeVille Drops “SWING” Video, Machine Gun Kelly Claps Back at Eminem’s Latest Disses, Lil Pump Is Launching His Own Cryptocurrency, Jrue Holiday Gifts Rest of 2020 Salary to Black Businesses and Nonprofits, 21 Savage Remembers Asking T.I. A TikTok star's video of him sipping on Ocean Spray has been viewed tens of millions of times. Apodaca achieved viral fame after filming himself skateboarding, swigging on the Ocean Spray brand Cran-Raspberry juice and singing to "Dreams" on a highway. "It’s movie star-ish I guess, but I’m not trying to be that guy. Now he gets recognized just going out to Walmart. #Dreams #CranberryDreams #FleetwoodMac", @420doggface208 had it right. Ocean Spray Juice, Cran-Tangerine, 64 fl oz, 1-count: Made with real fruit juice; 100% recommended daily intake of vitamin C Known as the guy who just loves sipping cranberry juice while riding his … Browse recipes with cranberry juices for appetizers, desserts and more. Understandably, it went viral across multiple social media platforms.