I plan to record myself playing MWO and releasing daily videos that will just be gameplay footage with some badass music playing over them. Autocannons are more heat efficient than energy weapons but are heavier and ammunition dependent. If all weapons on a Mech are very similar, it makes sense to fire them in one huge Alpha Strike. MechWarrior Online (MWO) is a BattleTech-themed online multiplayer simulation game by Piranha Games for Microsoft Windows.MWO went into publicly accessible Open Beta on 29th of October 2012 and was officially released on September 17th, 2013. Popular examples include the Splat-Cat (Catapult stuffed with SRMs) or PPC boats. All mech/weapon stats excel sheet. XL and Light engines also need slots in the side-torsos Some bigger engines provide additional slots for Heatsinks, which don't use critical slots of your mech but still needs tonnage. The Mod affects the weapon definitions, and as such any updates to the MWO Game Client (eg. Expendable Company. Initially i thought about some particular weapons - what can be done to bring them back. The opening story is cliché.and fails to grab you at all. Heat Sinks. 'Mechs and Divisions Every 'Mech in MWO can be played in the Solaris Games. There were some ridiculous Jager builds roaming in the battlefields back in 2013 including 4-6 AC2's macroed to fire in succession. RULES. ?UNIQ62a97fc47fd8313e-references-00000007-QINU? Damage MEDIUM LASER 15 583 386 66.21% 01:25:50 1,136 LRM 20 17 3,200 731 22.84% 01:42:31 734 SMALL LASER 18 211 91 43.13% 01:47:29 169 The basic energy weapons are the medium lasers and large lasers , but the real king of this type is the Particle Projector Cannon (PPC) : huge damage and long range, but also massive heat. Just thought I would let you all know. MechWarrior Online - MechWarrior Online™ Solaris 7MechWarrior Online™ Solaris 7 is a tactical, 'Mech-based online shooter set in the vast BattleTech Universe. For the past 2-3 weeks I've been getting ridicules latencies during my matches. Yet Another Weapon Standalone weapon pack that contains all weapons from the Yet Another Mech mod. This includes aim time and weapon accuracy, among other things. MWO FOV Guide. Solaris teams are considered casual groups and all stats are assigned to the individual players, not the group itself. mwo reference Battlemechs; Equipment; Statistics; Mechlab; Maps; Donate; Today's hot mechs & Yesterday's; Last week's & December; November & October; Statistics. ... MWO does not have that mechanics, hence it already handles TT slot rules inaccurately, that's why 11 slot weapons in MWO make no sense to me. I've been following Daeron and the way he has been talking has been really exciting. 11 votes, 18 comments. 1 General Overview 1.1 Standard Autocannons 1.2 Advanced Autocannons 1.2.1 Plurality The Autocannon is a self-reloading direct-fire ballistic weapon. Monthly PGI Updates) will cause a mismatch in weapon stats. That is difference with MW5 and MWO. All three variants come with the same stock weapons configuration. Weapons are listed in mounted order: CT, RT, LT, LA, RA, H - there are no leg mounted weapons in MWO. Carrying two of the hardest hitting weapon available, the Autocannon 20, even an Atlas will second guess an encounter with a King Crab. Backing up the autocannons is a Large Laser for medium range combat and an LRM 15 for some long range reach. When a single weapon is decent, people tend to boat them to reach ridiculous levels of "decency" in MWO and the AC2 was no exception to this. MWO adheres much more closely to CBT, down to weapon ranges, tonnage, slots and damage dealt. There are two types of heat sinks; Single heat sinks which are more compact but offer weaker benefits and double heat sinks … Don't be a dick.. You can have an argument without throwing around names. There are 7 different sizes, ranging from mark I to mark VII, and they get better and bigger with each version. This device is used to boost weapon effectiveness in combat. 8 years ago. The game the MechWarrior Online ultimately became was originally intended as a reboot of the MechWarrior series of computer games and … Ready-made config-files included! As I'm sure most data junkies are aware, the weapon tables available at smurfy [mwo.smurfy-net.de] contain a plethora of useful information for all sorts of weaponry and are hands down the best technical resource available for MWO in this regard. For detailed engine stats, click on the engine rating of your favorite variant. 'Mech Stats - Dynamic listing of 'Mech information, updated as components are added. Will these stats be listed so those of us newer to BT will have an idea what weapons to equip? A quick and easy field of view guide which allows you to see more of the battlefield and of your cockpit! Staff not working super late/weekends etc due to style of game MW5 is. MWO / PROFILE / STATS BASE STATS MECH STATS WEAPON STATS PILOT MODULE STATS MAP STATS GAMEMODE STATS WEAPON STATISTICS Weapon Matches Fired Hit Accuracy Time Equip. Russ - Relief coming into Xmas, controlled. The simplest weapons are the energy weapons. Rather than produce a new z_colours.pak file each update, I have decided to try a new approach using .patch files. Has mostly all weapons up to 3070, including all LBX, Ultra, Rotary and Light Autocannons, Light, Heavy and Snub Nose PPCs, Silver Bullet, Light, Heavy, Improved Heavy Gausses, MRMs, Streak SRMs, ER and X-Pulse Lasers, Light and Heavy Machine Guns, Long Tom and Arrow IV … Will their be anything that lists weapon power? MechWarrior Online - MechWarrior Online™ Solaris 7MechWarrior Online™ Solaris 7 is a tactical, 'Mech-based online shooter set in the vast BattleTech Universe. -Creates a button bar on Weapon stats page to filter by weapon type and clan/is. There is no need to register a team for Solaris. Medium and large lasers get a bonus to accuracy over other weapons (Small … The differences lie in the hardpoints. Usualy I have around 198 to 220 ping depending on the region I'm playing, it's normal to get around 440 as well at worst but lately my ping has been going up and down from the aforementioned normal latency around 700-1k. Due to the nature of heat transfer, the plasma quickly dissipates beyond very short ranges. Numbers behind missile hardpoints are the aproximate number of missile tubes. -Single click stat column sorting, descending by default. You have zero attachment to the "tragic" death that starts things off. Instead of modifying weapon stats like MWLL, MWO uses mechanics such as ghost heat (heat scaling) to curtail the boating of weapons like MLs. ON1-IIC-A XL 300 64.8 kph … Only the Clans have them available during the game's time period (3050). 4 4. In … Everything about the direction Mech 5 is going, but what really surprised me was the investment they are taking with MWO. Again, appreciated for those of us that can't participate or download the PTS. - sometimes have some higher queality weapons or heat sinks ... Energy boat with dual AMS, while the C1 and C4 are missile based with 2 or 4 energy slots.. (if the game stays true to MWO set up) But my point is, they are unique mechs that often are different and can be … Don't bait people with dumb stuff. The number in … In the 31st century the battlefields are dominated by immense and powerful mechanized units called BattleMechs. Target Decay Target decay is the amount of time it takes for you to lose a sensor contact after losing line of sight on the target. It makes since though, their licence was ending so why sink money into something they were gonna have to lock at legacy or possibly shut down. MW5 closing in on release was more verbose and modern day style. -MadStats menu icon in center to quickly access options. This term is one of the stats … Energy weapons don’t require any ammunition, but generate a lot of heat. Game Balance. Close. Heat sinks are a type of equipment that dissipate built up heat and increase maximum heat capacity when mounted on a 'Mech. I had a couple of free evenings at work and dove into weapon stats. Looks up to date but is missing Yen-Lo. List of mechs sorted by most accessed on the site. Those builds play very boringly, but can be insanely effective. Today's hot mechs . After that you will be treated to some of the worst voice acting that I have seen on a full priced game in years. -Creates a button bar on Mech stats page to filter by weight class, ownership, and clan/is. Selecting the top-left symbol will expand the window to show full 'Mech details. Join the ranks of elite operators tasked with piloting these war machines. Unlike Lasers which have a firing duration over which damage is dealt, PPC weapons will inflict all of their damage at once, into a single part of the enemy 'Mech. A beautiful site for sharing your SkyBlock profile Continued version of sky.lea.moe made by friends with Custom Themes, Pet Abilities, Dungeon Stats, and more! 8 12 The Particle Projection Cannon is a unique hard-hitting energy weapon. MWO have to be more cautious and updating more of a premium retail product. Posted by. I have no idea how much damage and srm does vs and lrm. However there are every variant of … If you post something really dumb /u/heavymoertel will make fun of you.. Don't accuse other players of hacking unless you've got overwhelming proof. Machine Gun: Same continuous-fire ability, as well as a similarly increased critical chance. where you can download such fashion sound for MechWarrior Online ? Join the ranks of elite operators tasked with piloting these war machines. 10 12 The Flamer is a short ranged energy weapon that shoots a concentrated beam of plasma to damage and raise the heat levels of an opponent. Battle Enhancement Mod Battle Enhancement Mod - Standalone Sounds MechWarrior Online - Weapons, Physics, Mech sounds triple update MechWarrior Online - zaku's weapons v1.04 and physics v1.01 dual update or … How much damage differance is their in an ac20 vs and ac5. Fire Power. They are grouped into various classes with the Autocannon 20 at the short-range end and the Autocannon 2 at the long-ranged end. Also has buttons to strip your 'Mech, reset any un-saved changes, and take the currently configured 'Mech (even if … Be civil, it's not hard. Archived. In the 31st century the battlefields are dominated by immense and powerful mechanized units called BattleMechs.