Roll the bike up to the front of the bed and cinch it down with straps from either the handle bars or the fork tubes at the lower triple clamp. Position the front tire into the chock, then attach straps to the front suspension tubes. At this point leave the straps just tight enough to keep the motorcycle from falling over. Reactions: Rack, jackson409 and ossagp. To keep your bike in place while you travel, start by attaching a wheel chock to your trailer or truck bed. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon . To keep your bike in place while you travel, start by attaching a wheel chock to your trailer or truck bed. Are these strong enough to strap in a dirt bike? Be careful to not over tighten and pinch the front tire, sometimes it is smart to over inflate your tire slightly for transportation and then let some back out once you arrive to prevent a pinched tube. Either way, they have some serious cranking power, which is also why they make a good addition for securing your dirt bike. P1 Tools Dirt bike Tie Down Strap Rings for Motorcycle Dirtbike ATV Trailer Truck – Strap Your Bike securely Without Scratching Handlebars – Fits Coated Tie Down Hooks – Large Loop to Hook Your Bike. #7. vwboomer, Jan 28, 2013 #8. vwboomer Buffoon. Afterward, go onto the other side of the bike and take the left-hand-side tie-down and attach it to the back-left truck bed’s ring. The worst-case scenario that can happen if you don’t secure your dirt bike properly is either damaging your truck, damaging your dirt bike, or even worse an accident which can cause injuries. To do that, there are a few steps you need to follow: Yet again, to strap down a dirt bike properly, there are a couple of steps you need to follow, but these steps require a bit more attention. 4.6 out of 5 stars 85. Dirt Bike Tie-Down Straps. Here are some steps you can follow: That’s pretty much it. Selecting an options will take you to a new page. Whether you're a beginner or a professional dirt bike rider, we at, How To Control Dirt Bike In Air (Top 5 Jumping Mistakes On A Dirt Bike), Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers in 2020 (Review & Full Buying Guide), Dirt Bike Gift Ideas (10 Things Every Rider Wants), Best Dirt Bike Loading Ramps (Top 5 Loading Ramps In 2020), Best Dirt Bike Pants in 2020 (Review & Full Buying Guide). Just by seeing how easy and quick he was able to secure the bike with almost no effort, I immediately became a fan of them. You can also wrap soft loops around the base of the left and right side handle bars. You still have to strap down the bike. Today, these are my salvation when it comes to securing my dirt bike in the truck bed. Pull your tie-down straps to remove any slack. Not only that, but we have them all in-stock and ready to ship to you today. A Wheelock specialized for motorcycles. It is a brilliant idea for trailering a motorcycle. 95. Most dirt bikes don’t have a place to grab that won’t toast your fingers or get your gloves all muddy. I have 4 sliding tie down points (2 on each side) along the top of the bed rail. The option that I’d recommend to you are the Pro Taper tie-down straps on Amazon which are great because they come together with the soft straps built into the strap. Reactions: Rack, jackson409 and ossagp. Hey Braapsters! I made my brace( 4x4 cut about 12 inches "v" on each end) but many are available. Have someone on the other side toward the bike’s back end grab hold of a stable area that can take the pressure of being pushed. To thread ratchet buckle, place webbing through slot in enter rotating spool of closed ratchet. Our Pledge. Tie-down straps are actually not used as much as they need to be. Identify critical tension points and use the perfect straps. In many dirt bike trailers, a stabilizing-only chock does little to nothing. Almost everyone in their life at some point has bought a dirt bike, a scooter, or a normal classic motorcycle, but something happened and at…, Most people will straight think of a helmet, dirt bike boots, or maybe goggles for dirt bike riders when it comes to making a gift…, A loading ramp is a unique piece of equipment that is necessary to have for loading up and unloading your dirt bike. You have no problem inserting youtube videos (I do), you have no problem creating posts, and/or quote. A chock also works in the truck bed. Grab the right side tie-down and attach it to the front-right truck bed’s ring. These motorcycle tie down anchors come in single or double style to create a quick-fitting point that’s ready to accept an L-track strap, or a tie down strap fitted with a hook. You’ll only need a few things to secure the bike to a carrier. If you ask me, if you don’t own tie-down straps, you should definitely get yourself some straps, they won’t cost you much and they will keep the bike secure at all times while traveling. This is especially important if you have a second bike on board. Dirt Bike Tie Downs and Straps. A few years ago, I saw a friend of mine use cam-lock tie-downs while I was asking him to help me deal with my ratchet tie-down straps. It is a good idea to have some spot you and be ready to help push the motorcycle if needed. Small Road Bike or Dirt Bike Carrier Tie Down . Dirt Bike Tie Down Straps; Dirt Bike Tie Down Straps. Thread starter Sapper33; Start date Jun 18, 2007; Sapper33. One of the biggest obstacles of dirt bike riding is making sure you have a good way to haul your bike to your favorite riding locations. For the most part, I don’t blame them because I once struggled as well, but it isn’t that hard once you get a grip of it. To load your bike in a truck, you will need a loading ramp that must be thick enough to handle the weight of your bike. For your information, you can get them in a variety of lengths and strengths, but the most interesting part is that there are also several options in terms of tie-down strap types. The bike shoe worked great but the Lock N Load looks better. Mac’s says that you should make sure there are at least three complete wraps of the strap for the best hold. If you use a trailer behind an RV make sure you don’t exceed the maximum length for a vehicle on the roads, also keep in mind it will be hard to see while driving or backing in reverse. If I ever got into an accident I would not want a bike flying into my or anyone else's passenger cabin just because I was too lazy to put a tie down on it. Place a strap on each side, pulling down and away from the dirt bike in both directions. Joined: Oct 1, 2006 Oddometer: 1,001. These are great for tying down dirt bikes with oversized handlebars and it makes getting in and around your clutch and brake levers, or cross bar. Dave Solberg walks you step by step through a loading demonstration to help you figure out the best way to strap down a motorcycle, ATV or any other toy on an RV toy hauler. Another thing that you should take into consideration is to keep the straps away from wires or cables when attaching the straps to the bike’s handlebars, because if you don’t they might get crushed. Now that your bike is secured in place I like to place one more strap through the rear wheel to keep the back of the motorcycle from shifting while going down the road. They help secure your bike, avoiding potential losses and saving you time and headaches. Now that your bike is secured in place I like to place one more strap through the rear wheel to keep the back tire of the motorcycle from shifting left or right while going down the road. In my opinion, soft tie-downs are better when compared to hooking a metal S-hook onto a metal handlebar. You will want to begin by getting the handle bar tie downs prepared for you to secure the bike. Vince Long timer. Nonetheless, tie-downs have different size S-hooks, which means that they differ for different weight ratings. Just back 'em in, close (and lock) the door, then go inside and strap them in against the door same as you would in a pickup bed. Red Bar-Harness - … ENDS IN × OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet - ASTM &… $35.99 (579) DEAL OF THE DAY. I recommend these ones on Amazon… Locking Tie Downs. when you … A leader in our industry, we know you'll be satisfied with the Straps and Cargo Accessories you buy from us. below left handle bar, below right handle bar, and rear wheel), A block of wood or “seal saver” to place in the front forks, Something stable to step on climbing into the truck while pushing the bike, Loading ramp (usually included with bike carrier purchase), I recommend a trailer hitch pin lock and cable if you will be leaving bike unattended to prevent theft, A suitable trailer to haul the motorcycle with, At least 3 anchor points for each motorcycle loaded, A wheel chock for each bike (unless the’re already built into the trailer), loading ramp (some trailers have them build in), I recommend using a lock for your trailer hitch and receiver for security and cable locks for each bike. The bike has to be balanced. This tie down strap is a quality model that is being sold in a pair. At least 3 anchor points to tie the bike down (Ex. 8 To ensure stability, periodically check the strap tightness and the condition of the straps … Let’s face it. They include; A good set of tie-down straps. The following is not meant to be an exact instructional on tying down your bike from start to finish, as there may be variances depending on your trailer/ute and the materials used. Two people working together to load the dirt bike will make the process easier but it is possible to load your dirt bike alone. Tie-down straps may sound kinky, but there's nothing kinky about a damaged dirt bike or pickup truck, not to mention the possibility of causing injury or an accident because you didn't secure your dirt bike properly. Next you will want to lay out your loading ramp making sure it is stable and secured to the trailer with a safety strap, to prevent the ramp from sliding out of place. The wheel stops would also help keep them from shifting front to back. Position the front tire into the chock, then attach straps to the front suspension tubes. Apr 10, 2014 #95 Or missed any descriptions ? Joined: Feb 12, 2008 Oddometer: 32,389 Location: WI. In my opinion, this isn’t even worth having. Now that your bike is secured in place I like to place one more strap through the rear wheel to keep the back tire of the motorcycle from shifting left or right while going down the road. We want to make your next ride, your best ride. I recommend attaching the inner strap first so that the motorcycle can’t fall towards you. Canyon Dancer 33 in. This is a crucial step that can prevent the bike from ever coming off while going down the road. In other words, no matter how kinky tie-down straps may seem, having them will make everything easier and safer. I hook a ratchit strap to each side of thehandle bar and tighten them down pulling forward and down attatched to the front of the trailer. It has been tested and approved by third party agencies and found to be strong enough to handle a dirt bike at the back of a truck without resulting in any accidents. These are great for tying down dirt bikes with oversized handlebars and it makes getting in and around your clutch and brake levers, or cross bar. Remove the kickstand and ensure that the bike is held upright and not at a slant. Touch device users, explore by touch. The two anchor points in the lower corner of front on either side of the bed look much stronger but wouldn't allow for stuffing the wheel into a corner. $9.95 $ 9. You have to pull the tie downs pretty firmly to make sure the bike is steady. Next you will want to grab your block of wood or “seal saver” to place in between the front wheel and the lower triple clamp (what the front fender is bolted to). Jun 18, 2007 #1. Push the Dirt Bike Up the Ramp. 5. You can use wheel chocks in the front to secure the tire, and then for good measure put a simple rubber strap to push the bike into the chock if the road gets bouncy. After you get the bike positioned correctly in the trailer you will want to secure the tie downs to the left and right handle bar (I find that hooking near the bar clamps works well and prevents damaging your handle bar controls). I recently set up my ultimate dirt bike trailer and had to choose some wheel chocks. General Dirt Bike Best way to strap down the bike. Nonetheless, if someone is planning on stealing something, they will surely select a target which can be acquired easier, which brings the locking carabiner into the spotlight. How to Tie Down a Dirt Bike in a Truck. They are usually a bent piece of aluminum that the wheel can roll into slightly. Then get a slight run at the ramp, to push the bike up into the wheel chock, it is ideal to have someone to spot the bike and be ready to help you push the bike if needed. There are just a few things you’ll need to make sure you have in order to safely secure the motorcycle in the bed of a truck. How to tie down a dirt bike. I used to carry three dirt bikes on a 4x8 trailer. Given the choice, you’d probably have two wheels full throttle to the dirt every day. Join us on our adventure as we constantly grow our knowledge about this amazing sport! It is meant to be a guide only. One of the main reasons why ratchet tie-down straps aren’t my favorite is the fact that they have an unusual releasing system. The chock only holds the bike steady for you as you strap it down. Also, make sure you check whether you’re purchasing a single strap or a two-pack, because that’s an option you usually have to check by yourself. It usually works well to place the front tire in the corner of the truck bed so that it can’t turn either direction, or place a wheel chock in the center of the truck. They are taller than normal chocks and they have a piece which comes over the top of the wheel to lock it in place. We carry more Dirt Bike products than any other aftermarket vendor and have them all at the lowest guaranteed prices. Also place your step on the ground next to your loading ramp to allow you to step into the bed easier while pushing the bike up the ramp. Other Dirt Bike & Off-Road Topics; MX | Off-Road Gear Info & Reviews; Hitch Carriers: Best tie down method? I like to have the bottom hooks already secured to the truck, especially if I’m loading the bike by myself. These are almost a “must get” now that they’re so widely available. The option that I’d recommend to you are the Ancra cam-lock tie-downs on Amazon. Even if your front tire is completely secure, you need to keep in mind that the bike’s backend can fishtail if you are driving over bumpy areas. If you want added protection you can use soft-strap extenders. O. There are several items required to safely load and strap your bike. Once both straps are attached firmly tighten the two straps until the bike has very limited movement. Webbing will wind itself and be locked in place so that further ratcheting will rapidly increase tension in the strap. This can happen due to substances like dirt or water on the straps. You can also take an extra precaution by wrapping the excess material around the taut part of the tie-down, that will make sure the cam never gets loose during your traveling, even on bumpy roads. It also gives you more space to put your bike. Once the block is in place firmly tighten the handle bar straps until the bike has very limited movement left and right. Next you will want to lay out your loading ramp making sure it is stable and secured to the vehicle with a safety strap, to prevent the ramp from sliding out of place. The following will be steps for using a bike hitch carrier.