The Easton Project 3 Alpha is made from the ATAC alloy material which is reinforced with the Carbon-Core Technology to help create one of the thinnest barrel walls in the game and enhance its durability. It also features the AV2 anti-vibration tech and the extended shock dissipating connection to diminish unwanted vibrations. As described below, scandium helps increase the strength of a bat increasing the power generated when you hit. Pete Clark Andy White. This alloy is made up of a combination of Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, and Aluminum. There’s a 1 year warranty on the bat protecting it from everything under the sun. It has a perfect balance and weight which makes it well suited for use for high school and college students. College Baseball follows BBCOR rules which means that all players must use a BBCOR bat. In terms of bat construction, most college players tend to swing one piece bats or end loaded multipiece hybrids. Rawlings has always been one of the top manufacturers in the game. The barrel walls are made to be thicker and stronger to help add more power and strength behind every hit. It provides a less vibration feedback and a harmonic dampening system to create a better feel. The bat and barrel must be made from a single piece of alloy. The 3 Fusion end cap helps to optimize the bat weight control and performance. It offers both lightweight feel, durability and a better exit velocity. Every college baseball bat has to follow the same requirements in order to be certified for use in the NCAA leagues and in all of college baseball. If you took any model bat …, Outside of end caps blowing off or visual clues of tampering, one of the …, We get calls on this topic frequently and the answer is pretty straight …, Copyright 2021 Homerun Derby Bats Only. The absolute last thing you want to do is get a bat only to discover you can’t play with it. Marucci made this bat to provide a stiffer feel and maintain the transfer of energy and power to the ball while reducing the amount of vibration sent to the player’s hands. Some of the regulations are: The BBCOR process is a common way to certify baseball bats for high school and college play. The hybrid 3 piece design (compared to the traditional 1 piece design of most baseball bats) helps increase the trampoline effect giving the ball extra velocity after each hit. Your email address will not be published. Comparable approved bat for the RIP-IT Prototype. The handle is made of the carbon composite material making the bat a typical hybrid example. Free shipping on all bat purchases at! Want more to love? And…according to WhatTheProsWear, the Demarini Voodoo One series is one of the most popular college baseball bats available today. This helps add that extra oomph when swinging through the ball. Hyperskin refers to the construction of the grip – it’s designed to be especially sticky to help you secure your grip on the bat. I was choosing between two bats. Shop the Best Baseball Bats for Youth and Adult Players Approved for USSSA, USA, and BBCOR Leagues and Tournaments. Below is a chart showing the length measurement; Another thing to consider again is making sure that the selected bat by length is also suitable for you by weight. It has its barrel made of one of the strongest aluminum materials in the AZ105 alloy and its handle is made of carbon composite materials. Try our Bat Coach, Live Chat with our … Another exceptional feature added to this is the AV2 2nd generation anti-vibration knob. It is made with the ATAC alloy material and possesses Carbon-Core Tech which helps with the creation of thin walls. The RCK knob allows you take a swing whenever while feeling at ease on your hands. Shop baseball bats From America's #1 Baseball & Softball Retailer! This helps keep the weight down while maximizing the sweet spot and trampoline effect. Here’s a comprehensive list of the 10 best-selling bats of 2020 based on what’s fresh and generating buzz in the world of baseball. Our rating system also provides specific, and sometimes more useful, rating systems, as well as specialized awards as listed below. The Easton Ghost X is filled with mind blowing features to keep you at ease throughout your game at all times. They’re known for being big hitters and for helping win games. Most players report that it feels light in their hands. Aluminum bats are the most common type of college baseball bat since 2011 because only aluminium alloy bats are allowed during games. Composite bats are made to be somewhat lighter than the aluminum bats. You can see it in the picture above denoted by the Pure 360 logo. 33/30 Nike Aero CX2 CARBON COMPOSITE ULTRA LIGHT BESR CERTIFIED -3 BASEBALL BAT Easton New Other BX30 33/30 Reflex BESR Adult Baseball Bat (-3) Old School. The knob of the bat should not be altered, All bats that are for use in the college leagues. It is made from the strong and durable AZ105 alloy aluminum material which allows the bat to feature thin barrel walls. 26-28 inches: This bat length range is intended for use by children between 8 and 9 years of age. Wood bats come constructed from a variety of wood types, including ash, maple, birch and bamboo.Each wood type has its own redeeming qualities and its setbacks. Wood baseball bats have been used since baseball was first invented. In essence, the barrel of these bats compresses slightly upon contact and then releases the energy onto the baseball by flexing inward propelling the ball further.