Both breeds are generally high energy dogs. When two fairly powerful medium to large dogs belonging to boxer and pit bull breed is mixed, then the owner gets a unique variety, known as boxer pitbull lab mix.Let’s figure out how much is a pitbull mixed with Boxer, how long do pit bull mixes live and how big is a boxer mix. He is a mix of boxer from the neck down and pitbull on the face. Somewhat surprisingly, they are known to be good apartment dwellers as they do not have any great tendency for barking, and as long as they are given sufficient exercise. You cannot easily erase this from the Bullboxer Pit’s genes. Male Pitoxers can weigh anywhere from 50 to 80 lbs while the females are generally lighter by 5 to 10 pounds. Its powerful bite can seize wild game until human hunters can finish the job. The pit bull also is somewhat prone to both cancer, ear infections, and skin irritation issues. Bloodlines – When you purchase an American Bullboxer, the dog you get won’t necessarily be exactly 50% of one breed and 50% of the other. The last thing you want in a pet is a big strong dog that is overly protective and may go into attack mode when it sees a smaller dog or a cat. Dogs, especially Pitoxers, look up to humans as leaders. Boxers are great family dogs and good with children. He loves Meaty Bones. Pitoxers have a broad, large head and a relatively short muzzle owing to the brachycephalic nature of the Boxer and the moderately-long muzzle of the Pit Bull. The boxer is more sociable towards other animals, but can at times be overly protective. Allergies are quite common among Bullboxer Pits. Boxers are also known to have a higher incidence of allergies, which can sometimes cause skin problems resulting in self-mutilization in an attempt to relieve the discomfort. Either way, expect moderate shedding when the season is on. Treat your Bullboxer Pit well with compassion yet firmness and it will yield to your ministrations. The Boxer Pitbull Lab Mix, is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Boxer, Pitbull and the Labrador Retriever. Rocket the Bullboxer Pit (American Pit Bull / Boxer mix) at 2 years old —"He is a very energetic and hyper dog. While the 1990s is generally thought of as the period when people began looking at crossbreeds with greater interest, these dogs have been around for many years. Most of all, they are highly obedient dogs. A typical 70-pound adult male with just the average level of activity may need about 1,500 to 1,600 calories per day. All dogs need proper socialization and training to help equip them for life. It is imperative that the American Bullboxer be walked at least 60 minutes twice a day. The only reason that the American Pit Bull Terrier got its bad reputation is because its owners treated it harshly so that it will become a real aggressor. It is because of this history of the American Pit Bull Terrier that people have come to associate it with aggression. For you who are dreaming of having grey pitbull puppy, you can consider Boxer Pitbull mix. A male Bullboxer can reach a height of 26 inches with some reported to reach 27. A true pack leader takes care of the needs of the pack. There is not much documentation to indicate if any of these potential health issues are present to the same degree in the Bullboxer. These are quite common, but they can be addressed by sound nutrition. These are similar dogs in that they look similar in appearance and that they have similar backgrounds and personality traits. It’s not a head-turner, mind you. The Pitbull Boxer Mix is one of many results of 19 th Century European breeding experiments. Breeds: Boxer & Border Collie. The Pitbull Boxer Mix popularly named as American Bullboxer, Pitoxer, and Bullboxer Pit is a cross-breed of two worldwide popular dog breeds known as – the Boxer and American Pitbull. This is a dog that can get along with other dogs if it is socialized to do so as a puppy, but if an adult pitbull is brought into the home, it may fight with any animals already living there. This crossbreed needs plenty of … You could however, get a 25% to 75% mix, or some other combination. He loves to eat! They are a dog that will benefit from at least one or two decent daily walks, or other physical activity. Females are shorter by about an inch or two. It is very loyal to its family and can give them the affection that they need. You see, as smart as the Bullboxer Pit is, it is a very sensitive dog. Bathing the Bullboxer Pit can be done twice a year, unless it is pretty obvious that it needs to take a shower right away. It’s well-suited for kids as well as small pets provided it is adequately trained and socialized. About the only thing you could probably count on would be that you would be taking ownership of a puppy that would likely grow up to be a somewhat large, high energy dog. In the hands of a capable, compassionate yet firm trainer or dog owner, the American Pit Bull Terrier is an adorable breed. If a boxer becomes destructive, it is almost always because it is being given inadequate attention and/or exercise. Unfortunately, the Pit Bull Boxer mix – also known as the American Bullboxer or Bullboxer Pit – is not really a hybrid to be feared. If the mix breed dog takes after their Pit Bull parent, expect a medium length, dense, and harsh coat. The real problem is not so much with the dog itself, despite some negative publicity. There are only two major kennel organizations that recognize the APBT as a breed: the American Dog Breeders Association and the United Kennel Club. The mix breed of American pit bull terrier and the boxer, bull-boxer pit or pitoxer is a caring, loyal and playful breed. The Pit Bull Boxer mix is sometimes referred to as the Bullboxer Pit, the Pitoxer, and the American Bullboxer. It also tends to be a somewhat easygoing dog, especially around its owners and family members. Managing an American Bullboxer –This may not be the best choice for a pet in a household where there are small children. You don’t want it to use its powerful jaws in latching onto something that you value like your furniture, bedding, or even carpet. This underscores the fearsome reputation that is attributed to the APBT, a reputation it clearly doesn’t deserve. If you can do it every day, then do it. However, it may depict the maximum life expectancy of 13 years. The dog is not so apt to hurt the children as it is to hurt something or someone that it sees as a possible threat to the children because of its strong protective nature. They may even enjoy taking part in some sort of dog sport. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most adorable breeds. The pitbull could be best described as a dog that has a stocky body with a somewhat thick neck and a powerful head and jaws. However, if you’re thinking of making it your family companion, then you’ve got to watch its calorie intake as it is quite prone to obesity. It really doesn’t mind as long as it’s socialized properly. And while this designer dog and a number of other designer dogs like him have tons of adoring fans, we should explain that not everyone is … It is intelligent and can easily obey commands. Get directions. But if you’re really hell-bent on getting one for your family, we implore you to read and understand the following first. The boxer on the other hand is one of America’s favorite breeds. The breed you will find registered is the American Staffordshire Terrier, which for all intents and purposes, is virtually the same breed. German Shepherd Pitbull Training the American Bullboxer should be relatively easy, but only if you have a positive attitude about training dogs and you are a firm believer of positive reinforcement. You can share with us your thoughts about the possible origins of this designer dog breed and we’d be happy to share it with the rest of our avid readers. Boxers rate highly when it comes to adaptability, affection level, intelligence, playfulness, and watchdog abilities. The Best Dog Food for Pitbulls (Review) in 2020, Red Nose Pitbulls: Breed Facts & Temperament, Pitsky (Pitbull Husky Mix): Breed Facts & Temperament, The Best Tactical Dog Vests (Review) in 2020, The Best Dog Proof Trash Cans (Review) in 2020, Pitbull Mastiff (Pit Mastiff): Breed Facts & Temperament, The Pitbull Boxer Mix – Bullboxer Breed Guide. Boxers appear to be somewhat more prone to certain cancers as well as to heart disease. These dogs were used in bull- and bear-baiting. The owners of Pitbull Boxer Mix are lucky as they do not spend lots of time on maintenance of their dog. Nobody wanted him because he looked kinda scary and he was old. So many names. An additional source of information is the Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America website. The Boxer is fortunate enough not to be typecast as a bad boy in the dog world, unlike the American Pit Bull Terrier. Given the right handling, it should grow up to be a very good dog as well. However, because there were already growing concerns for the rights of these animals, many of these blood sporting events morphed into dog fighting scenarios. They can have the broad chest and long limbs of the Boxer, built into a highly muscular body. Remember, a dog is best defined by how its owner interacted with it and cared for it growing up. Mixing these breeds creates a gorgeous family pet that might be perfect for you. Of course, we could be wrong, as there really isn’t that much information we could gather about the origins or the history of the Pit Bull Boxer mix. Despite its Pit Bull parentage, the Pit Bull-Boxer cross is a designer dog that shouldn’t be feared. The American Pitbull Terrier is not a purebred dog; well, it wasn’t originally. American Bullboxer 3. As such, if you’re thinking of using punishment as a means of training the Pitoxer, then you can forget owning one. Boxer/Pitbull Mix $0 Description. Size, Conformation and Temperament – A typical American Bullboxer can weigh anywhere between 40 and 75 pounds, and stands between 20 and 27 inches at the shoulder. Just as training is important for the American Bullboxer, exercise is crucial, too. I deliver old blankets to the shelter and kept seeing him cuddling with the staff. For the Pit Bull, a good resource is the American Pitbull Foundation’s website. These allergies are usually treatable. Breeders are usually the best place to get an American Bullboxer puppy, especially if the bloodline or temperament is of great importance to you.