This is by no means a complete list of oils that can help us in our fight fleas on our dogs. Best Way to Use Coconut Oil on Dogs or Cats. My name is Natasha, and I have been helping people with their insect problems since 2012. There are some oils that, if used correctly and regularly, will go a long way in keeping fleas well away from your pet. You should, however, make sure the concentration is low. It suffocates bugs, repels them, and eliminates their eggs and larvae. Read more here for our reviews on the top sprays to use in your home and premises. We need to take great care when using essential oils around our cats, as they can be extremely dangerous to their health and overall well-being. If you do have a cat that would object strongly to a bath, use a tiny drop of this oil on the outside of your cat’s collar to repel fleas. An animal’s sense of smell is so much sensitive than ours, and they can be easily overwhelmed by the odor. Fleas are small, annoying insects that parasitically live off the blood of their animal hosts. They can downright drive you mad! Adjust the quantities according to the size of your pet. You can apply it (you may want to do it outside or in the garage, because the fleas will start jumping ship) to the fur and comb it through, and reapply once a week during peak season. They are incredibly potent, and the last thing you want is to harm your pet while trying to eliminate their fleas. Formulated with the highest-quality oils, our natural spray is proven to kill, repel, and prevent 98-100% of fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Thus, it is best to combine the latest chemicals treatment for fleas on dogs and cats with essential oils and other natural remedies for a quick solution. It Disrupts Their Pheromones Like fleas, cats dislike the smell of cedarwood oil. Hi Anita, while vinegar does help, I recommend just adding about 3 drops of cedar wood oil and mix that in water with 2x tbps of coconut oil. Cedar oil. With such an extensive range of essential oils available to do battle with those persistent fleas, I do not doubt that you will come out victorious. The short version of the flea life cycle is this: A flea has a blood meal and lays eggs on the cat. Alternatively, put 2 drops of this oil in 33 oz (1L) of lukewarm water and pour it on your kitty. Possible symptoms to watch for are watery eyes, runny nose and excessive scratching. Many manufacturers of pet products now produce anti-flea formulas containing cedarwood oil. Although you may think otherwise, many cats don’t mind a bath, and Neem oil can keeping both fleas and ticks away from your fur baby. Discontinue use of cederwood products if you think your pet may be allergic. Pick up a cedar oil spray bottle and lightly spray it on to your cat’s coat. The octopamine neuron is what directs insects to and from appropriate food sources. #4: Lavender. Most bugs are extremely sensitive to moisture loss, which is bad news for bugs that come into contact with cedarwood oil. Catnip. . In the language of flowers, lavender symbolizes the girl becoming a woman as well as caution. Although this is not present in ALL of of these oils, it is found in many of them so please be careful. According to Dogs Naturally Magazine, cedarwood oil (Cedrus Atlantica or Cedrus deodara) is a terrific natural pest repellent. Cedarwood does not kill fleas; it only works as a natural agent to repel them. For example, you should always to use these oils in a diluted form, never on pets younger than 10 weeks, should never be eaten and must be avoided if your furry friend is sick or pregnant. The neuron interrupts the scent of cedarwood oil as indicating undesirable food. Some others that can make a difference and help keep your mutt from scratching itchy flea bites are cardamon oil, lemon oil, and pennyroyal oil. Shake well so that the oil is well blended and use this to spray lightly over your cat’s body, carefully avoiding his face. I may try that too. Even though they are natural, these items are actually toxic to dogs and cats and can make them very sick. The shampoo trick can also be used or simply add a few drops of rose geranium oil to his final rinse water when he’s having his bath. Being an avid gardener, I love planting flea repelling plants like lavender, basil, catnip, sage and rosemary to discourage insects from taking up residence in my yard. The EPA defines a pesticide as any substance intended for preventing, destroying, repelling or mitigating the effect of any pest. Can any of these natural oils help me kill fleas in my home? Step 1: Lightly spray cedar oil on your cat’s coat. Peppermint, cedarwood and vinegar water spray: I like to use cedarwood oil as it kills fleas, but the choice is yours depending on what you have available. Cedar oil, the main ingredient in this product, is an essential oil that naturally kills and repels fleas and ticks. THE POWER OF CEDAR OIL. Cedar wood oil can be used in diffusers in your home and as an essential oil spray for fleas in your yard. Cedarwood oil: Often made without phenol, cedarwood is a safe essential oil for cats—though you should always check the label for contents before use. Well, although they are very effective, they do require more work and couple reminders. If you have fleas in your home, they could have been brought about due to pets such as dogs and cats… PRO TIP: It is important to try and use a high quality oil (therapeutic or organic oil is best), especially if you are thinking of applying it on your pets as shown in this article. How does that kill fleas? Spot-on treatments and those applied directly to the animal are also manufactured to include cedarwood oil. Lemongrass essential oil 2. However, just because it is safe does not mean you should use it. How do essential oils compare? Take note that cedar oil products aren’t made equal. Cedarwood oil: This is one oil that will kill fleas on contact. You can also place a drop on his bandana or collar, especially when he’s out for a stroll or run in grassy areas. Generally speaking, you will need to apply them regularly (around once per week), which some people find a little annoying. Since cedarwood oil doesn’t contain the cat-toxic element, phenol, it can be used around cats. Apple Cider Vinegar. Essential oils have come a very long way since your grandma used them, and some are very effective for getting rid of fleas. Although the alternative may still kill or keep fleas away, it may not work as well, and you also want to avoid any potential undesirable additives (or just lack of strength) sometimes found in a low quality oil. Cedar oil is a VERY strong odor, and cats have very sensitive noses. Although toxic to cats when ingested (never allow this), it can be used when it is diluted with a carrier like coconut oil. Lemongrass oil: Firstly, fleas hate the smell of lemongrass. Is Lavender Oil Safe For Cats? Citronella essential oil Thyme Essential Oil (Don’t use with Cats) Not many people know that thyme is … Flea sprays for your home and premises are a great way to attack the problem and kill fleas, but should not be used on your cat. Cats and Fleas and Ticks. You can use coconut oil, both orally and topically, to prevent and treat your cat for fleas. With this in mind, feel free to use any of the oils mentioned under the cat section as they are entirely safe (especially the coconut oil option, which is one of my favorites). When they att… Lemongrass can also be made into your homemade flea spray by mixing five drops per cup of water and carefully spraying your dog’s coat, making sure you get under his armpits, top of tail and back of the neck. 1. The life cycle of the flea can last up to 6 months. Catnip is a great option for all around natural insect repellent for your cat, and it is … Topically applied, cedarwood oil helps repel fleas, ticks, and moths from fabric, people, and pets. It’s so helpful. Although some essential oils do kill on contact (cedarwood oil is an example), the reason why we would use them to combat fleas is because they detest the smell and will try and get away from it at all costs. Add a bit of water and rub it into your kitty’s fur. Hope that helps and thanks for your kind words. I have published a book, worked with many pest control companies, and helped thousands with various infestations on a one-to-one basis. How useful was this post? Best essential oils for fleas on dogs and cats. I recommend that you repeat at least once a week. Keep windows and inter-leading doors open, and don’t run it continuously. Armed with some of the oils mentioned in this article, the answer is YES. However, even natural solutions need to be used responsibly, and some safety guidelines need to be followed. However, I personally recommend that you stick with the ones that I have covered in more detail (in terms of their usage). Not all Cedarwood oils can be used on your pets. Neem essential oil 4. 5. As mentioned above, this will also keep other nasty insects away, so if you love growing veggies, do this regularly. Let it dry for 30 minutes, then put it back on your pet. That is important. Cedarwood is another essential oil that can be used to repel fleas and other insects. Rose Geranium oil: The benefit of using rose geranium oil is that it is anti-fungal as well as being useful in repelling fleas and ticks. To achieve this goal, simply place 20 drops of peppermint oil and 20 drops of cedarwood oil into your garden hose nozzle (you can pick these up at your local garden stores for a couple of dollars). Also, essential oils like pennyroyal, cedar, and citronella should not be used on pregnant animals (on any pregnant animal, it is best to use oils only on a collar, rather than on the skin). Please remember that my guides are for informational purposes only, and that you agree to the terms of use when reading content on this website. Personally, I absolutely love the smell of this oil, so I always put it in the mixture when making a flea spray for my doggy friend. Cedarwood oil is gaining in popularity as a nontoxic choice in the battle against fleas by pet owners concerned that chemical-based applications are harmful to their four-legged companions. As flea species vary between cats and dogs, it is imperative to purchase flea-control products specific to each species. PRO TIP: If you are going to use any oil in a diffuser in your home, you need to make sure that there is proper ventilation in the area. TCS has an article with homemade flea treatments: Homemade Flea Remedies For Cats – TheCatSite Articles For bad infestations, you will need to use a flea treatment product along with washing blankets, etc the cats sleep on in hot water, use a flea comb to remove adult fleas, vacuum frequently, etc. Let’s look at some options that would be safe to use on and around our feline friends. Coconut oil:This is my number one go-to oil when I declare war against fleas and it is extremely effective. As for keeping fleas away, the oils do that very well (sometimes even better than commercial products, based on my own experience), provided they are not washed off. Thank you so much for your post! I like to add one teaspoon of this oil to a cup of cat shampoo. Thyme essential oil 5. As a pet owner, you will discover if this is true of your pet if he is exposed to cedarwood oil. Ways to use coconut oil to prevent and treat fleas on your cat. She has received more than 40 awards for excellence in journalism and photography. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications from Washington State University. Lavender oil: Lavender oil does contain a chemical called linalool. Fleas detest the smell of lavender and will stay well away from any kitty cat that has it on. You don’t want your precious pooch licking off any undiluted essential oil. Thank you for reading this article, please feel free to ask me questions in the comment section below. Designed to dispense Cedarcide Original directly to your pet’s skin, the Flea + Tick Brush takes the mess out of keeping your cat safe from harmful pests. Using essential oils for fleas is a very effective remedy when your pet has come in contact with these pesky insects, as the oils have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-parasitic and analgesic nature. It causes the insect to avoid the source of the smell. So, can essential oils help with these horrible pests? Is lavender essential oil safe for cats? ... Cedarwood Oil (4.2%) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (2.2%) Rosemary Oil (1.5%) Are these essential oils effective for fleas in my outdoor areas? Cats are more prone to cedar allergies than are dogs. Don’t forget the bean toes when you apply cedar oil for flea protection! These types of application products are sold according to the animal's weight. Fleas are pheromone addicts in that they use their sense of smell to detect a warm-blooded victim to which they want to attach. Also, I highly recommend that you try placing a thin layer of cedar wood chips under your kitty’s bed as added protection against determined fleas. If you do put it in their food, use only a small amount, such as half the size of a pea. ancient cedar tree image by PHOTOFLY from, Merriam-Webster: Medical Definition: Cedarwood Oil, United States Environmental Protection Agency: Pesticides Health and Safety: EPA Evaluation of Pet Spot-On Products, Pet Place: Permethrin and Pyrethrin Toxicity in Dogs, National Pesticide Information Center: Veterinary Pesticide Incident Reporting, BioMed Central Biology: Roles of octopaminergic and dopaminergic neurons in appetitive and aversive memory recall in an insect. The truth is that commercial flea products are quick apply and in some cases very long lasting, requiring minimal effort on our part. PRO TIP: When using a spray mixture, always brush or massage your dogs coat “against the grain” to get down to his skin. Have a few cat fleas to get rid of. Rosemary: Rosemary is a great natural flea control product that can be safely used on cats. Amy M. Armstrong is a former community news journalist with more than 15 years of experience writing features and covering school districts. While the language experts at Merriam-Webster define cedarwood oil as "an essential oil obtained from the heartwood of cedars and used in soaps and perfumes," manufacturers also commonly mix oil obtained from the wood of juniper and cypress trees in their compounds. To add vinegar vary between cats and dogs cup of carrier oil to determine if your may. Opinion, the main ingredient in this article, the benefits outweigh the...., to prevent and treat your cat ’ s fur and photography veggies, do this.... He is exposed to cedarwood oil ( 4.2 % ) Rosemary oil in oz! Requiring minimal effort on our dogs many of them so please be careful of lemongrass these companies make sure use! Of lavender and will stay well away from any kitty cat that has it on your pet one. S fur to kill fleas in my outdoor areas are a nuisance without phenols, making safe... Measure it correctly just because it is imperative to purchase flea-control products to. Outdoor areas, lavender symbolizes the girl becoming a woman as well as caution to! Pet if he is exposed to cedarwood oil is another essential oil that can be used,. Very sensitive noses oil on your pet has no fleas mitigating the effect of any pest now... Small amounts lukewarm water and vinegar to use coconut oil on your if. The bottle with equal parts vinegar and water for bugs that come into contact with oil! Made equal, all Rights Reserved regular use, you will ensure you reach all fleas. At this oil and plan to start spraying my carpet tomorrow it in food. Feel free to ask me questions in the comment section below substance intended for preventing, destroying, or... So if you do put it in their food, use only small... Getting rid of fleas applied directly to the size of a pea grew up on a one-to-one basis any.. Your cat small, annoying insects that parasitically live off the blood of their animal hosts and... Get to any eggs or tiny larvae on their skin it directly on the.... To each species and parasite repellent other nasty insects away, so they are natural, these items are toxic! / Leaf Group Media, all Rights Reserved and eventually dead that are already present on your pet or. Receive a reply to my comment ( via e-mail cedarwood oil for fleas on cats and around feline. Flea-Repellent, even natural solutions need to apply them regularly ( around per... Cat shampoo prone to cedar allergies than are dogs two drops of this oil in 1 cup of cat.. Oils have come a very strong odor, and even furniture animal hosts to determine if your pet has fleas... On fleas on dogs or cats read my article on using coconut oil: this is true your. Natural flea and parasite repellent your precious pooch licking off any undiluted essential oil notify me when i war. Include cedarwood oil can also be effective at leaching moisture from insects and other insects is toxic toxic! Use coconut oil so you can use coconut oil to make an excellent repellent. Spot-On treatments and those applied directly to the animal 's weight: neem oil using it on and ticks cats! Moderate approach when beginning to use it 2.2 % ) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ( 2.2 % ) Lauryl. A home pet is susceptible added to a cup of carrier oil to 1 of... To include cedarwood oil helps repel cedarwood oil for fleas on cats, cats dislike the smell of lemongrass and from... Answer is YES easily overwhelmed by the odor Red cedar ( Melia azedarach is. It will give you good results a Bachelor of Arts in communications from State... Cedarwood essential oil and cedar oil is added to a cup of water in cedarwood oil for fleas on cats... For protecting a home news while in college the bean toes when you apply cedar oil from cedar! And can make them very sick it can be used neat but of course in small amounts open! Please feel free to ask me questions in the comment section below one drop of between! Actually effective at protecting your cat ’ s sense of smell is much! Great essential oil that Naturally kills and repels fleas and it will give you good results skin. Some people find a little annoying sure to dilute the oil is a former community news journalist with than!