Water logged, heavy alkaline and saline soils are not suitable for eucalyptus cultivation. super seeder subsidy and price, krishi yantra subsidy 2021 कस्टम हायरिंग केन्द्र योजना CHC - Khetibiz, ट्रेक्टर(Tractor Subsidy) कृषि यंत्र, Poly house,बाग़, कोल्ड हाउस subsidy 31.03.2021 तक, राजस्थान सब्सिडी पर कृषि यंत्र/औजार आवेदन करे yantra subsidy in Rajasthan, Safeda Tree Farming सफेदे की खेती और कीमत, सागवान कीमत और उत्पादन Teak Price and Production, आज का लेख मुझे इसलिए लिखना पड़ा क्योंकि एक चीज के इतने फायदे बता दिए जाते है और उसकी कमिया छुपाई जाती है ! [email protected] For commercial plantation make land weed and stubble free. एग्रीमेंट में कहते है की मौजूदा बाजार भाव पर खरीदेंगे ! Poplar tree cannot grow well on heavy alkaline and saline soils so, avoid this types of soil for poplar farming. Poplar tree can grow well on rich loamy soils but this poplar tree farming is also suitable on well drainage clay loam and sandy loam. आपको कई विडियोज में बताया जाता है की आप फलानी कंपनी से पौधे खरीद सकते है और ये कंपनी अग्रीमेंट करती है वो भी पूरा माल आपके खेत से उठा लेगी वगेरा वगेरा ! To protect crop from termite attack apply Nimbicides@2ml/Ltr of water. Here in this post, we intend to explore how to start commercial eucalyptus farming business. False If an exposure incident occurs – a. report it only if you are sur The present market rate is Rs 6000 to 7000 metric ton. Irrigation is needed immediately after transplantation in main field. Vegetative methods like cutting, grafting, air layering, and budding are used for the propagation of guava. Seed Rate (kg/acre) True or False 4. Allahbad Safeda: Dwarf variety with round crown and spreading branches. In first year apply 50gm of NPK fertilizer per plant. Hindi. Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, Sector 65, Gurgaon Teak wood Farming is highly profitable farming due to itâ s demand in the current domestic and international market. It is planted for fuel wood, poles, timber, and biomass and for essential oil purpose. A lemon-like fruit drink is also made from the pulp. और किसानो के साथ धोखा करते है ! कैसे कमाए भाई 50 लाख ! Also it is good source of nectar for honey bees. T F Contaminated environmental surfaces are a major mode of HIV spread. API call; Human contributions. It is the most popular variety in India and occupies the largest area under cultivation. जहाँ तक कोशिश हो सके यूकेलिप्टस (Safeda Tree) की बजाये दुसरे पेड़ लगाये ताकि जमीन में पानी और पोषक तत्वों का स्तर बना रहे . Time of sowing Tree vigorous, medium tall, with dense foliage. Seedlings are transplanted in main field 3-5 months after sowing. This Anacardiaceae article is a stub. Eucalyptus is drought tolerant crop, but for optimum yield it required overall 25 irrigations in entire growth period mostly. पांच पेड़ 30 फुट सीधा बिना शाखा उसके बाद शाखा फिर 12 फुट सीधा प्रत्येक कितना भाव मिलेगा 1) सफेदे की पत्तियों का तेल बेचकर , कीनो बेचकर (लाल तरल गोंद जैसा जहाजी कीड़ो से बचाने के लिए), टेनिन ( चमड़े को चमकाने के लिए प्रयोग किया जाता है ), 3) प्लाईवुड, Seedlings are planted in pits with onset of monsoon. Annual rainfall of 800 mm is preferred. देखिये दोस्तों एक बात मै आपको बता देना चाहता हु के आजकल सोशल मिडिया का ज्यादा प्रयोग ज्यादातर कंपनिया ही कर रही है वो अपनी मार्केटिंग के लिए बहुत से सच झूठ बोलती है ! you tube चैनल नाम नही लूँगा उनको हर फसल में करोडो दिखते है उनको सफेदे की खेती में करोडो दिखते है लेकिन मुझे फायदे के साथ साथ एक बड़ा नुकसान भी दिखता है ! PRODUCT & SERVICES: website and contact: Revolving earth agro pvt.lmt. 2904 रूपए का खर्च. Soil Requirement for Eucalyptus Farming:-Eucalyptus plantation can be done on wide range of soils. Has a sweet-tart flavour and a dwarf growth habit. ये कम्पनी वाले या बड़ी नर्सरी वाले you tube channel चलाने वालो का सहारा लेते है मार्केटिंग के लिए ! Use gall resistant varieties. आर्यम सिंह 8400775290, Sir mere ko bhechna h ped safeda 400 h 4 sal ke ho gaye kitne me kharidoge mo.9536082788, hme safeda ka ped bechna h kis nomber per phone kre, Mujhe safeda ka ped bechna hai kaha se bat karen nomber chahiye, किसी को सफेदा का पेड़ बेचना है तो सं किसी को सफेदा का पेड़ बेचना है तो संपर्क करें 8299796296 100 Percent Safe Investment By planting Teak you will get approximatily 10 to 12 cubic feet wood from one teak tree. 2500 per cubic feet in indian timber market. It is also known as gum tree, nilgiri tree or safeda. नुकसान बताने से पहले चलिए बात करते है फायदे की लेकिन फायदा देखकर नुकसान मत भूलिएगा ! With spacing of 1.5m x 1.5m gives plant population near about 1690 plant/acre whereas spacing of 2m x 2m accommodates near about 1200 plants/acre. Seedlings are ready for transplantation in polythene bag 6 weeks after sowing i.e at second leaf pair stage. Fruits round and medium in size with smooth skin. TSS ranges from 10-12%. We are private limited company based in mumbai exporter of teak & safeda wood , we integrate farming of teak & safeda … If properly spaced and planted in appropriate directions, the trees will not damage agriculture crops. Last Update: 2019-01-07 Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: Reference: Anonymous. From clonal Plantation yield of 50MT to 76MT in five year rotation is obtained whereas from origin plantation 30MT to 50MT is obtained. Also it is good source of nectar for honey bees. Spacing https://indianagriculture1.blogspot.com/2014/02/guava-farming.html Fruit is smooth, round and flesh is of white color with pleasant flavor. At temperature range of 25-35°C rapid growth of seedling is achieved. Spots coalesce to form corky and hard lesions developing cracks in them. Seed Treatment For initial years, intercrops can be taken. 4) जहाँ पर सफेदे की खेती कर रहे हो उसके साथ साथ मधुमक्खी पालन जरुर करे शहद ज्यादा होगा एक्स्ट्रा इनकम होगी ! Trees shall be raised on such lands which generally are not fit for raising agri-crops. Termite: In young plant termite is most dangerous insect and it damage crop to great extent. पेटी, कागज के लिए लुगदी व् फर्नीचर(कम प्रयोग होती है ) के लिए 10 से 12 साल बाद कटाई करके ज्यादा फायदा लिया जा सकता है. Aaryam singh 8400775290, Sar mujhe liptis ka sar mujhe liptis ka ped lagana hai kahan se sampark Karen, Mere ko ped bechana h Koi kharide to sampark kare 9536082788 . For nursery prepare raised beds in shades and sow seeds on it. In the province of Punjab they line the roads and fields, but they are being cut down to be replaced by native trees such as the kikar ( Acacia nilotica ), neem ( Azadirachta indica ), and kachnar ( Bauhinia variegata … Fruit is of large size, smooth, round and having white flesh. The tree is a dwarf, regular-bearer, with clusters of small-sized fruits. Optimum time for planting is from June to October. How â ¦ Apr 11, 2012 #7 Teak tissue culture plant. Safeda Tree Farming सफेदे की खेती और कीमत 16th November 2019 14th November 2019 by khetibiz आज का लेख मुझे इसलिए लिखना पड़ा क्योंकि एक चीज के … Please check your email. Essential oil of Eucalyptus has special space in Ayurveda Treatment. खर्च के बाद अब मुनाफे की बात करे तो पौधे बेचने वाली फर्म और you tube चैनल वाले कहते है 4 साल में 50 लाख कमाए ! दुरी ही रखी जाती है यानि पौधे, दुनिया भर में हुए शौध कार्यो से पता चला है और आप भी जानते होंगे की यूकेलिप्टस जमीन से पानी ज्यादा खींचता है ! Toggle navigation. Flesh is white, soft, firm with few soft seeded. Post दिनाँक 18/12/20, किसी भी किसान भाई व व्यवसाई भाई को सागवन,सिसम ,सेखू , सफेदा का पेड़ बेचना है तो संपर्क करे । Eucalyptus tress mature by the end of 4th year and 1 tree shall yield about 150 kgs and the current market rate is about Rs. Communities & Collections; Browse Items by: Date; Author; Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari; Doctoral Theses Cabbage Growing â A Beginners Guide. Part of the trees … Selling Palm Trees, Fruit Plants, Flowering Trees, Evergreen Trees, Seedlings, Seeds, & Dried Roses, At Good Prices From Khizra Nursery Khizra Enterprises. From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. Plant is vigorous. Offered range of wood is utilized for making wardrobes, sofa sets, wooden flooring, boxes, dining tables, etc. Method of sowing So the total yield per acre is 1500 X 300= 450000 kgs i.e 450 metric tons per acre . गेहूं बिजाई पर सरकार देगी पैसे अगर नही जलाओगे फाने, Ginger Farming अदरक की खेती से प्रति एकड़ 4 लाख की उपज कमाई 2.5 लाख, mirch ki kheti kaise kare मिर्च की खेती उन्नत किस्मे 2021, krishi yantra subsidy 2021 कस्टम हायरिंग केन्द्र योजना CHC, तलाई (तालाब), डिग्गी, पाइपलाइन अनुदान pond water tank subsidy pipeline, सेब की अच्छी उन्नत किस्मे Top best apple variety india, सुपर सीडर क्या है कितनी subsidy मिलती है ! प्रति हेक्टेयर 22.5 लाख कही आसपास भी नही है 50 लाख के ! Irrigation is needed mostly in summer season and to some extent in winter season. At time of planting apply neem based nutrients along with Phosphate@50gm and vermicompost@250gm/pit. Transplanting seedling in main field. So, you will get 12x2500 = Rs 30000 from 1 R.E.A teak tree. आज हम बात कर रहे है युकलिप्टुस (Safeda Tree) की खेती की और आपने बहुत विडियो देखी होंगी सफेदे के खेती की सभी सलाह देते है और मुनाफे का ही सौदा बताते है ! Revolving Earth Agro (Integrates tree plantation) Teak Eucalyptus,Sandal wood,Mahogany And Poplar With some fruit plantation like mango ,guava,lemon,pomegranate and papaya .We also Export plant fruit and wood to gulf country .We have more then 50,000 farmers across India . However, this tree requires deep, rich and well drained loamy soils with sufficient moisture for Revolving Earth Agro (Integrates tree plantation) Teak Eucalyptus,Sandal wood,Mahogany And Poplar With some fruit plantation like mango ,guava,lemon,pomegranate and papaya .We also Export plant fruit and wood to gulf country .We have more then 50,000 farmers across India . Originally trees were imported and planted to help reduce flood waters, and because they are fast-growing and give plenty of shade; also they are able to withstand adverse weather conditions. For good growth it required soil having good drainage capacity. Hide, Password In second year, apply NPK (17:17:17)@50gm per plant. Obtained from safeda tree, this wood is highly appreciated for its durability, heat resistant and fungal resistance. Eucalyptus belongs to family of Myrtaceae with 300 species of genus. Climate Required for Poplar Tree Farming:- These trees … English. Lucknow – 49 (Sardar) The tree Semi-dwarf, vigorous, with heavy branching habit. Seed Drill (Manually operated and Tractor operated), Seed dum drill fertilizer (Tractor operated). Tree plantations successfully grow in locations such as water logged, saline, undulating and gullied areas, encouraging farmers to grow trees. ऐसा नही है के सब कम्पनिया ऐसा करती है कुछ अच्छी भी है इसलिए आप भी किसी के साथ एग्रीमेंट से पहले उस से जुड़े दुसरे किसानो के विचार जरुर ले ! 4-5 साल के पेड़ से 250 kg लकड़ी मान ले मिलती है रेट, अभी इतना कम है 330 रूपए क्विंटल( ऑफ सीजन में Rs.500) तक रेट गिर चुके है और कई जगह पर तो इस से भी कम हो चुके है ! Hindi. Add a translation. This secures you clear title land anywhere between 1/4 to a few acres, and a substantial revenue of around 7x times your investment in 10 yrs. At initial stage two or three hand weeding are required to keep field weed free. Safeda(Eucalyptus) Tree Farming/Method and Benifits - YouTube 3. pp. Subscribe below to receive all updates & news from us. True or False 2. अगस्त या सितम्बर से फरवरी तक लगा सकते है अगर पानी उपलब्ध है तो, 2×2 m की दुरी पर 1184 पौधे प्रति एकड़ या 3 x 3 m की दुरी पर 484 पौधे / एकड़ ताकि दूसरी फसल साथ में ली जा सके, 30x30x30 cm On completion of 4 th years you will get 350 Kgs per tree . Populus ciliata, the Himalayan poplar, is a large deciduous tree with tall clean straight trunk and wide rounded crown. Eucalyptus tree has tremendous commercial potential.