Burnsville, NC. It also makes a great compromise if you … YES I definitely recommend, Stringcheese /* Xsensor Overrides */ #mrc .heatmap-table small { The support an coolness the material provides is superior to none I have ever slept on previously!! NO a#xsensor-results-chart table.sleeper td { #mrc .top-rated .model-photo { Serta iComfort CF2000. #mrc div.mrc-table-container .compare-clone .label{ I used to wake up wet from sweat, but not once with this mattress. A versatile adjustable base for customized comfort. The simple yet sturdy materials used in construction makes this a practical mattress option with a budget-friendly price. Serta iComfort CF1000 Medium. NC. width: 50%; It's soft, but firm and keeps you cool all night. 3 Firm. NO Receive special promotions, sales and the latest discounts on Serta products. width: 100%; #mrc .heatmap-table { Twin Twin XL Full Queen King. .first a#xsensor-results-chart #chartKey { } } #mrc .comparison-features ul li { iComfort by Serta CF1000 Medium. (7) #mrc .see-the-product a { The Serta iComfort Hybrid CF1000 Medium combines our Carbon Fiber memory foam with a layer of EverCool Fuze gel memory foam for a firmer feel with breathable, gentle cushioning. height: auto; (2), Mari21 Last night was my first night sleeping on my new mattress, and I was very impressed at just how well I slept. I am in love!!! width: 22%; We have the medium firmness and it's great. position: relative; } Product Details. vertical-align: middle; Not too firm and not too plush, the iComfort CF1000 Medium mattress is just right. (3), Cbeasley3269 background-color: #eee; #mrc .top-rated .view-bed { 8 Plush. In the mornings after sleeping on this mattress, I feel better rested, and more refreshed than I used to with my old mattress. #mrc .article-date { #maincontent .manual-breadcrumb { With iComfort, multi-layered mattress-cooling foam technology adds support, resilience, and temperature regulation for … #mrc .top-rated.three-column th:nth-child(3), #mrc .top-rated.three-column td:nth-child(3) { #mrc .top-rated .quick-overview li { margin-right: 1%; It has excellent pressure-relieving capabilities and outstanding back support for proper spinal alignment. #mrc .comparison-features td { font-weight: 600; It really does a good job keeping us cool and comfortable at night. } margin-bottom: .5rem; If you're looking to enjoy the many benefits of the line, without the high price tag, the iComfort CF1000 Medium is a great way to go. a#xsensor-results-chart table.sleeper td span { The memory foam makes it comfortable and also so that when I move, I don’t wake my partner due to shaking the whole bed. The CF1000 is an unquilted foam core medium mattress model released in 2019 that is part of the iComfort product line manufactured by Serta. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Serta's iComfort CF1000 mattress contains gel that made my sleep comfortable and cooling. (3) I could go on and on about how wonderful this mattress has been so far. Serta; iComfort Foam CF1000 Medium Twin Mattress iComfort Foam CF1000 Medium Twin Mattress Item: 80197810M. NO He accidentally fell asleep in about 5 minutes! font-size: 34px; font-style: normal; width: 25%; All Rights Reserved. I got the medium. This is the superior quality mattress that I have been looking for all of my life. Serta has gone all out this year on the iComfort collection, by offering top of the line features at a more affordable price than their competition. } Comfort Scale. Size. a#xsensor-results-chart strong.xsensor-title { This iComfort CF1000 Medium Serta Queen mattress has been a nice change from my last mattress. @media screen and (min-width: 320px) { height: auto; #mrc h3 { } But, after about a week, it was so comfortable! Cutting-edge foam and an exclusive support system for a cool, comfy sleep. padding-bottom: 56.25%; } MY WIFE HAS A FEW HEALTH PROBLEMS. Serta iComfort Hybrid CF1000 Series Mattresses For customers with special needs, we have provided a customer support phone number reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year: (800) 720-6364. padding: .5vw; You get some of the cooling materials that are common in the CF models, though there aren't as many as any of the other models in this collection. This open-celled memory foam helps promote airflow, so you don’t have that hot, stuffy feeling when falling asleep. .first a#xsensor-results-chart div { list-style-type: none; The layer of support foam gives you conforming support for added pressure point relief. #mrc .compare-clone th, #mrc .compare-clone td { 8 Plush. } The bed is a medium firm. } He enjoys oil painting in the Impressionist style, playing guitar, and cooking for his family. Medium for me was the best of both worlds. Every part of the mattress is comfortable, without any sagging. It is not too tall that you need special sheets to fit it, my regular sheets fit perfectly. #mrc .more-features li { } I have noticed I am getting more restful sleep as well. Serta iComfort CF1000 Medium King Mattress. Design Services Store Locations & Contact Information This is such a comfortable mattress. While this is the lowest priced of the CF iComfort models it still has quality features. It has the perfect balance of support and comfort. #mrc .mrc-table { Was this helpful? #mrc, #mrc p { } } YES It also makes a great compromise if you and your sleep partner have different comfort preferences. Tylahevans FAQ My Order Status Log In / Register 0 Item (s) /*max-width: 90%;*/ The bed feels cools and I sleep better now. Product Specs. a#xsensor-results-chart table.sleeper.first { width: 90px; text-align: center; The 10" Serta iComfort CF1000 Medium mattress features the exclusive iComfort technology of Carbon Fiber Memory foam that gives the mattress a … list-style-type: none; I have had a back problem for 30 years and rarely got a good night's sleep. } display: inline-block; padding: 0; vertical-align: top; Serta Motion Essentials - Starting at $799. Normally wouldn’t go for a medium firmness mattress but this one is great. This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. padding-top: 30px; height: 0; overflow: hidden; 1 Ultra Firm. NO Statesboro, ga, Great product this mattress feels amazing it feels super comfortable when you lay on it it’s like laying on a cloud and the cooling feature is awesome you sleep really good and don’t get too hot it’s made very well and we love it, Was this helpful? Perfect amount of firmness and softness. #mrc .more-features { This mattress is perfect! Lowgee82 The 12.5" Serta iComfort CF3000 Plush mattress has 3 cooling layers with layers of EverCool® Fuze Gel and EverCool® Supreme Memory Foams that provide a plush feel. #mrc div.mrc-table-container { This foam draws heat away from your body and expels it outward for a cooler night's sleep. I am so glad that I purchased this wonderful mattress. I love this mattress and will definitely recommend to others. font-weight: 900; I tend to have lower back and hip pain, and I had no issues after sleeping all night on it. The Serta CF1000 Mattress is made of support foam and EverCool Gel Foam, which helps promote airflow while you are sleeping. #mrc .top-rated.mrc-table.three-column .view-bed { Catawba, NC. #mrc .comparison-features li { text-align: left; border-collapse: collapse; #mrc .top-rated .quick-overview ul { Since this mattress I have slept like a baby, It conforms to your body, does not get too hot like some can it has a cooling effect almost. The CF1000 earned a 'recommended' score for all body sizes and sleep positions. Tested exceptionally well demonstrating great support and outstanding pressure relief, Minimal motion transfer, you likely won't feel your sleep partner getting into and out of bed, All iComfort models have the Carbon Fiber Memory Foam, Less cooling materials than the models in the top end of this collection, All foam mattress, no coils for added support if that is your preference, Memory foam can smell bad for a little while but it will go away quickly. #mrc .video-container { margin-bottom: .5rem; Description. } #mrc h1 { CLGallo I’m in love with this mattress. display: inline-block; Everyone should own one this is my personal opinion!!! SHE DOES NOT HAVE GURD. YES } Another thing that is great about this mattress is that it stays cool feeling all night long. #mrc .top-rated .xsensor { border: 1px solid #666; -webkit-padding-start: 0; } It's soft, without lacking any firmness. display: none; #mrc .comfort-depth-video iframe { Not anymore, I am so amazed I woke up after the first night sleeping on it and hadn't sweated at all. } color: #fff; width: 16%; It is memory foam which I love. #mrc .compare-clone .label { Home Shop Serta iComfort CF1000 Medium. width: 20%; From the delivery to the perfect nights sleep I cant say enough about this mattress. font-style: normal; The iComfort® by Serta Mattresses CF1000 Qulited Hybrid Firm California King is available in the Bennington, VT area from Bennington Furniture. } The core foam upon which the rest of the foam layers rests. The iComfort CF1000 Medium mattress comes with a 10-year warranty against factory defects. #mrc #conclusion p { If the price is less of a concern and you want more cooling comfort layers then I'd recommend you look into one of the other CF models in the iComfort collection. The company was also very helpful and reached out to me multiple times to confirm delivery date and time. This is by far the best mattress I've ever slept on!! Carbon Fiber Memory Foam will channel heat away from your body and provide for superb temperature regulation. Layers of Carbon Fiber Memory Foam and EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam help channel heat away from your body, keeping you comfortably cool and supported. This is the first layer of several that works to provide you with a temperature-neutral sleep environment. width: 100%; vertical-align: middle; I am very impressed with this mattress. 4. font-size: 10px; Soft, but not too soft. It has a few layers of cooling material just like the higher end models but is cheaper than the other 5 beds in this collection. line-height: 22px; font-size: 18px; I swear at night and my husband freezes so we sleep in different rooms. Add to Cart. YES Stepping up in the line, the 12" tall CF2000 includes the same Carbon Fiber Memory Foam included on all of the new iComfort mattresses, but adds Serta's Gel Active Memory Foam as well. This mattress should be in every home if you want to rest properly an sound !! Our sleeping has improved twice over ! A  first-of-its-kind memory foam layer infused with carbon fiber for cooling as well as strength and resiliency. #mrc .pros-cons th:nth-child(2) { Foundation: Mattress Only -+ Add to cart. The cover for this mattress is cool-to-touch which gives you a cooler feeling to help you drift off to sleep. } } The iComfort CF1000 Hybrid Medium mattress is comfortably cool and supportive. Carbon Fiber Memory Foam EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam Compatible with Serta Adjustable Bases The iComfort CF1000 Medium mattress provides a balance between firm and soft. I fall asleep easier and stay asleep. (12) border: 1px solid #ccc; #mrc .pros-cons th { #mrc .comparison-features ul { display: table-cell; Gilbert,Az. font-size: 1.2vw; #mrc .top-rated .xsensor img { } No more tossing and turning for me!! Foundation. } 5 Medium. Supportive with temperature regulation for the coolest, most comfortable sleep ever. #mrc .heatmap-table td { font-size: 24px; #mrc .top-rated .model-photo { #mrc .mrc-table td { } background-color: green; #mrc .video-container embed { Select Yes!Money Credit at checkout to finance. font-size: 16px !important; } .manual-breadcrumb { YES 1 month, Amberj When you think of Serta, you think of exceptional comfort. Layers of Carbon Fiber Memory Foam and EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam help channel heat away from your body, while the 1025 iComfort® Hybrid Support™ System with BestEdge® Foam Encasement conforms and … } And this mattress sleeps very cool,no problem there.Will probably always stay with Serta products. The mattress is very comfortable and I see myself getting better sleep and having less aches and pains than I ever have with past mattresses. With the iComfort by Serta® mattress, cool, supportive sleep is the priority. } South Carolina. top: 0; SKU: 701279893. font-family: 'Lato', sans-serif; (0), Mydeaddoll #mrc .pros-cons th:nth-child(1) { } #mrc .compare-clone th, #mrc .compare-clone td { I highly recommend this product. (5) 7. $1,699.99. #mrc .top-rated.mrc-table.three-column .quick-overview { Off /* Generic */ 7. Charlotte, NC. On the other hand, if you prefer a softer or firmer feeling mattress then you'd probably like one of the other models in the iComfort collection. I have always swayed from soft to firm in my mattress choices...always thinking medium was just the worst of both sides.