Unlike mass-produced hatch’s, they are dust and waterproof do not degrade in the sun. This can be pumped into a dedicated tank using the ‘Thirsty Boy’ – and used for tasks including showering or doing a washing cycle. $235,000* Excl. Isuzu Truck with dismountable camper on flat bed. The Expedition West Coast RV. The monocoque chassis and frame design of the FTS800 is one of the strongest construction methods available. It does, however, provide a valuable backup source for charging the batteries during an extended period of overcast or rainy weather. All SLRV water systems incorporate a city water entry – bypassing your tanks and allowing you to connect to the mains water supply whenever available. Our Isuzu 4×4 truck camper (NPS 75-155) is four years old now. See more ideas about camper conversion, camper, van camping. The FTS800 features a luxurious ‘full ensuite’ with separate shower, toilet and vanity unit. Externally, the SLRV FTS800 frame is laminated with fully infused 6mm fibreglass composite panels – further strengthening the unit and giving it maximum resistance to the external elements. There is a large selection of manufacturers and models of 4X4 campervans for sale. This allows the body and truck chassis to twist independently – minimising transfer of these forces into the motorhome body. Govt. Amazing 1992 Nissan Figaro Show Car Sets Sail For The U.S. Best Renderings Of The Week: From Chevy EV Truck To New 2000GT, Another Lamborghini Sian Lands In The US, This One With A Fade, Just Days Remain To Enter For Chance To Win Two Corvettes Plus $45,000, Cadillac Explains How Blackwing Manual Gearbox Will Be More Refined. The example in the video is a rear-wheel-drive model fitted with a four-cylinder 4.3-liter diesel engine. An Expedition Vehicle must not only hold ample water for its passengers, it has to aid in the conservation of water. Azad4x4 is an India's Best isuzu dmax vcross customization and modification, best ISUZU CAMPER in India and other accsessories> Welcome to Azad4x4 , we are now open in Covid-19 Energize your Thar with our range of Thar Hardtops Charges Motorhome; Private Seller QLD. High and Low range 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles for sale. In the powertrain department, the Mahindra Bolero Camper gets 62 bhp Diesel engine, whereas the Isuzu D-Max comes in 134 bhp Diesel engine. This luxuriously appointed expedition vehicle is available in various configurations, with a floorplan to suit almost any requirement. New & Used Motorhomes For Sale In Japan, Get New & Used Motorhomes, Campervans & RVs Direct From Japan, Camper Vans ,japanese motorhome imports,TOYOTA CAMROAD MOTORHOME DEALER,Toyota camroad,Japanese import agent,isuzu elf motorhome,isuzu elf camper,Toyota Hiace Campervan, Isuzu Elf, isuzu elf motorhome hino toyota liesse conversion import export camper hi ace … This spacious luxuriously fitted 4×4 Expedition Vehicle is a world-class camper. Travelling - It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. Company dedicated to the transformations of commercial vehicles to facilitate tasks and works in each sector. SLRV heavy duty compression latches are used throughout. Source: The battery actually communicates with the charging system, ensuring safety and performance is maximised at all times. Bunks are fitted in conjunction with the electric lift up bed over the lounge, which gives ample dining room for the whole family. The Isuzu NPS is a well-known and respected platform for many offroad touring companies, and for Rural Fire Services. Selling one very neat 1990 Isuzu Rodeo Motorhome, this is a Japanese factory produced motorhome with a one-piece fiberglass shell, very similar to the Sunrader motorhomes. An electric bed can be incorporated into any vehicles floorplan – and creates the added space for bunks in a family layout. Van life is a hot topic right now, whether it’s the result of a global pandemic or a midlife crisis. Take a look at whats inside. JDM Car & Motorcycle LLC 9117 Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA 98103 (844) 937-3226 Cabinet carcass’ are constructed from an ultralight, waterproof and fire retardant plastic material, giving high strength and durability. Unfortunately, it turns out that the majority of people that want to purchase one don’t follow through as these vehicles must be bought sight unseen at Japanese auctions before being imported. Powered by an 2.8 Litre Turbo Diesel engine (4 cylinder inline) and a 5-speed manual transmission, and is … Multiple charging sources are crucial for any expedition vehicles power system. It’s time for a “Year 3 Review” on our truck (NPS 75-155)… mods, issues, additions and so on. SLRV manufacture its own range of aluminium hatch’s. SLRV can supply and fit the Bozcrome rear winch bar, with Warn electric winch for rear recovery and towing. This […], Download Isuzu FTS 800 / 139-240 4x4 specifications. This spacious luxuriously fitted 4×4 Expedition Vehicle is a world-class camper. The Thirsty Boy comes in its own ‘tough case’ with an internal pump and power supply for complete mobility. Infused panels are manufactured under vacuum and injected with resin to maximise strength to weight ratios. The electric lift up bed configuration optimises available internal space by incorporating both the bed and large club lounge into one area. What a way for the family to see the world! The Thirsty Boy can also be used on the ‘city water entry’ circuit – bypassing tanks altogether. You can find them with two, four, or six berths. Similar to a Toyota Sunrader. The spacious interior of the FTS800 can easily accommodate bunks beds for the kids. This also increases off-road performance by allowing the wheels to remain in contact with the ground. This can charge a Mastervolt lithium battery system from flat to full in as little as 4 hours. 0422618250 2006 Isuzu NPS 250, 4X4 motorhome, 4490 GVM - can be driven on car licence, 150 Sitic turbo diesel 5sp, $3000 solar set-up, 195,000kms, set up for free camping, double bed, etc. Additional water filtration, purification and reverse osmosis systems can be custom fitted to your SLRV water system. Mercedes 4x4 - This Truck is Sold: The legend of the Feature Icons shown in the above pictures; Can't find what you're looking for? SLRV improve upon the vehicles expedition credentials by doing some subtle but necessary modifications. Let’s have a look at how the SLRV FTS800 incorporates cutting-edge design and the latest technology to do just that. Time to hit the off road. In the powertrain department, the Mahindra Bolero Camper gets 62 bhp Diesel engine, whereas the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross comes in 2 Diesel 134, 148 bhp engines. Models include Elf, Elf UT, Rodeo, Fargo, Bighorn. Conveniently located out of the way towards the roof, the bed can be lowered to a sleeping position at the press of a button. These high-performance batteries are ideal for running heavy loads for long periods and short charge times. By mounting the AZAR4 capsule on the Isuzu D-Max, the 4×4 camper will become a fully terrain, mobile vehicle ideal for long journeys in the wilderness. It features a massive area for storage, tie down bars, windscreen scrub bars, spotlight mounts and an access ladder. Units such as cooktops, water heaters, room heaters and even diesel-powered ovens can provide a very efficient source of heat for cooking and comfort. FOR SALE - ISUZU TRUCK & Travelander Camper This is a walk through of my Isuzu NPS 300 4x4 Truck I have for sale . Isuzu 4x4 2015 plus 2016 beyond slide on camper , bullbar ,tow bar 3500 kg, heavy duty 50mm steel 4 bike carrier , 3000 pedders suspension upgrade gvm , ute ..... gumtree.com.au Report Ad Over the past few years, the Isuzu DMax 4×4 has been flying under the radar. Vehicle Imagery licensed from EVOX Images, Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear Is One Quirky AWD Lifted Minivan, Mitsubishi Minicab Might Be The World’s Cutest Fire Truck. Its sleek and open interior fit-out creates a sense of spaciousness – and is complemented by a range of quality materials, fixtures and fittings. Interior cabinetry is made to the highest standards. 1990 Diesel 4x4 Isuzu Camper Van - $15000. We can customize and build as per requirement. The standard steel 200L factory diesel tank is replaced with a 400L aluminium model, extending the range of the vehicle dramatically. Its list of options are extensive and make it an exceptional choice for any long-term remote touring. Staying out in the wilderness for longer is the name of the game. Conversions available include YMS, Vantech and Anex. SLRV use the latest SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software to continually develop and evaluate vehicle design. The larger diameter offers greater ground clearance for the vehicle and wheels can be rotated to extend the life of the tyre. This layout even retains the full ensuite across the rear of the vehicle. Ford 4x4 - This truck is Sold. Review: Isuzu 4×4 Truck from All Terrain Warriors, Year 4. ISUZU Motors Private India Limited, a subsidiary of ISUZU Motors Limited, Japan, was established in 2012. Similarly, inside the vehicle, you can select which tank you want to draw from. SLRV can use a take-off point to supply air fittings for tyre inflation and air tool usage. The payload of the Isuzu D-Max is about 1.1 tons, so it can successfully cope with the installation of the mobile capsule AZAR4 with additional equipment. SLRV simply add a shock absorber to the rear for increased performance and the job is done. Pressure fillers used in the SLRV system also provide added security to your water supply. Save search Sort by: Featured. Isuzu NPS 300 Four Wheel Drive Custom Truck Camper. For a vehicle of its form factor, we’re surprised to see a private bathroom and shower unit inside the camper. Iveco 100e21 -This truck is sold: Mercedes 1017A - This truck is sold: Unimog 4x4 - USA -This truck is sold. The front and rear have the same track, allowing the rear to follow the compacted track of the front wheels. Article by Truck Camper HQ. The Isuzu D-Max base Diesel returns 14 Kmpl. Generators can range anywhere from a small Honda 2.0i to a large built-in Diesel unit. Depending on configuration, the FTS800 holds approx 500 litres of water – suitable for long-term remote travel. Even with the uncertainty that comes with buying Japanese imports, the exclusivity factor is hard to argue with. D-Max V-Cross Vs Bolero Camper – Which has a Better Engine Efficiency? Really cool rig. Only 29k miles ( mileage display in picture is in kilometers) so practically new. We’ve been living full-time in our Isuzu NPS 4×4 truck and Wedgetail Camper for 18 months now. Review: Isuzu NPS 4×4 Truck, Year 3. It even comes in handy for running certain appliances – including your air conditioner. Custom Campers Rv Campers Custom Trucks Truck Bed Camper Truck Camper Camper Van … The Isuzu FTS800 (or 139-240 as it is now referred to) is an exceptional off-road truck straight out of the factory. Generous storage cupboards are situated above the vanity and in the shower. The Isuzu D-Max V-Cross base Diesel returns 14 Kmpl. Overland Truck Expedition Vehicle Popup Camper Truck Camper General Motors Engineering Kits Truck House Camping Box Camping Tips. Elfs were originally made to be medium-duty trucks before being converted into campervans, hence the relatively hefty engine. Reverse Osmosis is the ultimate filtration method, separating water molecules to produce pure water and wastewater, which contains all the eliminated contaminants. Understanding the requirements led to the development of world-class pick-ups and utility vehicles for the Indian market. Saved by Jeremiah Alfrey. Therefore it is vital to make the most of the available charge time while on the move. The only evidence buyers get to look at is a singular pre-purchase inspection sheet written in Japanese that Weldon translates himself. SLRV vehicles can be fitted with an almost endless range of features and appliances, including diesel and gas cooktops, water and room heaters, washing machines, entertainment systems and more. We’ve done 110,000km so far. With up to 70% saving in space and weight, these are the ideal choice for any expedition vehicle. it must allow its occupants to stay for extended periods. The motorhome body is large enough to accommodate a wide variety of floorplans, including island bed with full ensuite and family bunk models. Another way of utilising available power sources is to incorporate diesel appliances. THE ISUZU AWD & 4X4 RANGE We offer a comprehensive range of Australia's best-selling 4X4 and all-wheel-drive trucks, built to flatten the steepest hills and make light work of loose gravel. Ready for its new life of exploring and fishing, this spectacular looking […], The original SLRV Adventurer MK1 was created over 10 years ago now and has seen some noticeable changes throughout the […], What can you put into a 3.76m body? With the chassis, walls and roof all welded into one unit, maximum resistance to external forces is achieved.