If you like these and can find a better deal on the Icon's then that seems like the way to go . I have sf-3's there the same as the rf-3. They are made with lower quality parts, have poorer building materials and generally will sound more muddy and dull than the Reference II/First Gen/RP line. Comparing Klipsch Reference RC-62 II and Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-440C? Also check the local CL if price is a big concern. Lastly, welcome to the Klipsch community. The Icon speakers are nice and sound good but, the nod goes to the Reference line. now look above at the new 'reference'. The main difference in the woofer is klipsch claims the R-15m uses a "copper spun" IMG woofer. Klipsch exclusive 90x90º Tractrix® horn technology ensures the Reference series speaker high frequency energy is aimed at the listener and reduces artificial reverb or filtering caused by indirect sound bouncing off of walls.Using this proprietary focused technology gives you the best clarity, dynamics, and detail from your movies and music. - Synergy uses injection modeled graphite (IMG) polymer woofers where as the RF line uses Klipsch's patented Cerametallic technology. Ive been looking at surround systems for about the same price that feature either the F3s the VF-36 and the RF-82 side speakers. Scrappy gave you the name of a good dealer to boot. Titanium being considered better by some. Klipsch new 'Reference' (r-28f, etc) IS the Klipsch Icon. Klipsch vs SVS Hi, I just went through a similar debate. Both are similar in size and shape, (icon is a few centimeters shorter), have the same frequency response rating, both use a 1" aluminum compression tweeter coupled to a tractrix horn, and both use a 5.25" injection molded graphite woofer. Go to klipsch .com look in the classic archives section pull up specs for the RF-3 and compare to the SF-3 their identical. The woofers are not gold thats it. RF 82 and other Reference speakers are regularly posted in our Garage Sale part of the forum. Quote: Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel /t/1452795/so-how-bad-are-the-klipsch-icon-series#post_22848710 real wood isn't desirable as a cabinet material due to inconsistent grain patterns in real wood. * All new Reference Linear Travel Suspension tweeter design for … Get FREE 2-day shipping and … Those speakers replaced the Synergy line and are only available at big box stores. The Reference line of late (R-24, 26, 28F et al) is actually the same as the Icon line (KF-24, 26, 28). Klipsch took the rf-3 and rf-3 II discontinued it and made the sf-3 out of it. It would be impossible to get two speakers to sound the same. This design is precisely flared to minimize turbulence even at the lowest frequencies. Marketing at it's finest. - The Synergy series uses aluminum dome tweeters where as the Reference series uses titanium diaphragm compression drivers. It *seems* like I can build a system featuring any of those speakers and comparable center, side and sub speakers for … Currently Auditioning: Klipsch RP-150M SOLD: EMP e55ti / EMP e56ci / … Klipsch Reference R-28F floorstanding speakers feature a front-firing port that is perfectly matched to the cabinet and drivers. 5-way binding posts provide the maximum connection flexibility. While the Reference line is a replacement for the Icon line; according the the Klipsch forums, there has been some actual updates to the drivers, going well beyond just the color of the cone. I had Klipsch RC-52 II center and Klipsch bookshelves and moved to SVS Pinnacle Prime towers, which ended up making my center channel sound 'plasticy'. Our Virginia-based experts can help you find the best gear.