In practice these hybrids do produce about 7% female plants but the predominance of high yielding male plants is what marks them out.Examples include Guelph Millenium and Mondeo. The purple colour is due to anthocyanins (potent antioxidants), which are the same naturally occurring pigments that give blueberries their purplish blue colour. 01 Oct 20, Anonymous (Australia - sub-tropical climate) Here are my suggestions. Australians eat around 400g of asparagus per head compared to Switzerland 1.5kg and Germany 1.12kg per head. Thick spears can be just as luscious and tender as medium spears plus they are perfect for oven roasting and the BBQ. It derives its colour from the process of photosynthesis as the spear emerges from the soil into direct sunlight. White asparagus has long been considered a delicacy in Europe and has been grown in Australia in the past. The "leaves" are in fact needle-like cladodes (modified stems) in the axils of scale leaves; they are 6–32 mm (1 ⁄ 4 – 1 1 ⁄ 4 in) long and 1 mm (1 ⁄ 32 in) broad, and clustered four to 15 together, in a rose-like shape. Although you can grow plants from the berries, they will take around 4 – 5 years to produce. Royal Melbourne Show. Available September to November. However, the edible stalks are harvest… Grown in the dark, the lack of sun is why the spears don’t turn green. Asparagus is good … Asparagus can be grown from seed, or more commonly, from asparagus crowns purchased in winter while the plants are barerooted (without soil). Fun facts. We have our own Asparagus Growing Expert ready to answer any questions we can't answer so ask away. Limited supplies of purple asparagus are usually available from mid October to mid December. All rights reserved. 70% of Victoria's production is exported with 85% of that going to freighting the exported asparagus can be on sale in Japan just 30 hours ‘UC 157’ – This is a hybrid asparagus that performs well in warmer climates. There are also three different varieties of asparagus, which might be a surprise to know, and each has their own subtle flavour differences. Buy many Asparagus roots this Spring and enjoy the harvest in 3 weeks. Asparagus are grown from crowns and as such one of the major care factors is to keep the area around them weed free, they do not like competition. Growing from crown. It must also be kept weed free and well mulched with pea straw or Lucerne mulch. The colour comes from antioxidants in the spears. Asparagus is a herbaceous perennial plant that can live and produce for many years. Watch out for your local farmers markets for any Also watch for any asparagus Green asparagus is called Grünspargel or grüner Spargel and is harder to find in Germany. Asparagus is quite easily grown and when established, will continue to produce for 15-20 years, so it is important to allocate it its own bed, where it will not be disturbed by the comings and goings of short lived annual crops. The spears first turn pink and later, the familiar green colour. During asparagus season their is pently of Asparagus Themed activity Thick, medium and mini spears are available. A sunny position, preferably free from strong winds and potential competition from trees should be chosen for the permanent placing of the plants. Steaming is traditional, then coating with melted butter or hollandaise sauce. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this website is correct and up to date, no representation is made or warranty given (either express or implied) as to the completeness, accuracy or currency of the information that it contains. Mini spears are thin spears that are trimmed to size and are usually packed in 100g bunches. Asparagus is a herbaceous, perennial plant growing to 100–150 cm (40–60 in) tall, with stout stems with much-branched, feathery foliage. It is hoped that the 2011 crop will not be affected. There are several varieties of asparagus: white, purple and green. When left to grow, asparagus grow so large, they resemble a tall fern tree. Most of the asparagus grown is the green variety with a limited By the end of May, asparagus is at the end of its season in most locations. Asparagus is available year-round, but spring is the best season for this nutritious vegetable. Alternatively break in short lengths, and cook quickly in hot oil in a wok and sprinkle with soy sauce or balsamic vinegar. climates across the continent. the light required to turn it green. Crops are harvested from late February to June, with April being the prime month and high season for asparagus. The Asparagus bed will be bare until spring, and then spears of Asparagus will pop up all over the place. We specialize in 3 Year Asparagus plants, roots and crowns in all varieties: Jersey Knight - Jersey Giant - Supreme and Heirloom. ‘Apollo’ – This asparagus type performs well in both chilly and warm weather conditions. From the Growers. For further informatin follow this Asparágus officinalis L. is the edible shoot of the cultivated plant in the … We stock two popular varieties of asparagus: Connover's Colossal and Mary Washington. “The 2016 Australian asparagus season is shaping up as an excellent season. Today’s asparagus is grown in a wide variety of soil types and climactic conditions. ; Dig a planting trench that goes almost to the bottom of your pre-prepared asparagus bed (15cm-20cm) and space the crowns along the base 30cm-50cm apart. Native to Europe, it originally grew in coastal sand dunes. This pale green, disease-resistant asparagus is both male and female. baking dish; set aside and keep warm. The asparagus harvest season lasts about 6-8 weeks, from early May to late June in Minnesota. It is served with some stews as well. Australians get to eat Asparagus imported from Peru, Thailand, Mexico It derives its colour from the process of photosynthesis as the spear emerges from the soil into direct sunlight. the cutting season. To do this large scale, growers temporarily erect black ‘poly houses’ or ‘igloos’ over the asparagus furrows and then dismantle them at the end of the season. compared to Switzerland 1.5kg and Germany 1.12kg per head. Lying in the southern hemisphere the Australian Asparagus season is at A small amount of Other varieties of asparagus ferns include ming fern and the more-groomed foxtail fern or Plumosa fern, an aggressive climber. Medium spears are the most common size available and are usually packed into 185g bunches. Great recipes to enjoy. There are different varieties of asparagus around but at Awapuni Nurseries we sell Mary Washington plants. Modern asparagus is derived from Asparagus officinalis. ... Blanche, boil or steam asparagus, char spears on the grill, or fry them as a side to your favourite meat, seafood or poultry dishes. The plants can have small flowers or berries. It gets its color from the high levels of anthocyanins in the plant which are high in antioxidants. The standard asparagus variety in Australia is ‘Mary Washington’ but keep an eye out for ‘Connover’s Colossal’, ‘Fat Bastard’ and ‘Purple’. Green is considered the most common asparagus, and the most nutritious. Asparagus can be served both raw and cooked - try it fresh in salads and salsas as well as in an endless variety of cooked dishes. VARIETY SELECTION Potential growers will need to source an asparagus variety that has market acceptability, is suited to your local climate and, ideally, is raised organically (this is a requirement of the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce). Green asparagus is the most popular variety in Australia. Australians eat around 400g of asparagus per head Rich and sweet in taste. With rapid air white asparagus is grown. Although you can grow asparagus from seed, it is usually grown from crown… But thick, wide asparagus is woody and fibrous in texture—it also has less flavor than medium-sized varieties. Thick, medium and mini spears are available. We sell asparagus seeds in Australia, both online and at our over 300 retail locations nationwide and are happy to help guide you in the right direction. In a skillet, cook asparagus in a small amount of water until crisp-tender, about 6-8 minutes; drain. Best of all, growing asparagus is easy. All your asparagus growing questions resolved. being grown under black tunnels of plastic denying the growing spears of Asparagus is a delicious perennial crop that tastes all the better when picked fresh from the garden. Asparagus roots are easy to plant and fast to grow. the main centre. Arrange spears in the bottom of a greased 1-1/2-qt. How to grow asparagus in a garden. However mass production of white asparagus is not currently considered commercially viable due to the high costs of production and limited demand. It is highly disease-resistant. This white asparagus is largley produced by amount of the purple variety produced in November. Remove weeds, apply compost and mulch, and your yearly maintenance is done. 3 Put a border (sleepers) around it, either 200mm or 400mm high (2 sleepers). Other export markets include Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan. Most common and popular variety in Australia. Each year producers recruit seasonal workers to cut and pack the asparagus crop. In March 2010 Koo Wee Rup suffered from severe flooding during All are good doers, and well worth a spot in the garden. Some hybrid asparagus varieties have been bred to provide male only asparagus plants. Culinary hints - cooking and eating Asparagus. . You might often see the green variety, which is American and British and is the most common in Australia, but you can also get a purple French variety and a white Spanish and Dutch type, which is very rare. Each winter, the foliage dies down. 95% of Australia's Asparagus is grown in Victoria with Koo Wee Rup In a small saucepan, melt butter. 2 Dig a bed that is about 4' x 4' or 1.2m x 1.2m for 4 plants or 1.2m x 1.8m for 6 plants, 2.4m x 1.2m for 8 plants - I would recommend 6-8 plants, about 300mm deep. Contact Australian Asparagus Council. Some varieties will be more suited to processing; others to the fresh market. ‘Atlas’ – Atlas is a vigorous variety that performs well in hot weather. Australia is the 8th largest producer of asparagus by weight but only the 12th biggest by area which indicates that yields are higher than the global average. Queensland and Western Australia. Stir in flour until smooth. Plants are either male or female, the male plants are the ones that produce the spears, the female plants produce berries. All rights reserved. © 2016 Australian Asparagus Council. The stalks shoot up from the crown of the plant and grow into fern-like leaves when they are allowed to develop. Purple asparagus has sweeter thicker spears than green asparagus and is more tender due to its lower fibre content. Green asparagus is the most popular variety in Australia. The beginning of the asparagus season in Australia symbolizes the arrival of spring. link. The variety portfolio of Südwestdeutsche Saatzucht is currently mainly comprised of white asparagus varieties, though some of these are suitable for growing green asparagus. Gradually whisk in … Cutting lasts from September through to March due to the variety of The most common variety is Asparagus sprengeri. the global average. Purple: Purple asparagus is sweeter and slightly thicker than green and white varieties. If you would like to know how to get a massive harvest of asparagus from the one raised garden bed or container then this is the video to watch! Where does asparagus come from in the off season for Australians to eat? NOTE: The asparagus berries are … And growing Asparagus is a gardening delight. Gardening Asparagus is care free - no maintenance. The official website of The Australian Asparagus Council. This is one of the more common and popular varieties. Twitter link Click to see full answer Also asked, how does asparagus grow in Australia? Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) is one of the earliest harvested vegetables each spring. The former delivers thick, green shoots, while the latter is known for its long, straight spears. It's an heirloom plant and great for the garden because it's extremely hardy and produces tender, thick and straight spears - and lots of them! Prepare the soil by adding in Yates Dynamic Lifter Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser. We'll keep you posted on any events we see advertised. © 2016 AAC. Purple is a different variety and richer in flavour. To produce white spears, asparagus needs to be grown in the dark. During the winter season when local asparagus is not available in the growing areas. Thick spears can be just as luscious and tender as medium spears plus they are perfect for oven roasting and the BBQ. 1 Pick a spot that has sun all day. the 12th biggest by area which indicates that yields are higher than Native to Africa, asparagus fern also goes by these aliases: emerald fern, emerald feather, and lace fern. themed events at the. and the USA. Spargel (also known as Bleichspargel―bleached asparagus) is the German word for "white asparagus." Asparagus spears are crisp, tender and flavorful. Your chickens will also enjoy the fabulous health benefits of eating asparagus. Japan where asparagus is a very popular vegetable. In the field, asparagus spears are exposed to sunlight as they emerge from the soil. Australia is the 8th largest producer of asparagus by weight but only special cooking / tasting activities. I have read, un Copyright © 2018 all rights reserved. Here you will find extensive information on Australian asparagus including, growing, picking, preparation, cooking and eating. It also has an interesting fruity flavour. The balance of production grows in New South Wales, Australian Asparagus Council President, James Terry anticipates an excellent season this year. White asparagus is seen as a delicacy. the opposite end of the year to the European and North American seasons. Asparagus, Asparagus officinalis, is an herbaceous perennial plant in the family Asparagaceae which is grown for its young shoots, or spears, which are eaten as a vegetable.The asparagus plant is tall with scale like leaves emerging from the underground stem … Asparagus is eaten with cream sauce and marinade, with meat juice, in salads, and even with fried eggs. after cutting.