Ranger - Essentially, the archer class. The most difficult class rotation wise, but lacks defined roles. Complexity is what really drove me to place Mesmer at the top of the difficulty list. So I think it's interesting to measure these differences separately; we could name them something like "inaccessibility", "mechanical demands" and "game knowledge demands". Marauder is genuinely just better. Ranger is one of the most popular classes in Guild Wars 2, and it’s easy to see why. Welcome to /r/GuildWars2 where we strive to be a place where you can share your Guild Wars 2 experiences and partake in discussions with players from around the world. Even when your endurance is down, you have lots of skills that have built-in evades, tons of blind fields for trash mobs, and stealth if things get a bit too nasty. Cookies help us deliver our Services. But sweet thanks! Deadeye, Reaper, Mirage and Holosmith are the easiest and most effective classes/specs to use while soloing ANYTHING. All trademarks and copyrights on this site are owned by their respective owners. The damage rotations are easy. As another class with the lowest health pool in the game, Guardian's survivability can be a bit low at times. However, they have a lot of active defences and can hold their own, if you know how to use them. Lastly, it requires a lot of knowledge of the profession (which can be unintuitive and weird at times) and the game if you want to play it at a high level. If your only ability is to tag downstates in easy fights and to meteo when the enemy pushes a choke, then you're not playing ele. On the other hand, Necro end game gear is very difficult to get and expensive. Needs very good cooldown awareness otherwise it will quickly fall behind much easier condition specs. At least from my casual experience. so i'm curious to see if others has build that can take care champ pretty well. There's also the question as to whether you mean best as in easiest, most fun, most popular or "strongest". I can't tell you how many people claim PS warrior is easy, and then just sit in one spot and spam 1 and 2 without dodging. I'll contribute my list too. FB is basically responsible for everyone’s life and it’s your fault if your party dies on tag. You will almost always have a dodge up when you need it. For roaming you can probably make anything work, but mesmer would be considered highest tier out of the classes you listed. Mesmer(chronomancer) is another strong class, but noone seems to know how to play it, or doesn't wish to play it (nor do commanders know how effective it is and won't really like more than 1 or 2 for their veil), because it's hard to be effective on it. Sorry for the blurry footage, I'm still getting used to the capture software. Revenant is underappreciated. I wouldn't say Scourge is bad at roaming. As i'm getting older and slower I need something that can survive ;)I'm the kind of gamer that chooses 1 class and sticks with it. Extremely subjective, but below are my thoughts from a raiding perspective: Very squishy w/o commanders gear, yet often given roles that require a little more awareness and faster reactions than your average raid role (For example, tanking VG or reflecting Matthias). There's no value in going 12k hp in WvW under the pretense of "I do more damage". But weird. . easy swiftness maintenance, alot of aoe, air's auto bounces, a Lot of mass cc for escaping bad spots. its super easy to wvw with a decent setup.plus, you will never get more joy then popping Tornado up against a cliff and just fucking an entire zerg over the edge. Not the thing most eles want to hear, but the truth. Requires mostly mechanical skill. Survivability on the whole is quite strong for this class, thanks to a pet that is able to hold aggro in most PvE fights, an immensely strong downed state, lots of heals with the elite spec, and long range. Then there is the question of purely mechanical difficulty (roughly how many buttons and how strict the timing is) vs. how often you need to make adjustments in relation to your understanding of the core mechanics of the game. All you see is damn mirages. All of them have their subtleties. However, despite all that, they do have a very low health pool, so you still need to watch out for oneshots and hard-hitting attacks. It's taken for the most part, because of it's elite skill Winds of Disenchantment(bubble). Thanhe Path of Fire expansion, solo play is one of the most rewarding and fun mode to play. @weaponwh.9810 said: what are some the best solo pve build/class to take on Champion in PoF? In PvP, mesmer is all about game sense & positioning. The down side to … You need to know what your skills do, how to use them effectively, when to reflect, when to portal, blink spots, etc. Elementalist(more potential dmg, cc), revenant (boons and jalis elite) compared to necro. MetaBattle content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Healing effectively requires good spatial awareness and reaction speed. It's just easier to get the hang of some classes than others. its really easy, if someone goes to attack you just stealth and reposition Requires mostly knowledge of their class and encounter, and some mechanical skill. This is a way of playing Ranger, but it is absolutely not the right way to play it in any group content. The class has a strong reliance on using defensive abilities actively to stay alive, as opposed to facetanking everything. Tell me more about revenant roaming. For example Ele is my sidekick character and I have absolutely no problems with him, on the other hand I didn't spend that much time on Mesmer or Revenant and don't have much experience with them so these classes are hard for me to play. Requires mostly knowledge of the class. Simple rotation and good survivability. Almost impossible to die on and has very simple rotations. And I appologize for the formatting, still getting the hang of that. You can look builds up on metabattle btw. Positioning also plays a big role on this class, due to continuum split, but they have a somewhat easier time repositioning. Given that the player has decent accuracy, spam the right trigger and your target is dead in less than a second. Guardian is versatile - there are roaming, solo, and zerg builds readily available. Peashooter. Being effective on staff ele is not easy; both for blobs and for roaming. Except when you are doing dps for raids. This mostly means it's fairly simple to freecast and suddenly every ele in the game can do damage. Guardians excel at defensive support. Extremely squishy and normally given difficult roles within a comp, i.e tanking VG or cannons at Sab. Minstrel firebrand and celestial(for the most part) scourge. Join the most op wvw class there is. Game knowledge demands (heavily biased since I don't play all classes proficiently and this is the most time consuming to figure out - also, all classes can have a lot of depth to them in this regard depending on how proficient you want to be, I am making my list this compared to what I feel is an acceptable performance in high fractals): But still they are all hard to master. Hard: some other engineer builds & elementalist (many possible buttons), mesmer (small choreographed bursts of activity), Medium: necro, ranger, warrior (slower pace and less buttons, but you use most of them), Easy: thief, revenant, guardian (afk rotation +-). Press J to jump to the feed. For zerg play, I’d stray away from FB unless you are very experience and can afford a minstrel set which is outrageous in price. Spatial awareness required for effective epidemic bouncing though! Also, positioning is really important because a few skills you'll often use lock you in place or have really long channeling times, meaning you won't even be able to dodge. Complexity is, again, what makes them a difficult class. Type Two-handed weapon Used by. They can then become Dragonhunters, who focus on trap skills and can use a l… Press J to jump to the feed. 4-kit engineer is a whole different beast to one rocking tanky setup and just one kit. Easiest and complicated are a bit more feasible to note without getting into opinions. For a new player with ele, the learning curve and gear required to be even somewhat decent isn't he easiest, however, a well played ele is great in small groups and zergs with all that aoe, but for new players, not so much. You definitely have to use terrain and be aware of your environment though. Guardian. I’m not necessarily looking for “the best possible numbers” but just more a bit more of a sense of direction while playing. Check out our highly-opinionated class guides! While their damage isn't the highest, in solo situations they're able to buff themselves quite heavily and can definitely hold their own in terms of DPS. Ahh thank you i tried ele some bit ago and my god was it hard haha, Thanks everyome for your input think im gonna go down the road of the necro :) so thanks all. Warrior can be a simple class, particularly if you just grab a Greatsword. You need fast fingers to play the class optimally, and spend time training that rotation. Stealth is what sets Thief apart from other classes in Guild Wars 2. It's literally auto-attacking with a couple of utility skills you need to cast off-cooldown. For a tradeoff of 25 health you now have the highest damage per second in the game. Mesmer can be very nuansed and technical, but at the same time have had a lot of space for mistakes with the (now nerfed) chrono pvp builds. Engineer 2. you just mash f1, 3, dodge, 1, etc. Good Guardians, however, do more than that. They need to time their skills correctly though. Awesome thanks! Ideally I’d love something that can be fairly versatile without me having to constantly have to switch full sets of gear. Welcome to /r/GuildWars2 where we strive to be a place where you can share your Guild Wars 2 experiences and partake in discussions with players from around the world. Knowledge of various encounters and blink spots definitely helps, which makes their role a little more complicated than their rotation. Ide consider myself just over a standard player but no way near ele standard lol, PvE(raids): Engi>Ele>Mes=Ranger>Guard=Rev=Nec>War>Thief, PvP(ranked):Thief>everything else>GuardDH. Mesmer 3. Hi all again i want your opinions on what u consider being the hardest to the easiest classes if use sont mind :) i wanna get a quick draft of them so ye thats it :) cheers. Thief Stealth. Ranger doesn't have super difficult rotations you need to pull off, but they do play an essential role in every raid party. Guild Wars 2 manages to keep interesting stock in the Black Lion Trading, while keeping the game far from Pay 2 Win, and closer to Pay 4 Convenience. They place down their banners and whack away with an easy DPS rotation. I have played all the classes and I have a several hours on each of them. The issue being that it's still decent even when played badly. The combination of longbow damage and your pet’s abilities makes it easy to customize your attacks. It's mostly auto-attacks with a bit of dodges thrown in, and, depending on the weapon set you're using, some positioning quirks. and Elementalist. This is without mentioning the weapon skills they have which have built-in defensive tools like evades and projectile absorption. It's an original class with interesting mechanics, a pretty difficult rotation, a lot of group support and situational skills. Profession determines skills, traits and equipment available to player characters for engaging in combat and is roughly equivalent to a character class in other games. But I like that I actually need quite good skills to survive in open world, thus getting better at it and then be able to survive anything. So I started dabbling in WvW when working on a gift of battle and started to enjoy it a fair bit, for the most part I’ve just kinda run around on whatever character I happen to be on at the time, but I’ve considered getting more into it and trying to actually build up some skill. Engineer is a moderately tanky profession with powerful heals, access to water fields for good sustain, and lots of tools up their sleeves (chill, blind, immobilise, weakness, stealth, invulnerability, etc). Revenants have some of the highest survivability in the game if used right. People have a misconception of Ranger being the "pew pew" class which sits a mile away from the boss and spams arrows while the pet tanks everything. Lowest would be necro. Thanks in advance for pushing through my rambling thoughts. Guardian, Druid and Mesmer are not nearly as fun unless you play with a group.