c) 110 kV – 150 kV. It is nondirectional and is used primarily as a fault detector. Distance relay operates whenever the impedance seen (V/I) seen by the relay is less than the specified set value. The satellite that is used as a relay to extend communication distance is called as _____ a) Relay satellites b) Communication satellites c) Repeater satellites … a) mho’s relay. Distance relays are generally-- (a) impedance relays (b) reactance relays (c) split-phase relays (d) none of the above . […] This set of Avionics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Satellite Communication Systems”. Explanation:-Distance relay: A relay which measures impedance or a component of the impedance at the relay location is known as a distance relay. c) impedance relay. A. b) reactance relay. Q7. 1.A single phasing relay can be used with. There is one type of relay which functions depending upon the distance of fault in the line. (d) external short-circuits and overloads. Q6. Which means if the distance Relay senses Impedance less than 25.62 Ohm then it will pick-up for Zone-2. a) Impedance type b) MHO type c) Reactance type d) All of these Ans: (b) 7. The impedance relay has a circular characteristic centered at the origin of the R-X diagram. It is the tripping relay in pilot schemes and as the backup relay in step distance schemes. d) 150kV – 220kV . b) 66 kV – 100 kV. 2. Distance Relay. The admittance relay is the most commonly used distance relay. Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Protective Relays page-1. (b) overloads. Transmission Line Objective Type Questions and answers; 31. ... Power Electronics mcq power electronics multiple choice questions - 1. 1. An over current relay, having a current setting of 125% connected to a supply circuit through a current transformer of ratio 400/5. IDMT relays are used to protect the power transformers against (a) external short-circuits. Which means if the distance Relay senses Impedance less than 13.66 Ohm then it will pick-up for Zone-1. Reach is the limiting distance covered by the relay for protection of line. Q8. This impedance or corresponding distance is known as reach of the relay. For complete protection of a three-phase transmission line, we require . These relays are known as distance relay or impedance relay. d) no relay is used . When the power is to be transmitted over a distance of 500 km, the transmission voltage should be in the range. (a) Differential relay. (c) internal short-circuits. More specifically, the relay operates depending upon the impedance between the point of fault and the point where relay is installed. (c) IDMT relay. « Back CONTENTS Next » 1. a) 33 kV – 66 kV. a) 1ɸ motor b) 2 r ɸ motor c) 3 ɸ motor d) All of these Ans: (c) 2. It is used for the protection of a transmission line. (d) Directional relay. In the same manner, Setting for Zone-2 = (150% of 61) × CT/PT ratio = 1.5×61×0.28 = 25.62 ohm. (b) Bucholoz relay. Which of the following relay is used to detect and protect internal fault of a transformer? The pickup value is 24. Buchholz relay is used to protect against. Distance relays are generally. A relay used on long transmission lines is. Admittance Relay. Three phase and three earth fault relays