Once Upon A Honeymoon is right up there with Out of this World and Mr. B Natural. • The riffing, both of the short and the main feature, is just hilarious. Turkey Day bumpers Segment One: This episode was originally broadcast on Thanksgiving day with a string of related host segments. Once Upon a Honeymoon, the marriage one, and the freaky auto show one can keep me laughing for hours. E.G. Yet Another Guestbook; All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners. • The little song “Line em up against the wall and pop goes the weasel,” is from “Duck Soup.” Mike Nelson and the Bots do some of their best riffing not only to this featured movie but also to a short called “Once Upon A Honeymoon” — a short film from the AT&T archives about a wife who laments never having a honeymoon. I wasn’t such a big fan of the Pearl character, at first, but over the years I’ve come to enjoy Mary Jo’s performance more. Mike is parodying the Bad Company song "Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy". Quoted from from the song "The Joker" by the Steve Miller Band. We have a regular poster who is often knowledgeable and erudite, but frequently goes off his meds and turns into an evil alter-ego that seems to exist just to bring up bad feelings in everybody else here. Directed by Leo McCarey. Let me lay it out for you. This has been going on for years. From the writers’ point of view, Dr. F and Pearl were simply characters on a page, representing a whole new set of comedic possibilities. The Observers were pretty threatening, secretly planing to dissect the characters while still being silly. Concerned about their personal security, Crow and Tom taze, mace, and spray green dye all over Mike. A reference to "Chant", an album of Gregorian chants recorded by Spanish monks that was highly popular during the mid-1990s. She copes with the help of an angel who sprinkles a … Other movies where that location was used include: “Robot Monster,” “King Dinosaur,” “It Conquered The World,” “Viking Women,” “War Of The Colossal Beast” and “Teenagers From Outer Space.” Blend together with ice, garnish with a cherry. Once Upon a Honeymoon (1956) Review I need a new phone. Segment Five: My dad watched it in college, and once my parents had me, we started watching it together. Honey, I can't stop smiling, I'm in hell! A place for fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 to share all things MST3K-related. Betty Furness was an actress who was the spokesperson for Westinghouse. 4 parts gin. A reference to an old advertising campaign for Montclair cigarettes. • I want to address what happened in the fan base when Pearl arrived and the whole dynamic in Deep 13 changed. • Fave riff from the movie: “No more questions! Stinger: “Wounded animal that large isn’t good”. Mark Pakula Recommended for you 1984: Peter Lawford (age 61), who played drug lord Burke in the movie in episode 622- ANGELS’ REVENGE and was mentioned in a host segment in episode 505- THE MAGIC VOYAGE OF SINBAD. Host segment 1: M&tB sing about decorating with phones The host segments described below were shown during reruns. Operation Rescue is a radical anti-abortion group. In front of the camera: Michael Emmet was also on “Giant Leeches” and “Untamed Youth.” Ed Nelson was also in “Teenage Caveman,” “Swamp Diamonds,” “Riding with Death” and “Superdome.” He was also a costumer for “Giant Leeches.” Tyler McVey was also in “Giant Leeches. EMBED (for wordpress.com hosted blogs and archive.org item tags) Want more? It is a labor of love, paid for out of our own pockets. Television Quiz / MST3K Short FTL: Once Upon a Honeymoon Random Television or Clickable Quiz Can you pick the reply that follows the line from the MST3K riff of Once Upon a Honeymoon? Working as an intern both on the regular show and the Turkey Day segments was Debra Baxter. Thanks. • Mike’s song goes on too long. Mike talks about the main episode here and Bridget offers some thoughts on the Turkey Day version here. No_Favorite. 702 - The Brute Man. • A couple of times they make a reference to “undercupping.” Visit this site, for an explanation of what that term means. EricJ: Keep your up. (the rhyme, for those who are following along at home). 4 parts Parfait Amour. Everyone likes what they like. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Once Upon a Honeymoon pt1 YouTube Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors HD - Duration: 6:56. Buck Henry was an American writer and actor. Preceded by Fans were jonesing bad. They are part of the vanguard of an alien invasion, and the pilot must decide if he will sacrifice himself to stop them. A test pilot returns from a pioneering near-space flight, completely intact physically but apparently dead. Over the series’ run the bots evolved more complex personalities, especially Gypsy. In the TV series, the line was usually spoken by Charles Nelson Reilly, whose character in the show, like the angel in the short, was a bespectacled and somewhat effete. November 23, 2017November 26, 2020 in Host Segment Three is a reference to the Alfred Hitchcock film. Episode guide: 701 and 701T- Night of the Blood Beast (with short: ‘Once Upon a Honeymoon’) Posted by Sampo, on March 9th, 2017 Short: (1956) While her songwriter husband struggles with a difficult tune, a newlywed dreams of redecorating her house with phones. • In the third segment, Dr. F says “I will rule the WORLD!! Why couldn’t EricJ have gotten that last dose of Fentanyl instead of Patton Oswalt’s wife? Periodic reminder: we can just ignore him. A jingle writer's honeymoon is derailed when he is forced to write a tune overnight while his new bride fantasizes about redecorating their home with telephones in Once Upon a Honeymoon (1956). Hey, it's my first time posting here! Prologue: Andrea DuCane did hair and makeup for all episodes this season except 704. Every once in a while Mystery Science Theater 3000 would find a short subject that was so bizarre, so unique, that it would defy comprehension.