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I was going to reply to the post someone left below me, but instead, I find it more suitable to leave the reply directly to the question to increase the likelihood that others see it. William Lane Craig. > Reprinted in Philosophy and Faith, pp. William Lane Craig debattiert häufig öffentlich mit prominenten Atheisten. They have not adequately engaged with Latter-day Saint apologetic and academic literature. C. Campbell-Jack and G. McGrath. “Response to Bridges and van Inwagen.” Philosophia Christi 17 (2015): 291-297. Review: An Aristotelian Realist Philosophy of Mathematics: Mathematics as the Science of Quantity and Structure by James Franklin. 83-97. Spanish translation by Marisoly Álvarez-Scarpitta. Portuguese translation by José Fernando Cristófalo. Ed. P- “Cosmological Argument.” In New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics, pp. Sheffield, England: JSOT Press, 1980. Review: The Cosmological Argument, by William L. Rowe. Nashville, Tenn.: Broadman and Holman. 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