It enables you to control your hot water. The extension kit, to connect the thermostat to the boiler, with a value of 99.99 euros. If you only have radiator valves, you can make your heating intelligent. Basically configure your smart thermostat to D07 Standard Vaillant eBus on pages 17 to 19 (attached PDF) once you have the firmware updated to 64.6 on your extension kit.Then connect vaillant BUS + and - (boiler side) to the MAX 36V DC (extension kit) no need for 230v on extension kit and dont forget the link wire in 24V RT (boiler side).. Then you boiler will become a smart as Tado. We see you are trying to access for the country not matching your location. It can also replace an existing UK programmer for hot water control. The tado system has been up and running for 4 months now in my home and tested extensively. tado° saves energy and at the same time, you will experience a completely new comfort level in your home. The tado° Extension Kit connects to a boiler via cable, enabling wireless communication and control with a Smart Thermostat. Connect Internet Bridge to Router 3. It's also essential if you're connecting the tado° Smart Thermostat to your heating system/boiler and there's no room thermostat—or if you have a wireless room thermostat. Then get the Quattro Pack and save even more! It is HUGELY disappointing that they won't turn the boiler on unless the master thermostat is also on. It is needed to connect the tado° Smart Thermostat to your heating system if there is no room thermostat or if you have a wireless room thermostat. Just be transparent, HomeKit Authority purchased the equipment, but with a 25% discount via tado. The future is here with smart heating. When replacing wireless thermostats, the additional purchase of the tado° Extension Kit is recommended. More information:How can I control my heating system when the radio link between the Smart Thermostat and the Extension Kit is lost? M. mark lightfoot. I have a combi boiler and no external thermostat. eBay item number: 233762795921. Expand your Starter Kit with additional tado° products and increase the comfort and energy savings in your home. The Tado extension kit is used as an add on, which is combined with your Tado smart thermostat starter kit. The tado Extension Kit can only be used as an additional product in combination with a Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (v2/v3). We have no reason to suspect it would, but at the time were unaware that you can use the pairing button on top of the Tado extension kit as a manual override. Maybe I read that wrong but I purchased all my tado stuff 2nd hand from eBay & got a bargain on the starter pack. This is usually because your Extension Kit is wired incorrectly. naturgas, olie, vand eller lignende og du har trådløse vægtermostater i din installation.Du skal bruge en Tado bridge fra et Tado startsæt for at dette produkt virker. Here, we made a bit of a cheeky choice. The tado° Extension Box replaces an existing external receiver or external controller; or is connected directly to the boiler. Facing issues? Please double-check the wiring instructions in the online installation assistant. Make your air conditioning intelligent. PFP-4M Frost Protection Heating Cable Kit C/W Thermostat+13A Plug 4M Long 48W . If the Extension Kit is not running on the latest firmware, you may see other blinking patterns on the device. Or you have a thermostat with a wireless boiler connection or no thermostat at all. Please select the country which should be displayed. I have V3+ Starter Kit + extension kit. Reply to unfinished tado extension installation in the Central Heating Forum area at Add-on – Smart Radiator Thermostat To independently control your rooms with radiators, you can supplement your Starter Kit with extra Smart Radiator Thermostats. instructions to pair the Extension Kit with the Internet Bridge here. Pachetul Tado Extension Kit for Smart Thermostat permite utilizatorului sa aiba control asupra apei calde din locuinta.De asemenea, acesta este necesar pentru a conecta dispozitivul Tado Smart Thermostat la sistemul de incalzire. I have a tado with extension kit and 8 radiator values. You are also able to control your heating from your smart phone. In principle, it should be possible that you can get started right away with the Tado V3 + Starter Kit (or another version of the starter package). The tado° Smart AC Control replaces your existing remote control and connects to your Wi-Fi - without additional wiring. Tado support said that the Extension kit was faulty and swiftly supplied a new one, but still the heating engineers or the electrician could not get Smart Tado to supply hot water to the central heating. For every home and every season - tado° has developed the right solution for you. In acest caz, kit-ul de extensie functioneaza precum un receiver wireless pentru sistemul de incalzire. Do you need more than two? Latest version of the Extension Kit. I felt that the extension kit & Bridge was a must have if you wanted the whole wireless / away from home control for the tado system. Wiring Smart Thermostat Combi Boilers (Dry Contacts) Extension Kit Combi Boilers (Dry Contacts) Extension Kit S-Plan Setups (Switched Live) Extension Kit Y-Plan Setups (Switched Live) 2. Du skal kun bruge Tados extension kit hvis du har eget fyr i hjemmet, f.eks. The Extension Kit is wired and powered, but is not paired yet. Then get the Duo Pack and save twice! Just replace your old valves with tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats and connect them to the internet via the included tado° Internet Bridge. Cum functioneaza. tado° Wireless Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ with Hot Water Control. Tado smart heating allows you to ensure your heating is turned off when you are not home, or when you go to bed, saving you money on your heating bills. For Wired Smart Thermostat Starter Kits, use this device to make the thermostat wireless. tado° Extension Kit, connection cable, terminal block, Euroblock connectors, RAST 5 connectors, 2 screws for wall mounting, 2 anchors for wall mounting, labeling for cables . I ordered an extension kit as I don't have a wired thermostat currently (using Nest). Super simple. The jumper position on the back of the extension kit box should be set to position one I think (potentially volt free) OP . Tado Support say that all is well and working, but that is not so. Then I bought a starter kit, but accidentally one with a wired thermostat. The tado° Smart Thermostat can then be placed in any suitable location without a wired connection being required. Plumbing questions, answers, tips and tricks. The LED on the front of your Extension Kit tells you what state your Extension Kit is in. £50.00 Easy to use The highly rated tado° app enables you to schedule and control your heating and hot water from anywhere, as well as providing insights and reports about your home climate and showing you the energy savings made by tado°. Replace your old thermostats with the tado° Smart Thermostats and experience a new level of comfort and control while saving energy and costs. We decided to leave our old controller in place as an 'override' in case Tado ever failed. Voilà! Please find the instructions to pair the Extension Kit with the Internet Bridge here. Learn how to fix problems with tado° products and services on your own. tado° Extension Kit helps you control your hot water in a smart way. Once the firmware has updated(this is an automatic process), the states should match those mentioned above. The Extension Kit is wired and powered, but is not paired yet. The Extension Kit is not supplied with power. Extension kit is required for the replacement of hot water controlling programmers (UK only). Product Packages tado° Smart Thermostat tado° Extension Kit • Measures temperature, humidity, noise & luminosity • Required for the replacement of hot water controlling programmers (UK only) • Displays the measured temperature and allows the adjustment • Recommended for heating system setups without a room thermostat. What do the blinking states on the Extension Kit indicate? Last one. I have a tado with extension kit and 8 radiator values. Description. Learn how to fix problems with tado° products and services on your own. The Extension Kit works then as a … Pair Extension Kit with Internet Bridge 4.