CardView widgets can have shadows and rounded corners. cardview_dark_background. Grimthorr. You have a good opportunity to make this app more exciting by adding banner images to every row! 9- Inside Android CardView you will need to add Android LinearLayout. public static final int cardview_dark_background = 0x7f0d001e; public static final int cardview_light_background = 0x7f0d001f; public static final int cardview_shadow_end_color = 0x7f0d0020; public static final int cardview_shadow_start_color = 0x7f0d0021;} public static final class dimen {public static final int cardview_compat_inset_shadow = 0x7f09005c; public static final int cardview … – CardUseCompatPadding is used to provide padding to Lollipop and later platforms. I am working with recyclerview with cardviews. Elevation: The static component. 2.2 Download the images. ", An infinite card switching UI for Android, support custom animation 自定义实现神奇动效的卡片切换视图. share | improve this question. int color cardview_dark_background 0x7f020000: int color cardview_light_background 0x7f020001 : int color cardview_shadow_end_color 0x7f020002: int color cardview_shadow_start_color 0x7f020003: int dimen cardview_default_radius 0x7f030000: int dimen cardview_elevation 0x7f030001: int dimen cardview_shadow_size 0x7f030002: int dimen cardview_compat_inset_shadow 0x7f030000: int dimen cardview … Half of the card view is hiding. So in lollipop devices the shadow is actually covered by the card so its not visible. In order to use the CardView you need to … The RecyclerView is a more advanced and more flexible version of the ListView. But there is … CardView. Try using this solution. Wakes up a single thread that is waiting on this object's monitor. CARDVIEW CardView extends the FrameLayout class and lets you show information inside cards that have a consistent look on any app. Set elevation of the shadow: 6dp: ss_neumorphic_shadowColorLight: Set light shadow color: #ffffff: ss_neumorphic_shadowColorDark: Set dark shadow color: #d9d9d9: ss_neumorphic_noShadow: Set to hide shadow: false: ss_neumorphic_shapeAppearance : Set shape appearance of the component: ShapeAppearance.SSNeumorphic.ComponentName: Usage