The only image I have is of the boat the police used. There were also four vehicles produced. Honorable Mentions: Video Game Systems. The game requires getting the same number of pogs from each player and forming a stack. You basically held your spaceship in front of the TV and fired at it with light lasers. Not long ago, I put together a list of 15 toys from the 1990s that you may have forgotten about. Shipped with USPS First Class. You can get a pair for $25. Speak and Spell. Is it a teddy bear? Check back often for updates! There were two different factions of ghostly warriors: one was lead by the heroic Lionheart, the other was lead by the evil Skull. Fun Clacker Balls on a String. You can get it for $7. These just make me laugh, especially after I watched the commercial. The ultimate fad toy of the '90s starts around $9. Once you watch it, you won’t be able to get the amazing theme song out of your head. Pogo Balls were something of a phenomenon in the late 80s and early 90s. I completely forgot that this ever existed, but I freakin’ … in the late 80's/early 90's, my 2 cousins and I were bugging our parents for these little buggers and now I can't remember what they were called. Totally Hair Barbie. A playset in good condition starts around $40. One of the things that made it stand out was that it used “Magna Lock” technology, which basically included magnets embedded into the figures' feet so that they could stand on their vehicles and playsets without falling off. McFarlane Toys is Reviving Its Movie Maniacs and Tortured Souls Action Figure Lines! Department. I don’t know anyone who had this toy. A working console with a controller starts around $90. The best part? Jul 17, 2016 ... OK, so Barbie was a mainstay for '90s gals, but … All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. ", An unopened action figure starts at $23 — so, "Go go, Power Rangers! Joe, He-Man, Transformers, and more. Apr 11, 2013 - Awesome toys (excluding video games) that I had and things I remember from being a kid in the 80s and 90s. $12.99 + $4.00 shipping . (The toys were actually developed and released after the animated series ended.) While it has does have slight update — a light-up feature — the rest of the toy is the essentially the same. Sometimes, it’s better to come second than first. In the summertime, you could find 90s kids frolicking and screaming in their yards as they had Super Soaker shoot-outs.… I remember clamping strings all over my room and in the back yard to play with these things. 28 Toys '90s Girls Were Obsessed With. Maintained by our daughter Andrea, who is a 1980s kid. Yeah, this was was probably one of the dumbest toy lines to come out of the '80s. I personally think it looks like kind of a boring toy, but anyone that had it as a kid might have the complete opposite opinion because of the nostalga factor. The Army Ants were organized into two opposing armies, which included an Orange Army led by General Patant and a Blue Army led by General Mc-Anther. The toy line was not only based on an animated series, but the toys Mattel developed also interacted with a segment of the episodes that included visual and audio material. ... A toy manufacturer buys the 'Dolly Dearest' factory in Mexico, where the malevolent spirit of Sanzia, a devil child, has taken refuge in one of the porcelain dolls, and eventually takes control of his daughter. You would play with these toys with ziplines that came along with them. His arms could swivel up or down independently, and his legs could do the same as a pair. It was the first smart-toy, in that it had a personality, exhibited rudimentary intelligence, memory, game play, and responsiveness. The United Earth Oceans Organization enlists Captain Nathan Bridger and the submarine seaQuest DSV to keep the peace and explore the last frontier on Earth. This is another one of those action figure lines that completely slipped my mind, but I played with them all the time.