Now I know that cost isn't the most important metric on whether a product is good, but it is a metric worth noting. $189.99 . The delta design style continuously self-calibrates, so you will never have to struggle with bed leveling. The quality of the machine, as well as the quality of the prints far outgun its tiny price. The menu is sorely lacking any advanced features. Looking for the Monoprice MP Select Mini Site? If you’re considering buying a 3D printer and your not wanting to spend a lot of money on a expensive 3d printer. Before I start, I would strongly suggest that you check out MP Mini Delta Owners group on Facebook - that's where most of the info comes from. You will need to take some time to get your bed leveled and use the z-offset to help you get that perfect layer. It’s light, cute, and prints a damned decent model after you work through all the kinks in the software. On most machines, the leveling is done with a sensor near the nozzle that measures the distance from the bed. As expected, it came out really nicely, with minimal “noodling” and other imperfections — but was what we expected. If you’re willing to bite the bullet and brave the steep learning curve, this printer will get you a ludicrous amount of bang for your buck. What’s really crazy is that, in addition to being one of the cheapest printers on the market, it also boasts a range of advanced features that you typically can’t find on 3D printers that cost less than $1,000. That diminutive size definitely puts limits on what objects you can print — but perhaps that’s why they call it the Mini Delta. For a long print, you might want to step out to catch a breath. The good news, though, is that this beefy skeleton allows a fairly generous build area to sit nestled inside of the printer’s frame. However, if you know your way around 3D printers and understand the fundamentals of FDM, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. The MP Mini Delta is an affordable desktop 3D printer by Monoprice, a manufacturer based in California, USA. While the onboard software is relatively simple, figuring out the software you have to use alongside the printer is a colossal pain in the ass. What an excellent little machine the Mini Delta is. Description. Fully Assembled: The MP Mini Delta 3d Printer comes fully assembled, ready to print out of the box. *Update: 12/14/2017: It has come to our attention that Monoprice now provides an online user manual that explains, in detail, how to set up the printer and load filament. Much like Monoprice’s other 3D printers, the Mini Delta doesn’t come with any proprietary slicing software, nor even a recommended one. The Delta Pro boasts a build area that’s 300mm tall (exactly 12 inches) and 270mm in diameter. Monoprice Mini Delta 3D Printer. Meet the MIT artist who builds with fungus and paints with swarms of drones, Neuroscience’s superstar explains how A.I. As usual, we put it through our testing protocol to tease out its strengths and weaknesses, and the results were surprisingly good for such a cheap machine. This seems to be the trend for Monoprice printers now, and I think it's a bad one. Resources and Links. You’ll be hard pressed to find another printer that offers so much for so little. What is a pulse oximeter, and why should you care? Monoprice Mini Delta Review 7.5 Good Cheap, sleek, and and ready to print right out of the box, the Monoprice Mini Delta promises a lot in a small package. Back in 2012, it was damn near impossible to find a 3D printer that cost less than $1,000, but the 3D printing landscape has changed considerably over the past few years. So Creality 3d Ender-3 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Monoprice Select Mini Pro, as seen on the chart below. Its predecessor was one of the best-selling mini 3D printers. The Mini Delta from Monoprice is a fantastic entry level or school printer at an extraordinary price. The first thing we printed was the “happy cat” model that Monoprice pre-loaded onto the included SD card. After undressing the printer from its packaging, getting it set up and powered on is about as simple as it gets. My approach is to first let the company know of any issues I find, and if they can not be resolved, I move on, unless something is particularly dangerous or misleading, or there is a real risk of people being out of pocket. More: Everything you need to start printing at home. This printer’s design is about as simple as they come. Very cool. Time for more discounts! It’s the definition of a true entry-level 3D printer: easy to use, versatile, durable, and highly affordable. The Monoprice Mini Delta is an excellent option for a first 3D printer. I have done a fair few test prints on the Mini Delta, I have been going through a bust phase recently, and I have had very little issues with any of them. Setting up the Mini Delta was the easiest thing I have had to do in 3D printing so far. There are … Shop all the best Cyber Monday deals NOW. Latest Updates: Hackaday reviews the highly anticipated MP Mini Delta 3D Printer. The MP Mini Delta is delivered already assembled and ready to 3D print. Unfortunately, the process gets a bit trickier after that. Absolutely — Just know what you’re getting yourself into. This project was created on 03/23/2018 and last updated 8 months ago. So is the ultra-cheap Mini Delta worth buying, or is it just a great way to transform $160 into a pile of molten plastic and bubbling frustration? It has a single extruder, and prints onto a heated bed. Qty:-+ Notify Me. In the sub-$300 category, your only real options are other Monoprice printers, and the M3D Micro. Can be overly simple for intermediate users. With the Mini Delta, the company claims to have built “the lowest priced professional quality 3D printer in the world." Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Monoprice Mini Delta 3D Printer with Heated (110 x 110 x 120 mm) Build Plate, Auto Calibration, Fully Assembled for ABS & PLA + Free MicroSD Card Preloaded with Printable 3D Models at The Monoprice 121666 Mini Delta is a machine that takes care of all these problems. The machine comes out of the box fully assembled, and doesn’t even have power switch for you to flip on — you just plug it in and the printer blinks to life. Standing about 3 feet tall and roughly 1.5 feet wide, it’s a pretty sizable machine. Here’s our take: The incredible thing about the Delta Mini isn’t just the fact that it costs $160. Once you’ve found a good workflow and have models printing without much friction, this machine is a joy to own and operate. This site is not affiliated or supported by Monoprice, Inc. To help support this site please see this page. Much like Monoprice’s other 3D printers, the Mini Delta doesn’t come with any proprietary slicing software, nor even a recommended one. Join us as we review its specs. From layer to layer, the Mini isn’t too bad. MP Select Mini V2 Basics Next to the Mini Delta, the MP Select Mini V2 fails to stack up. Its sturdy construction and delta-style configuration give it the advantage of not being quite as prone to z-axis turbulence — which ultimately means it prints very reliably from one layer to the next. It feels like the Mini Delta was born to be used in schools where the programs are designed to teach people how to model and design, rather than how to use a 3D printer. One of the best ways to learn and grow in a hobby is to get under the hood and have a good rummage around. The Mini Delta doesn't do that though. This is a printer I recommend to first time 3D printer buyers and will continue to do so. Aside from the fact that it’s a bit finicky to work with and will likely be a pain for inexperienced users, we’re rather fond of Monoprice’s Mini Delta 3D printer. It stands just 15” tall and is less than 10” deep. It’s totally open-ended, which, for the novice user, creates a pretty big roadblock between getting set up and initiating your first print. Both models offer a slightly larger build envelope than the Mini Delta, but don’t offer automatic bed calibration. Since this printer is designed for beginners, we were pleased to see that it ships fully assembled and pre-calibrated. The MP Select Mini V2 is the most affordable 3D printer the company offers. Check out what this thing’s packing: A sturdy, all-metal frame; a heated build plate that helps prevent warping; automatic bed leveling functionality; a maximum resolution of 50 microns; a full-color LCD screen; WiFi connectivity; and compatibility with a wide range of materials. Sometimes a company gets all of their ducks in a row and produces a product that fits a specific niche almost perfectly.