All areas of off-piste riding from ski-touring to slopestyle are now overlaped almost perfectly. SE. 153 cm K2 Talkback 88 Women's Touring skis - 2018/19 model. It’s great to hear that a 106 underfoot ski has some nimbleness to it. So here are my questions: 2018 Ski Test – See Last Year’s Results. Skis Sliding down mountains on wooden planks can’t be that complicated, can it? Obviously a pretty heavy package but I figure most tours in the east are relatively short and I would also want to use them as my resort powder ski (I would ride park skis most other days). Terrain. Well, those who test them know about it. Test Locations: Big Sky MT, Saas Fee CH, Stratton VT. A third generation Pep Fujas design. $739.95 $499.95. Far enough back that it will perform well as an all mountain ski, but it retains a relatively balanced feel for when you’re doing tricks. Its Double Barrel fir/aspen core is lively and responsive. K2 Marksman Skis 2019 A HOT KNIFE THROUGH BUTTER. 2020 K2 Marksman 177cm Skis are now on sale with fast shipping from our Golden, CO ski shop. K2 BFC 100 Ski Boots 2020 - Men's. Sure you can, but you’ll get some wobble in the tips and tails for sure. Home; Gear. I try to spend as much time as possible outside the groomers, and most ski trips go to the Austrian, Italian or French alps. Have fun! Emme voi toimittaa tätä tuotetta. On those really hard/icy days how much trouble will I have keeping an edge on hard pack groomers? They also perform well on the piste. The fact that K2 has completely no problem in the direction of skis for freeride should be obvious to everyone. So not useless, but much happier in softer snow. K2 Marksman 19/20 Touring Vapaalaskusukset. I’m looking to purchase a pair of the marksmans but having trouble deciding which size would be best for me. SE. They have an interesting blend of park, powder, and backcountry style. It still performs reasonably well on-piste too, for those times when you don’t have your carving skis with you. His overall impression score, flotation, and maneuverability were all 4’s, indicating that this is a well-rounded and fun ski. Take care! Also, the top sheet on the 2019 was garbage did they beef it up in the 2020 version? Hi Thomas! The only ski in the line that came back unchanged was Sean Pettit’s pro model, the 120mm-wide Pettitor. Gemt. It’s really only those bottomless days that you’ll appreciate the Catamaran more than the Marksman. It's also not something new to skiing. Have fun! Their asymmetrical twin rocker design challenges the conformity of traditionally shaped skis and combines a mix of control on your downhill ski mated with a playful spirit in softer conditions. Great help! “Best Ski Ever! “I’m not sure about the target market or audience of the skis. In it, we give reviews of our favorite ski gear, provide information about the latest ski technology, discuss the latest news in the ski industry, and so much more. Awesome beginner touring setup! Sometimes the ski industry needs a kick in the pants to change things up, and K2 might be on to something with the shaping and changing of the footprint of the skis. Ordrestatus; Log ind; Kurv. 132 - 106 - 126. FREE Shipping. The Marksman is a new model in K2's 2017 Factory Team collection. Experts Guide with Snow and Rock; Tried and Tested; Kit Tips; Gear of the Year; Gear Guide. A tool of choice to shred the backcountry! Skis Sliding down mountains on wooden planks can’t be that complicated, can it? Thanks, Mike! 99. And which length should I take (177 cm or 184 cm)? Hi Evan! Thanks again, Josh, Hi Josh! Ma Vaishno Tour and Travels - Ma' Ink; Ma' James Fashions - Ma'meeting; Ma'moon Coldstore - Ma. Also, there’s not a whole lot out there that compares with the Marksman as it’s a pretty unique ski. Have fun! Looking to get a pair of these skis. I do wish the K2 came in the 191, but they do run a bit long, so the 184 is okay for me. In accordance with the Data Protection Act nº78-017 dated 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, oppose and correct any communication of your personal information by sending an e-mail to: Have fun! Off piste I normally do short turns and tree runs. Any further thoughts on suitability of the marksman from that? Its Double Barrel fir/aspen core is lively and responsive. Karma: 25. Kind of chatters.” Fair enough, Harrison, furthering our philosophy that there truly isn’t one perfect ski for everyone. I’m 5’10 and about 90kg, I’m an advanced skier and looking to ski pretty much an even split between piste and backcountry. Length Preference. Want something playful in and around the mountain but not something majorly park based. Atris is another great choice, with that bit of a spoony shaped tip, it really hovers on snow. I would recommend the shorter size, as the 184 would be a stretch both in terms of length and weight. By Category: All Mens Skis; All Womens Skis; All … With its 106-mm waist width, it's a versatile everyday freerider for Western conditions. You gonna feel your legs very tired of it after skiing for many days in a row. Guilla Mansions ; Ma. Its Twin Rocker camber profile delivers a surfy and predictable ride. Looking to get into another set of wider skis to handle the deeper stuff. His take on the quality: “These skis are very playful—highest marks for sure. Its Double Barrel fir/aspen core is lively and responsive. Hi Noah! Do I have to come up with something new if everything is more than excellent? Thanks for getting back to me. Having the rictors means that the second set of skis dont necessarily need to excel in this as I can switch between the two. Do you think the ski would have preformed any better at may -3 looking to purchase possibly on the Black Friday sale. Not too short, but on the short side. Its Twin Rocker camber profile delivers a surfy and predictable ride.. Just a quick question on mounting. Take aim at futuristic lines with the norm-defying K2 Marksman Skis. I’m 176 cm “tall” and weighing 76 kg.