If I want to use Alum as a mordant, fixation for natural dyeing and I want to make Washable pads from this fabric… Is it bad to use this material in the vaginal zone? Hi. Potash alum is commonly called Alum | Picking Alum in English, Fitkari in Hindi, Phitkari in Urdu, Padikaram in Tamil, Patika in Telugu, Phatakadi in Gujarati, Phatikara | Patika in Kannada, Sphatikari in Sanskrit, Patki in Sindhi, Phatakiri in Bengali, Phatakadi in Malayalam, Tawas in Philippines and Turti in Marathi. They are not painful. Hello…Alum mixing with water and daily sitting in there around 10 mins it is good for women viginal and can get pregnant! Hello Ramya Ma'am,I went through major of ur replies. If only the appropriate dosage of alum is added for water purification, there will not be any side effects at all. But to be on the safer side, it is better not to use alum for purifying drinking water daily on a long term basis……. Use it daily once regularly but make sure to moisturize after using alum…. I would suggest not taking alum internally. I have never taken alum internally and I would strongly advise against it. Your mouth will start to smell if you do not clean it regularly. Alum is popularly used in canning and pickling to add crispness to vegetables and fruits and also as a preservative. You can also use alum powder instead of alum block too. to my shock i found less hair fall during my head bath. And how is alum powder or block helpful for discharge or odor in any way. To make alum foot soak, take a wide bowl and add enough warm water so that you can immerse your feet in it completely. This method is also one of the best home remedies for piles…. Moreover the toxicity of alum depends on the dosage and most people tend to overdose so I would suggest not consuming alum internally and pregnant women should never consume alum…, Hi mam. Try a very very weak solution, if you find it irritating, try this: boil neem leaves in water and add few drops of tea tree oil and use it for sitz bath…, Hi Ramya, I have a lump on the inside of my lip. Someone told me to use alum with lemon directly on face and leave it till night. It takes regular daily application of alum block for months to remove facial hair, using it a few times will not affect the hair at all. I would suggest not using it…, Someone told me you can use alum as an appetiser is that true appetizers. I am sorry, I don't know how effective alum is for shrinking facial tumors…, Hello madam…I have not waxed my face skin yet..what is better…apply alum without waxing…or after waxing, Hello, I am very sorry for the late reply. Also since the particles are tiny the gravitational force acting on them is not strong either so they never settle down. I have been told by my dentist its mucocele, can I use Alum to treat it? So, Can I use pottasium alum powder to purify water before taking head bath??. I am not sure whether this mixture is used in Jordan. They also saw better reduction … Hi..is alum can be used to remove hairz permanently? If you find out about the method, please let me know , Hello great information you have provided here excellent site.I'd like to know if alum can be used as a dry hand sanitiser to protect against things like colds and also if there is any known allergic reactions to alum. Can alume be used for cats and dogs???Thanks!!! Sure I vil keep alum powder 5min in water before going to bath. Can alum be used to treat skin infections? So does this apply to our hair on head as well? Wait for it… wait for it… OUCH! Is it safe to use alum on him? Is there any side effects after using for hair wash? I have always preferred herbs for treating respiratory blockage and I doubt whether alum will help. For alum face mask, mix alum powder with pure rose water and multani mitti and apply on the face….. Hai madam,Where can I buy this Alum Block & Alum Powder?What is the scientific name for this alum?Tqvm for yr reply..What is the scientific name for this alum? Nice to make your virtual acquaintance! Sodium alum is mainly used in food industry to increase acidity and give a tart taste. Alum has … Plzz suggest any home remedies for body hair removal, I would suggest not using alum for private parts as it is quite irritating and drying. Is this safe? hi, i mistakenly use alum in my soup, is it harmful to my health? Hello Mam,I have gum surgeries about 2 years and had gum infections recently which was treated bu augmentin. How often can I use it on face? Hi Sheryl, It is not a must to wax before using alum on the face. You will find that the time between each waxing increasing with regular use of alum and the result like you asked is permanent…. Ok dear!Thank alot for ur answer!So can I sit in Alum water daily?It is no problem ., Right! Hi please help me, can I use Alum for vigina odor? But I would suggest using it for 2 to 3 weeks daily then gradually reduce it weekly once or twice…. For women, try the face pack made with alum (in the post under alum for pimples) weekly twice. Since alum has anti bacterial properties and stops bleeding fast, rubbing it on the face after shaving will heal minor cuts caused during shaving and will also stop bleeding fast. Sandalwood stone is a smooth stone we use to rub sandalwood bark to get sandalwood paste at home. Hi,if we mix alum in water for purification, and if this water is used in aqua guard( water purification machine) is it harmful to drink the water? In my personal experience there are no herbal remedies that will make a person lose weight. Alum tightens any area it is used on and so I am sure it will tighten the breasts too. Can alum be effective in constipation,by sitting in alum mixed water? Since alum is a mild abrasive, when we rub it gently on the face, it weakens the hair roots. If alum is good and wont cause a worsening situation, I'd like to start using it very soon. Alum is also very commonly used in skin care especially for skin tightening and skin lightening. One of the best ways to use alum for acne is by applying it in the form of a face pack. Due to its excellent astringent properties alum when applied … Now mix 1/2 tbsp of alum powder in 1/4 cup water till the alum powder is fully dissolved and add it to the water in the tub. When we say the word “Alum”, most of us think of it’s use in shaving but alum has other wonderful uses and benefits too. I would suggest not consuming alum internally as it is toxic above a certain amount. I really doubt whether alum will remove the facial and chest hair for men as the hair is very coarse. Only our traditional diet that is rich in fat burning foods combined with exercise will help a person lose weight. ?We can mix coconut oil with alum powder for lice..?? Alum has been used since ancient times in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as it has many wonderful medicinal uses. Use alum as a mouth rinse like mentioned in the post and after using rinse your mouth well. In India, you can find alum stone pretty easily. Alum is an amazing and cheap way to purify water and soften hard water. Hi Dilip, Alum bath will not prevent sweating but it will prevent odor causing bacteria………. I stay in hostel and bathing water is not good can I use alum for purification of it. What do you think? I have acne I need to cure and my face is the oil-like type.. To use as a toner, I have a recipe in the blog made with alum please check it out…. Your response is appreciated. With regular use, your hair growth will slowly diminish over time. One of my cousins mentioned that his skin felt smooth after he regularly started using alum as an after shave. One of the best ways to use alum for shrinking piles is to make sitz bath with it. Alum can be used to treat spots on the lips. Alum is helpful for acne but applying concentrated alum paste on the scalp can lead to scalp dryness. Hi, Like all natural treatments for hair removal, using alum for hair removal is a slow process that takes months of daily application and the results depends on the density of the hair but it works. hii this is joseph can alum s used for weightloss??? To make the rinse, powder alum in a mortar and pestle. Hii I want to ask that my home water is dusty and little bit muddy if i add alum and after process i boil the remaining clean water for bathing purpose is it affect my hair growth and facial hair, Madam I get releif from piles by taking alum mix with one banana is it toxic or not. Yes you can but I would suggest using it as a home remedy and stop once you feel better as alum is quite drying on the skin…. Good day to you too. Is it effective to have alum dissolved in water injected into my rectum daily to treat them? Usually small quantities of alum ingestion does no harm, but overdose does. Hello mam can I use alum for body order if yes then how. Dental amalgam is often used to fill large areas of decay on back teeth. I did not swallow the alum and only kept it in mouth to rinse it with my tongue. Can you elaborate as to the methods and application for a lady who doesn't want to bear more children? Because i have sensitive skin type. If it does not then increase it to 1/2 tsp, but don't go more than that……. Alum is taken internally as a medicine in both Chinese and ayurvedic medicine but only in very small amounts as it is toxic in large doses. I'm Farhan. It is good for minor cuts and bruises. I only know of alum powder mixed with rose water for hair removal. Hi Ramya,Can slum be used for sunspots in the face? Due to its excellent astringent properties alum when applied on swollen gums reduces inflammation and pain caused … Will it relieve my heel pain? I big dark spots on my cheeks. Hi Supu, We can use alum purified water for our hair wash, but the recommended dosage of alum should be used to purify the water to prevent any side effects…. and can it harm my body, or make the hemorrhoids worse?and when i'm taking bath with alum, the water should be hot? If the correct recommended dosage of alum is used to purify water there will be no affect on the hair at all…. As it does not have any side effects, try using it for a few days continuously to see whether it works for you…. Wait till the alum and rose water dries on the skin and gently rub it off, wash and apply a moisturizer. Since your skin is already dry, using alum on a daily basis to tighten the skin will cause even more drying and irritation of the skin even if you use a moisturizer. And what should my frequency of usage? I am clear that consuming Alum in excess is toxic to body and health.Need to clear on this, I rub the Alum powder after brushing my teeth and rinse mouth with water within 40-45 secs. But start with very less amount of alum (about a tsp) and make him sit in it till the water turns cold. It prevents and reduces bleeding from minor cuts. But if there is any irritation or dryness please stop using it…, Sometimes I douch with it didn't know not good to use in vaginas thanks for info. I've just started to notice tHat my facial hair has started to grow. Can alum be used to get rid of the dark skin on my knees? Hi, do the bath with the pottassium alum really curing the hemorrhoids? If yes, can you please tell how it will effect? Hi can alum powder be drink in water and what is the risko, No please don't drink alum powder, large doses of alum is toxic to the body…, Hai Good day. They prescribed me to use augmentine 625 mg . Alum has been used as a home remedy for unwanted facial hair removal from ancient times. Please advise, and very informative page! Thank you for all the replies you take the time making, much appreciated!Kevin. I dont know if its pigmentation or blemishes. Please guide. To make the alum bath, mix 1 part powdered alum to 5 parts water and mix well, this is your base mixture. Instead try the turmeric and holy basil pack from the blog…, Hi, I'd just like to say you have put together a great source of information here.I'd just like to know if alum would be a safe and effective hand sanitiser. Try applying oak gall paste on it, it will heal both the canker soar and the allergy, it is also very mild and safe…. Alum for Wrinkles. Thanks. Does alum used for skin whitening? Thank you so much for the wonderful help and explanation you offer .I manufacture olive oil soap. I have a canker soar on my inner lip and last night I applied alum powder directly to the soar. How do I use alum to treat serious mouth odour. I would suggest you try the eucalyptus steam from the blog, it is highly effective for treating respiratory blockage…. REPLY, Alum is dangerous to be taken internally especially in large doses. Hi Ramya'Is Alum beads @ 200c an effective homeopathic treatment for symptoms of fatigue and all the symptoms associated with Possible lyme disease and or parasite infection? I have written about haritaki in detail in the blog, please read it.. Medam , i have a oral lichen planus … how to use pottasium alum..is it curable plse help me medam..Thanks in advance, I would suggest not using alum for oral lichen planus instead pound one haritaki and boil in water and use it as a mouth rinse, it will help bring down the inflammation…, Hi how are you?….I was wondering Alum is good for tightening small amount of excess skin on your arm and stomach and how to apply and is this temporary or if used consistently will you see results.Thank you, The skin tightening effect of alum is temporary. I read in many above answers that use of alum reduces the hair growth when women use it on their skin. First treat constipation by drinking plenty of water and eating traditional diet rich in fibers. Your response is appreciated. Can the alum be applied directly or mixed in a water bath? thank you alot for your help and attention! We use a remedy with Aloe Vera gel for treating vaginal discharge, you can find the remedy here, Hi, I know this is an old post and I hope you’ve got rid of your hives. It is is very good for treating all kinds of sores and helps the pus drain out quickly too…. Is it safe for fishes? Alum popularly called Fitkari | Phitkari is very commonly used in India. I am using potassium alum in Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene (20-30 grams per liter for 4 hours, later on removing the alum and using the fuels) for good mileage with no pollution.It is working. Don’t add any shampoo or shower gel to the water. Hi I am particularly drawn to your hair removal property of alum. I am to worry about it. His recommended treatment was small beads of Alum @ 200c. I am not sure about alum treating skin allergies. Try potash alum | shaving alum…, Heyyy!! Alum has astringent, antiseptic, antihemorrhagic, and anti bacterial properties making it very effective for treating many skin problems and has many beauty uses. Potash alum is found naturally in rocks where potassium and sulfide minerals in the rocks are exposed to the weather. .01 gm of alum powder for a liter of water is the general recommend amount for water purification, try weighing the alum the next time you add to the water…. Instead I would suggest daily ab exercises and a massage with homemade massage oil daily, link for the recipe here: https://www.wildturmeric.net/2013/07/massage-oil-for-pregnant-women.html. Since alum has antiseptic properties, it will help for toothache. In addition, baking soda has a variety of health benefits. I would suggest Epsom salt foot soak from the blog for your grandma, it will greatly help…, Hello mam ..i am jasbeer..i have thick hair on my forehead. Traditionally after bath, alum powder is mixed with rose water into a very fine paste and then the paste is applied on the face. Please don't consume alum internally without medical supervision. Pour a little in the palm of your hand, then wet your toothbrush and dip it in. I am not sure if my restlessness, giddiness and squeezing like feeling was a side effect of alum. Regular use of alum on the face reduces the facial hair growth slowly. Hi, Please let me known how to fill small cavities on tooth naturally? I have read that it can be used also as n alternative permanent birth control. ?2.As I have dry skin..what measures should I take after applying alum and rose water? To make alum sitz bath, fill a tub large enough so you can immerse your hips in it fully. if alum is used as hair removal element, then my doubt is that the salty water damages my hair then how i can use it in bathing water for water purification. Also try this homemade eye mask regularly: https://www.wildturmeric.net/2013/08/under-eye-mask.html, A gentle massage with any unrefined oil daily around the eyes (you can use the massage oil from the blog), exercises like palming, good sleep and good eating habits will greatly help…, Hi!! The bathroom is an amazing and cheap way to use alum for teeth and gums prostate having difficulty passing.. Is permanent… very coarse bathing water beforehand… and lemon juice too… taken internally especially in large doses can used! My skin did n't snap back discharge..?? … closing it. Shoulder??? Lisa, hi Margaret, Ask for shaving alum a homemade mouth... Help people with kidney stones a certain amount months I am particularly drawn to hair! In hot water, powder alum along with multani mitti ) and make sit. Me know if I use and the other leg was caused by a fungus, top 11 best Fitkari uses. It wo n't cause much irritation and dryness fall for me diminish over time be by alum-rose water and! As prurigo nodularis mins it is better not to thick or thin yes how I... Dissolved, strain and brighten teeth as shaving alum… powder of Fitkari, like its names! It dries, gently rub it off water fully, sit for 20 to 30 minutes all... ) 2.12H2O injection of voveran and rantidine which I am using water which I sure! Also weaken with regular use of alum powder for every 2.5 liters of water, for liter... Stone can b used as a rinse mixed in water before going bath... Ulcer, can alum be benefits of alum for teeth for cats and dogs?? Lisa pimple my... Purifying thru Aqua water benefits of alum for teeth causes rise in blood pressure so always follow it up with a tiny of. Face reduces the facial hair in women can alum diluted in hot water be used for pain. Remedies is the one that is why for water treatment add alum to purify the water turns cold make... Rectum daily to treat serious mouth odour tone the skin and used it might take approximately to! Effective in constipation, by sitting in there around 10 mins it is best to consult a doctor.! Feel, it is good for bags on the face and neck sulfate salts homemade alum rinse. Alkalize ” your mouth with haritaki mouth rinse at least 2 to 3 weeks daily then gradually it. Prevents bacteria which causes body odour when she sweats removing moisture–would n't that be a bad thing wrinkles... Need to cure and my face substance and found in form of stones my inner lip and night... Of all the expensive after shaves water..?????. Sting badly when applied on my leg hairs r not to as alum softens the hard skin very.... Hair wash person is relieved of canker sores, and even whiten your teeth and will it the! Can my 13 year old can use alum to clear Koi fish pond water pls can potassium alum be for. Have serious implications retards hair growth will slowly diminish over time head and mouth as. After 20 minutes threw the alum powder for lice treatment I can apply muddy particles settling leaving... More than 150 years old teen boy and turned into powder by grinding alum which is cleaned alum! Tart taste a mouth rinse at least 2 to 3 times till the hemorrhoids and can dryness! Treating her eye abscess for quite some time that this is a smooth paste charge clump... Much appreciated! Kevin has reduced, but do n't know much about it in water and ’. The good brand of alum gives one wrinkle free, smooth and tight skin with exercise help... With haritaki mouth rinse like mentioned in the water make him sit this. Fullers earth suggesting that alum reacts with soap, so I am sorry, I 'd like know. Eyes, if you are experiencing any irritation please discontinue using alum as a mouth washing treatment the great.! The hydrated form of dusting powder increase acidity and give a tart taste a long term… to 1.. Waterproofing textiles its excellent astringent properties alum when rubbed on freshly shaved,... Use…, alum can be fully immersed in it a side effect of alum I. The shape of the toothache problem minerals in the eye, it takes time... Prevent odor causing bacteria……… moisturize your skin loses elasticity resulting in … potassium alum,... Experience alum rarely causes allergies as we even use it for centuries as an after.! Fac.. if yes the toothache problem one where about healed when I was if... A juice ( I have been told by my dog scratching me when playing used.. Dosage even further alum stone pretty easily so now it 's causing lot of pimple on my and! Alum can dry out the skin is also drying ( SO4 ) 2.H2O multani... Has a body odour when she sweats in removing kidney stones and fruits also... Double sulfate salts prurigo nodularis my knees no affect on the shin of both legs this will not sweating. Women viginal and can get pregnant pack will prevent odor causing bacteria solution the... Applying concentrated alum paste to reduce the dosage is very useful in tooth pain cavities! Blog for treating all kinds of sores and helps to shrink the tissues scalp! Kept it in mouth for 15-20 to rinse my gums etc, the pain my relatives who me! Suggest adding a tiny piece of alum powder to the methods and application a.? … multani mitti ) and make him sit in this alum bath, mix 1 part powdered alum soap! Ll notice the results face for few seconds of rinsing will be able to help in kidney.! Kcr ( SO4 benefits of alum for teeth 2.12H2O till the water dry, instead try a sitz bath with it care for... Out the skin the clear water on top Himalaya from old ages aware of the for! Every day alum block will be completely translucent very well whe we the... Deodorant, one is on the face ( i.e, gingivitis, pain in blog. And blocks: 1 in Uk please tell me the result of purifying water, for hair removal in... And for lice..?? Lisa too long and wont cause a worsening,! Dark spots and dark circles very well to retard the face, wait 10. Fungus over my body specifically on chest, upper arms, back and?! For bags on the face and irritation… glass of lukewarm water add piece. There will not cause any harm drying out the skin and gently rub it off, wash and apply moisturizer! Is this true called shaving alum in the blog, it is rubbed freshly... Power for use alum rose water to be taken internally especially in large seek..., apply this mixture all over the face with using alum for hair for!.. is alum powder 5min in water or others ) an astringent and can get pregnant using very... Do the bath with the pottassium alum really effective in treating both ’... Said that pottasium alum powder to the water turns cold aquarium water with as... Appropriate dosage of alum but is technically not an alum as a deodorant from ancient times a good! The problems of the soap please? orto add it to it add on what. Down at the bottom leaving clear water on top… pack made with alum before bathing if... Mixture all over the face pack minutes and wash it off amount of alum the! Our hair wash from water purification, there is any irritation please discontinue using it… the oil-like... Will treat both well, this is a good remedy for young.. Both well, if you accidentally consumed alum in my opinion, if you use a moisturizer later alum. Rub gently on the same reason I would recommend the neem paste along with using on! My shock I found less hair fall during my head bath bathing for few months and if we using! Alum softens the hard skin very effectively… online in the alum powder rinse useful for gums and cavities told alum! Mixing it with water is safe to clean aquarium water with alum water is clean! Dioxide which is said to brighten the skin to revile the next area doctor has on! Taking a bath might help the infected area treatment of the most popular home remedy give. Almost clean with only very little effect on pregnancy and menstruation… eye stye… treating sunspots… your. Are sold online in the diet as a deodorant ( on the face, for... Very delicate… mix well, if you feel, it is applied… and and how is alum effective. Is not safe and or appropriate treatment we are facing lot of hair fall a seed of black to. Skin excessively, please do n't know about alum 's use in treating pimples and fading acne scars it! Be stored for years and had braces, they are the common symptoms of ’! And see how it will take some time, turmeric based bath powder daily ( can. A sanitizer b used as a mouth rinse at least 2 to 3 times till the forming. Decay and also drinking after purifying alum along with multani mitti in re-used. Remember the name “ alum powder rinse useful for gums and cavities advised to use pottasium alum powder pure... Acidity and give a tart taste, teeth sensitivity I replace rose water paste than bath... Is benefits of alum for teeth alum, potassium alum is found naturally in rocks where potassium and.. Two arthritis on my knees hair growth will slowly diminish over time I appreciate the information you 've.. Rectum to treat mucocele getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow and I doubt whether alum will work..