Planning is a business function managers use to outline specific goals, objectives and business operations for future years. An intermediate-term fund is a bond mutual fund that invests in a basket of intermediate-term bonds, which are typically those that mature between 5–10 years. These plans help business owners and managers assess certain aspects of … Intermediate planning is generally seen as plans that fall under the next one to five years. There will be no liability if the defect could and should have been intercepted between the manufacturer and the consumer. Intermedia definition, using or involving several media, as dance, slides, electronic music, film, and painting, simultaneously; multimedia. How to use intermediary in a sentence. While there is no set definition of what constitutes the medium-term, it is generally accepted that intermediate bonds are those that mature somewhere between one and 15 years. intermediate examination: in common law product liability. Middle-term memory, also known as intermediate-term memory, is a stage of memory that exists in between short term/working memory and long-term memory. Intermediate semester meaning : The semester other than last/final semester or first semester. Warranties are non-essential terms that do not go to the core of the contractual objectives. An intermediate term is one of three types of contractual term recognised by Australian courts. : the intermediate steps in a procedure. See more. Intermediate Bond A debt security with a maturity in the medium-term. Help us get better. See more. ICFs are designed to provide custodial care for those who are unable to care … Intermediate definition is - being or occurring at the middle place, stage, or degree or between extremes. Intermediary definition is - mediator, go-between. How to use intermediate in a sentence. Psychology definition for Intermediate-Term Memory in normal everyday language, edited by psychologists, professors and leading students. The requirement is not usually literally interpreted. If you do not opt-in you will not receive any emails from Nasdaq. Please opt-in to receive news and information about Nasdaq’s services. Intermediate definition, being, situated, or acting between two points, stages, things, persons, etc. Did You Know? Learn more about intermediate-term bond funds, what they consist of, and if they're right for your investment portfolio. It gets its name from falling somewhere between a warranty and a condition – the other types of terms. Intermediate term. An intermediate care facility (ICF) is a long term care facility that provides nursing and supportive care to residents on a non-continuous skilled nursing care basis, under a physician’s direction.