Tata AIG MediCare Plus Is Built With Benefits And Features To Suit Your Needs Ensuring Complete Well-Being And Protection To You And Your Loved Ones. About Tata AIG MediCare Health Insurance. It also offers cover against pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses, along with accident, illness, dental treatment, surgeries, and hearing aid charges. In case of family floater policy, the deductible shall be per policy per year and in case of individual policy, the deductible shall be per insured person per year, 2008, Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited, all rights reserved.Registered Office : Peninsula Business Park, Tower A, 15th Floor, G.K.Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400 013, Maharashtra, India. A top-up plan, therefore, helps if you have an existing health insurance plan and you want to increase your coverage level at lower premium rates. Lifelong renewal: We offer you a lifelong renewal for your policy provided premium is paid without any break. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a chronic inflammatory lung disease that causes obstructed airflow from the lungs, Kidney Failure/Dialysis Most common cause is blockages in the blood vessels leading to your heart Tata AIG MediCare Plus is built with benefits and features to suit your needs ensuring complete well-being and protection to you and your loved ones. Doctor’s fees charged by the Medical Practitioner sharing the same residence as an Insured Person or who is an immediate relative of an Insured Person’s family. Fax Number – 022 66938170, 2008, Tata AIG General Insurance CompanyLimited, all rights reserved.Registered Office : Peninsula Business Park,Tower A, 15th Floor, G.K.Marg, Lower Parel,Mumbai - 400 013, Maharashtra, India.CINNumber : U85110MH2000PLC128425.Registered with IRDA of India Regn.No. Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation.For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure / policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.Toll Free Number : 1800 266 7780 / 1800 22 9966 (only for senior citizen policy holders). TATA AIG MediCare PLUS UIN: TATHLIP19014V011920 Product Highlights With Tata AIG MediCare Plus, we bring to you a health companion you can rely on. Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited Registered office: Peninsula Business Park, Tower A, 15th Floor, G.K.Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013 24X7 Toll Free No:1800 266 7780 Fax: 022 6654 6464 Website: www.tataaig.com IRDA of India Registration Number 108 CIN:U85110MH2000PLC128425 Individual; Family Floater Self; Spouse; 3 dependent children (upto the age of 25 years. A simplified and comprehensive health insurance plan, TATA AIG MediCare is designed considering the increasing cost of medical expenses these days. This is a health insurance top-up plan GHVLJQHGDVDQHFRQRPLFDODQGD RUGDEOH option supplementing over and above the basic health insurance policy. Stroke is damage to the brain from interruption of its blood supply Sterility, treatment whether to effect or to treat infertility; any fertility, sub-fertility or assisted conception procedure; surrogate or vicarious pregnancy; birth control, contraceptive supplies or services including complications arising due to supplying services. Category of Certificate of Registration: General Insurance. A chronic, inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation in the digestive tract Tata AIG's health insurance plans aren't the cheapest, but they provide some of the best coverage. This Is A Health Insurance Top-Up Plan Designed As An Economical And Affordable Option Supplementing Over And Above The Basic Health Insurance Policy. However, before you make a claim, please check if it falls under the list of inclusions. Rest cure, sanatorium treatment, rehabilitation measures, private duty nursing, respite care, long-term nursing care or custodial care. While more and more people are getting insurance for things they care about, underinsurance is still a major problem in our country. A Super Top-Up Plan works as a supplement to your primary health insurance policy. TATA AIG MediCare Protect Health Insurance Coverage available is Rs. Aesthetic or change-of-life treatments of any description such as sex transformation operations, treatments to do or undo changes in appearance or carried out in childhood or at any other times driven by cultural habits, fashion or the like or any procedures which improve physical appearance. Fabulous advantages are offered in Tata Aig Medicare Plus Plan. If we are not connected with the hospital, the expenses will be reimbursed later upon submission of needed documents. Tata AIG MediCare – For amazing benefits at an affordable price, choose this plan where you will get benefits like a global cover, coverage for bariatric surgery, etc. Make changes to your policy & update No. The policy covers persons in the age group of 5 years onwards (dependent children between 91 days and 5 years can be insured only when both parents are getting insured). Medical and Surgical expenses covered for harvesting the Organ, when an insured is the recipient. If you are someone who wants to supplement your existing health insurance plan with an additional plan, Medicare Plus Top-up Plan could be the right choice for you. You must verify the details before signing on the bill. And rightly so, it did not let me down.". Email Id – customersupport@tataaig.com. You can avail cashless benefits at … Tata AIG Medicare Plus Top-up Health Insurance Plan. Admission primarily for diagnostic and evaluation purposes only. The health card, along with the confirmation letter needs to be submitted by you on the day of your admission to the hospital. Super से भी ऊपर ! Opt for this policy and get extra benefits like global cover, coverage for bariatric surgery and more. Tata AIG MediCare Premier Here’s a policy that offers all-rounded safety for you and your family. ", "I bought in Tata AIG health insurance because I trust the brand name of Tata. Tata AIG MediCare Protect This policy is best suited for those who need a plan that covers basic pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses. Laser treatment for correction of eye due to refractive error. Tata AIG provides 3 variants of MediCare which includes Medicare, MediCare Premier and MediCare Protect which are simplified and comprehensive health insurance plan with limited documentations & 4000+ cashless hospitals. It is the perfect health protection for you and your family which supplements your primary health insurance cover. Provision or fitting of hearing aids, spectacles or contact lenses including optometric therapy unless explicitly stated and covered in the policy. Your renewal premium will be basis your age on renewal and there will be no extra loadings based on your individual claim. Individual; Family Floater Self; Spouse; 3 dependent children (upto the age of 25 years. Tata AIG is one of the known and famous insurance companies. Mental illnesses are associated with distress and/or problems functioning in social, work or family activities. Tax Benefit: The premium amount paid under this policy qualifies for deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. AIDS is a disease that can develop in people with HIV. Motor Insurance. Let’s get you started on your Health insurance journey! It can affect one joint or multiple joints, COPD your contact details. Allowing the whole family to move together, it becomes a part of the family itself. Print policy document and view Range of benefits: Indemnity based health insurance cover with range of benefits without any sub-limit unless otherwise mentioned. Health Details: One of the best things about Tata AIG Health Insurance is that individuals can enjoy all the benefits at an affordable premium amount.Besides, there are other reasons too that could make you choose a health insurance plan of Tata AIG. Autoimmune Diseases Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn’s disease Hepatitis B is an infection of liver. People wish to see their family members healthy and active as it doesn't just impact their health but the income of the entire family as well, which ultimately influence everyone's life. The salient features of the plan are as follows – Lifelong renewal is promised; The sum insured is restored if it is used up in a policy year on earlier claims With our large network of 5200+ partnering hospitals across India, we are committed to giving you quality healthcare. Tata AIG MediCare Premier However, this facility is only available in hospitals under our network. Insurance companies collect premiums to provide for this protection and losses are paid out of the premiums collected from the insuring public. We understand that there are circumstances in which you might want to try another provider. This policy offers multiple sum insured options ranging from 3 lacs to 20 lacs. A convenient way to register your We have listed all 15 terms a health insurance buyer should know before buying any health insurance for you or your family. A group of lung diseases that block airflow and make it difficult to breathe The insurance cover provided under this Policy is only with respect to such and so many of the benefits upto MediCare Plus plan eligibility. With an auto restore feature it gives you a No Compromise cover up to 20 Lacs for you and your family.