I’d like to think an asymmetrical sidecut edges help in tight situations. The Marksman in this review will be rated as an All-Mountain Wide ski. And last, but not at least-They have excellent torsional stiffness -this is as important, as the their shape, I think. Then again groomers are only for getting back to the lift for most skiers on these off piste weapons. Did someone experimented (except the +2 reviewed)? This improved as I got used to the skis but be aware that for the first few days this might feel weird. 1 reviews. What about moguls and bumped up three runs? This forces me into a more neutral stance which does hang up the tails a little. It’s incredibly easy to throw these sideways, even at very low speeds, and they’re very nimble and easy to control when picking your way through tighter terrain. The Marksman was conceived by Pep, and the result is a playful yet solid ski for skiing creatively in all conditions. But without advertising revenue, we can't keep making this site awesome. On groomers I can rip them up and make any size turn I want pretty easily. The inside 20 meter sidecut and tapered tips look very familiar. You can read our glowing review of the Shreditor 102, and my 189 cm Shreditor 112’s are still one of my favorite skis I’ve ever owned, as demonstrated by the fact that I’ve officially retired them three times, and yet they’re still sitting in my room mounted with G3 ION bindings. The Marksman is a new model in K2's 2017 Factory Team collection. K2 Luv Sick 80ti 2018 Ski Review. The more I ski them the more I’ve realized that what they give up in stability they more than make up in quickness. In the Marksman 2019, K2 have created a smooth, stylish ski that really lets you enjoy the best that the mountains have to offer. At 106 mm underfoot, it’s no skinny ski by any stretch, but in softer groomers, it really carves a clean, round turn. 5 . Last year’s skis were more Freeride/Freestyle focused, vis-à-vi the all-new Mindbender Series. Features Clearly that isn’t a big deal, the skis are designed specifically to have a right and a left, but for the park rats among you, it does mean definitely no switching to preserve edge life. 1 . They certainly aren’t the first asymmetrical ski to hit the market but they probably are the most mainstream and most freestyle oriented incarnation of the idea. sirak. Base and edges are in very good condition. If you want to bomb steep hardpack at high speed with wide turns, look elsewhere. I don't think they'd be a good fat park ski choice but they’d do great as an east coast all mountain powder ski or a west coast daily driver for those who like to do tricks and dabble in park but don’t prioritize it over the rest of the hill. It also feels like it has a faster rebound, to a hand flex at least, than the Shreditor 112. Myashkov, I actually just threw Kingpins on these two days ago, but I left that mount at +2. Hi, thanks for the review! !” drum loudly, and while I think it does have an impact on how the Marksman performs, I was more concerned with how it performed as a replacement for the Shreditor 102 and 112, and how it compared to similar jib skis. I mostly ski steep tight trees. That's okay. K2 Marksman - Reviews, Prices, Specs and Alternatives . Rather, it has a nice flex pattern, and it actually reminds me a good bit of the ON3P Kartel 108 — it’s just stiff enough / strong enough to feel like a legit all-mountain ski. I have the Marksman and my wife and my ski buddy have the old Soul 7. So how do they ride? With a 103mm last and a performance-oriented 120 flex, these boots are packed with features like our Cushfit liner, Après Mode walk mode, Hands Free Entry, and a heat-moldable shell, all of which add up to the ideal blend of comfort and performance. The K2 Marksman was reviewed in 184 cm and was judged to be a pleasant newcomer to the Freeride ski sector, especially for its novel, asymmetrical shape. Its freeride design and 106mm waist size makes it very enjoyable for the adventurous skier. That’s how we used to ski when ski technology didn’t allow every guy named Hanspeter to haul ass down the slopes. Looking at the Fujas specs though, it’s narrower, with less rocker and less taper, so both the Soul and the Markasman should do much better in powder. The K2 Marksman 2018 is a good all mountain ski that shines off the beaten track. As mentioned in my Poacher review, K2 have been simplifying their line. The flex doesn't make slow speed butters super easy, but when you get some speed up they are great and those tips go through snow like a knife through... butter. No core shots. In short both of those skis are aimed at the ‘lighter touch’ moderate speed, slarve and drift kind of skiing, rather than hard carving, busting crud or high speed, big mountain style powder ripping. Changing directions is super easy–exception being powder. Presumably it's a trend because the initial wave of jibby skiers is growing up, spending more time on the mountain, taking tricks to bigger features and more varied conditions. K2 Talkback 88 2018 Ski Review. Thanks for the great, unbiased reviews. SKI Profiles’ Flex Rating: Medium (5/10) Rating Score: 84.1/100. We’ll say more about that asymmetrical sidecut below, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Marksman’s sidecut is the whole story here. K2 . But the performance does come at a price. Popularity Score . Reviewed in the United States on March 27, 2019. The ski was conceived by Pep Fujas and features an elongated taper on the outside edge, allowing for incredible quick-turn ability. K2 Luv 75 2018 Ski Review. It looks like you are using an ad blocker. Some other reviewers have said -2cm from true have worked very well. K2 says this makes the ski lighter, easier to turn, easier to slice through powder, and easier to spin. I found that they felt a little stiffer than the Shreditor 112, but not as stout as the Shreditor 102. This video is about POWDER SKIS-K2 MARKSMAN SKI REVIEW- powder skis. I tried my friend’s Soul 7 188 and they were way quicker turning in the bumps(we ski them slow with lots of turns). If you like having fun in soft snow and interesting terrain, look no further than the K2 Marksman skis. Who Does the K2 Marksman Suit Best? I ask because I have the previous generation (14/16) S.F.Bacon 190. Manufacturer's Description: A modern conception of what a twin tip should be. Unfortunately I haven’t been on the old Bacons, but I have been on the new ones, which, from what I’ve heard, are even quicker and easier to turn in bumps than the previous generation, and I’d say the Marksman is at least as easy to ski slowly with lots of turns. The new K2 Marksman is easy and flexible with a unique shape. From its clean-edged graphics to its modern asymmetrical construction, the K2 Marksman adds a dash of class to any park party. Well, because most skiers are going to notice one specific thing about the K2 Marksman before anything else: the asymmetrical tip and tail design. I’m 5’9 (175cm) and 147lbs (67kg), +20 years advanced skier. It wasn’t a regular occurrence at all, and I wouldn’t consider it to be the kind of issue that actually impacted how I felt on the ski. Overall Rating. But even with the innovative use of shape, it's hard to see them floating as well as the Shreditor 112 with its significantly larger footprint. I almost never go to the park but I love sending big jumps and spinning 360s aswell as occasionally riding switch. N/A . Brands send us the sticks and we spend a solid chunk of our own seasons shredding them. And given the ski’s mellow amount of traditional camber underfoot and significant amount of tip and tail splay, the Marksman was clearly designed to plane in deeper snow and make it easy to slash and throw sideways. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. The Roofbox is back with one aim: No bullshit, in-depth ski reviews, by ski bums for ski bums. Especially at slow speeds indoors, I felt I was fighting against the skis rather than working with them to get tricks done in spite of what they wanted to do, which was go fast. The Marksman is an all mountain ski you could take in to the park now and again but not what I would pick as a fat park ski. And will going plus 3 hinder my pow/tree skiing putting to much ski behind me? Skied the K2 Marksman? K2 Luvit 76 2018 Ski Review. K2 Marksman Skis - Men's 2020 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. Overview of 2021 K2 Skis. K2 Missconduct 2018 Ski Review. They ignore all my emails about warranty too. From deep pow and big hits to slushy transition snipes, the K2 Marksman modernizes the twintip for all-mountain shredding. I.e. K2 Talkback 96 2018 Ski Review. Thanks to it being summer, I didn’t get to take these out on a proper pow day. Megan Hughes 02 Oct 17. The all-mountain fun shape of the K2 Marksman Skis takes the joy of getting rad in the park and makes that feeling possible even higher up the mountain, making freestyle moves a reality in bigger terrain and deeper snow than you ever believed possible. If, like many people, you go away for a week with one pair of sticks unsure if you're arriving to pow or slush, park or big lines, then these would be a fantastic choice. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Especially the nearly flat base of the Marksman makes base flat pivot turns / releasing the edge to side slip, very easy. Maybe I’ll keep bringing them out..ha! I’d be curious to learn of any respected instructor or accomplished racer who would say that it’s preferable to put almost zero weight on the uphill ski. The inside edges have much less taper, and it’s much more gradual than the outside edges. Who doesn't? Otherwise, the Marksman just felt intuitive on groomers. Powder Ski The K2 Marksman, the wider of the two new skis, occupies a space between the now discontinued Shreditor 102 and 112. K2 I put the 193cm length version to the test all over Blackcomb mountain in funky crud and the Mindbender 116C didn’t even bat an eye. They’re so easy to turn that I haven’t ever felt like I had too much ski in front of me, and I’ve actually been tempted to move them back for hopefully a little added stability and float. Hands-On Review of the K2 iKonic 85 TI. If you are looking at high speed mogul bashing ask someone else. Can someone here give ideas what about mounting point? The Marksman's asymmetric twin tip shape makes riding switch and buttering through the transitions as natural as pulling up your pants. The change is reminiscent of that from the pre-2015 Sir Francis Bacon to the new model. 02/01/2020 . I found that they felt a little stiffer than the Shreditor 112, but not as stout as the Shreditor 102. It's a matter of pride for us that 'NS Tested' means something and that we advise you as best as possible what you should be slinging in your roofbox. Will be interesting for me-I’m going to mount Magker KingPin on these babes, skied them only in recommended by K2 “0” line…thank you! Having a dedicated right and left ski will reduce the preservative effect of fatter edges but my edges are still fine after my summer park trip so these are tough enough for some park days. Any comments? 2020-2021 Blister Winter Buyer's Guide — Print Edition. Rather, it’s the only totally negative performance characteristic I have experienced with the asymmetrical sidecut. What did Jonathan Ellsworth think of this from his perspective of a more chargy style of skiing? K2 Marksman . I’ve spent more time on the 189 cm K2 Shreditor 112 than any other ski, and the Marksman has felt like an easier version of it in just about every condition I’ve used it in. Gone this year are last years’ Ikonic and Charger lines. I’d agree with that assessment — the Marksman isn’t a burly ski, but it’s no noodle. I’ve definitely never skied a ski with so much rocker tip/tail which carves so comfortably and predictably. ChristySportsTV 7,668 views. Wondering if you had a chance to bump up from +2cm to say, +3 or +4cm from the Traditional line. Price: $599. Even though I usually like more centered skis I haven’t been tempted to bump the mount up at all. My Shreditor 112s have officially been dubbed “rock skis,” though last year almost the whole season was rocks (and “gardening,” as we called it), so who knows. Of the two, the Marksman is the loosest,and it has a true twin tail and more center mount, so it’s the better choice if you want to do some freestyle moves and ski/land switch. Buy Now From K2. AlbinNordin. It also feels like it has a faster rebound, to a hand flex at least, than the Shreditor 112. Obviously for jibbing, shorter is better, but for all mountain use how do the lengths stack up? Thanks, Cy! Review Rankings . K2 Luv Machine 74ti 2018 Ski Review. A few dings on the top sheet/sidewall, but have been filled with epoxy. K2 Empress 2018 Ski Review. Hi there, have you had a chance to try different mount points? It incorporates the outer tip shape of the K2 Pinnacle 105 and the inner profile of the K2 Pettitor, resulting in an asymmetrical profile that testers say increases maneuverability. K2 Marksman Alpine Skis at Sierra. Manufacturer's Description. The fat edges are a nice touch though. Error: REI employees are not permitted to submit reviews or Q&A at this time. Consumer Score . I am going to Japan in December and will be skiing backcountry and doing some mild approaches with skins. Write a review. The K2 Marksman hits the bull’s eye of what an all-mountain freestyle ski should be. Its top sheet is a little bland and outdated, and they even come with metal tip protectors you see on nearly every set of rental skis. You will feel comfortable skiing these pretty hard, but they retain a degree of ‘jibability’. The review period I had on these was during summer, thus largely park skiing and I did struggle with the swingweight of the ski, especially on 450s out of lower rails. It’s not super stiff, but you can’t blow through its flex pattern. This season, both the Shreditor 102 and 112 were discontinued, leaving only the 106mm-wide Marksman between the 96mm-underfoot K2 Poacher, and the 120mm-wide Pettitor. I have an opportunity to buy 184cm 2019 Marskman with Salomon Shift bindings for a very decent price. Thanks for the review. I have a pair of Pep Fugas Pro which I love but I’ve been told the Soul 7’s might be a better ski for me. Its Double Barrel fir/aspen core is lively and responsive, while the Twin Rocker camber profile delivers a floating and predictable ride. The Marksman was conceived by Pep, and the result is a playful, yet solid ski for skiing creatively in all conditions Newschoolers has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. This text has been translated by Google Translate. 5:29. And for the skis-when I tested them a month ago, I decide to replace my Punisher 95 as every day driver with these, I’m impressed and love the way they blast through everything on their way! Has anyone tried plus 3 from the recommended? +3 might be even quicker than where I’m at and will likely fix some of that tip dive in the steep and deep. You will probably know already if you prefer skis to be more poppy or damp/smooth and these are definitely the damp end of the spectrum. The Marksman is a fantastic ski for the right person. It's the pro model of K2 athlete Pep Fujas, who dreamed up its unique design. We ski at Winter park and my family and friends prefer the mogul runs on Mary Jane, so this aspect matters a lot. They are a real jack of all trades. COPYRIGHT © A360 Media LLC 2021. Wondering what position would be best? Celebrating 30 Years Of Exploring. With Pep Fujas reportedly heavily involved in the design process of these, you'd expect another playful K2 ski. They are of course just about skiable, but that asymmetric tip and tail shape hooks snow like crazy when reversed. Technical Specs K2 Men's Marksman Skis - Package With Marker Griffon Bindings 2020-Free Mounting A modern conception of what a twin tip should be. Ski Review … K2 OoolaLuv 85ti 2018 Ski Review again, that was wayyyy before carvings skis (1977). It didn’t want to track in the same arc as my downhill ski when I was really hauling. The combination of two different sidecuts feels completely natural through the turn and the edge bite/hold, even detuned definitely surpassed my expectations. K2 Luv Struck 80 2018 Ski Review. I’m skiing the demo Kingpins though, so I’ll try to experiment with mount points in the next few weeks. I haven’t been to ski school in 30 years, but that is how we learned it in Switzerland. Neither of them are designed for DEEP powder as you ask, but then again, we are looking at alround skis here, not dedicated 115mm powder guns. Big turns are a breeze, but tight turns take a little bit more effort to unweight the tails. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. The inside edge of each ski looks very similar to the Shreditor 112. I skied a combination of wind buff and fresh snow in tight trees with a lot of deadfall on a moderate slope. They are, to date, the most rippable of the jib oriented all mountain skis I’ve skied. I skied the Marksman early this morning and had that driven home again. Show original. Item # 107593. On a scale of 1-10, Jonathan Ellsworth summed up the Marksman’s flex pattern like this: JE’s notes to me were, “The ski isn’t really all that soft — it’s certainly no noodle. https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ-yItkhcVU/?taken-by=twig_spens. There wasn’t much coverage and I was skiing this zone for the first time, with very tight trees killing visibility. [Editor’s Note: Our review was conducted on the 16/17 K2 Marksman, which is unchanged for 2019-20, except for the graphics]. I’m stoked to try the marksmen as my new go-to ski, and I also just ordered the Salomon QST 118s as my pow ski (in hopes we get snow this year). If you’ve skied this ski, how much do you weigh and how tall are you? The Marksman has a pretty long and gradual rocker profile (that actually looks very similar to the ON3P Kartel 108). I’ve only skied the newer Soul 7 HD, but the Marksman is definitely a touch quicker and easier to pivot. As mentioned in my Poacher review, K2 have been simplifying their line. Thanks Cy. I hate picking up a mid-fat jib ski and thinking “I will fuck these up in days if I go near the park”. I also found that on landings of drops, they were fairly unstable thanks to the very generous rocker, though that is of course to be expected with that profile. ( This comment was made by a member you have blocked -. Review Location(s): Zermatt Glacier Paradise, Snowdome Bispingen, The Snow Centre, Conditions skied: Slush, refrozen-summer-boilerplate, glacier ice, rivers, summer 'pow', indoor. Frankly, these are an all mountain weapon that can be either pushed or skied playfully. But in its category, the Marksman is a fun groomer ski. At north of 2,200g in a 177 these are by no means a light ski. Less-known . Bottom Line. K2’s asymmetrically shaped Marksman is the do-it-all playful twin tip, part of the Factory Team line. Works really well off … But I did get to ski them in a river and hit a few summer pow drifts and you can tell that they would do a fantastic job for a 106mm ski in the deep stuff. Mercifully, when you put these the right way round they rip. They are my most favorite pair of skis I’ve ever owned, and use them as a one-ski quiver. Yup, mine did never buying a pair of k2s again. Turn initiation was easier than on the Shreditor 112, and I was comfortable making a wide variety of turn shapes. For bumps, if you are talking slower speed, quick pivot turns, both are great, probably better than the Fujas. I will say that my tips do dive a little in powder if I’m in a really forward aggressive stance (we’re talking 8+ inches here…below that and they feel just fine). We don't yet have enough review information for K2 Marksman . If you’ve ever seen a snowboard floating through powder, the Marksman’s shape makes it easy and fun to crush any and all fresh snow. Its tips looked weird, and I had to double check to make sure that I put them on the right feet. All that to say, the Marksman had two big pairs of shoes to fill, regardless of any sidecut wizardry. Add to that the fact that the Marksman is only 184 cm, and it should be much easier to move around in slow turns. K2 Marksman Skis 2018-2019. Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m) 163 / 132-106-126 / 170 / 132-106-126 / 177 / 132-106-126 / 184 / 132-106-126 / 20. K2 Beluved 78ti 2018 Ski Review. Meanwhile the inner edge is longer for better edgehold and stability. Cy Whitling on the K2 Marksman, Jackson Hole backcountry, WY. Our K2 Marksman 2019 Ski Review from the SIGB Ski Test in Galtür, Austria. They outperform the Shreditor 102/112 in mixed all mountain conditions by a huge margin and even the Sir Francis Bacons, which I loved for all mountain, don’t match up to these. I am 6’5″(195cm) and 180lbs. The tip shape knifes through cruddy chopped up snow like butter, and when you throw them sideways, they surf like a dream. evo.com : evo.com : From the creative visionary who practically started the switch pow skiing revolution comes the K2 Marksman Skis. 2017 K2 Marksman Men's Ski Review - Christy Sports - Duration: 5:29. I have these 2017 Marksmans still waiting to be mounted, and was actually thinking of selling until I read the review. This isn’t supposed to be a high-performance carving ski, and it doesn’t ski like one — if that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere. But back then, on really icy conditions [which were the norm in Switzerland as grooming was something the resorts would do on occasions only and the old snow groomers had no way of getting up the steeper hills (no fixed cables back then)], skis simply wouldn’t grip much when putting too much weight on the uphill ski. They seem short compared to the available lengths for most other rockered, 100mm+ wide skis. Note! They suit my use perfectly except for one thing: moguls. Back. It doesn’t feel dumbed down.”. Far from it. Connelly 2020 Voodoo Women's Wakesurfer-4'5" $527.99. Well, The K2 Marksman is a very unique ski. ... View the reviews with an average rating of 0.0 out of 5 stars. The first time I tried these skis, I had the benefit of demoing them directly from the local K2 sales rep, meaning I had … K2 Marksman 2018 Ski Review. This was a little more tail than I’m used to, but I felt very comfortable with them by the second day. K2 Marksman Skis - Men's - 2016/2017. For 2021, K2 has a total of 9 Individual Product Lines with 2 All-New Series: This season, K2 has revamped their “frontside” category of skis. About K2 As one of the most respected names in snow sports, K2 has been pushing the boundaries of performance, experimenting, innovating and generally raising the bar for more than half a century. Thanks for the review :). At the end of the day the Marksman is a stark departure from the Shreditors. It's a closer to an All-Mountain/Freeride ski than a pure Freeride and can be safely used on groomed runs or in the snowpark. Hi, Looking at Marksman and the Soul 7’s for skiing in both NZ and Japan. Popularity rank: … All Mountain Ski Read or share reviews of the K2 Marksman Skis 2017 or shop similar Skis. Is this correct? 5.0 out of 5 stars Great skis at a great price. While the Marksman does have one of the most pronounced asymmetrical sidecut on the market, it replaces not one, but two very good, very popular all-mountain jib skis. I still ski that way. If you’re looking for an incredibly easy, intuitive, lively, and playful ski, the Marksman is a great choice. When K2 first announced the Marksman, all the buzz was about its asymmetrical sidecut and that’s not a surprise — the Marksman is a visually arresting ski. 2 . $299.96 - $699.99. NEXT: Chop and Crud, Powder, Etc. The twist: its sidecut is asymmetrical. 3 . All K2 really did was take a wide ski, give it a twin tip and an asymmetrical shape, soften the tips and tails, and let the crowd run with it. I was a bit nervous on my first lift ride up with the Marksman. Another slight shape issue was that with the extra ski on the inside of the asymmetric taper, I found myself catching my tails on each other, particularly landing/riding switch. These are a serious ski with a side of fun rather than a ski you can play on and just about manage the rest of the mountain with. Show listings Show reviews . I have the Shreditor 112s and it’s so hard to switch even though they’ve been through a lot of repairs and the edges are in sketchy condition. My KingPins aren’t demo, so I’ll try +2 from recommended line ( or even +1, maybe). “Most”? Let us know what you think and add your review in our review section: http://www.newschoolers.com/reviews/4467/Marksman, Follow my insta to check out what I'm reviewing in real time: @twig_spens, Gear As I understood the 112 is stiffer than 102? Again, that only happened when I was consciously pushing that inside ski at higher speeds. 4 . In theory, the asymmetrical shape should mean that the Marksman gets stability from its more traditional inside sidecut, while its heavily tapered outside edge facilitates ease of turning, lack of hookiness in inconsistent snow, and a light weight in the air. The BFC 120 is for the folks who need a bit more room in their ski boots. I felt like the ON3P Kartel 108 had a slightly higher speed limit, and that the Marksman was relatively comparable to the Armada ARV 106 on smooth snow. What are your thoughts on size? Strenghts: Really fun and playful skiing. Every ski will ski smooth hardpack, if you are asking about roughed up stuff at speed, look elsewhere. As far as I have understood, the sidecut on this ski is not asymmetrical, only the tips are. MSRP: $750.00 . Made with a fir and aspen core—where denser materials are placed on the edges for durability— this lightweight ski gets loose and slashes powder. Like Salomon all mountain Head all mountain. I am fully aware that it’s totally different today and for good reasons. I noticed the Marksman’s asymmetry the most on groomers. The Marksman skis reasonably well all over the mountain. Available Lengths (cm): 163, 170, 177, 184 cm, Blister’s Measured Length (straight tape pull): 185.0 cm, Blister’s Measured Weight per Ski: 2144 & 2153 grams, Blister’s Measured Dimensions (mm): 130-105-125 mm, Tip & Tail Splay (ski decambered): 73 mm / 73 mm, Recommended Mount Point: +2 cm from “Trad” Line; 87.0 cm from tail, Test Location: Mt Bachelor, OR; Jackson Hole, WY; Porters Ski Area, NZ, [Note: Our review was conducted on the 16/17 Marksman, which was not changed for 17/18, 18/19, or 19/20, apart from graphics.]. The K2 DNA is there plain to see in the damp flex too. Did the core go dead after 10 days like like most K2’s? Style: All-Mountain Wide. I come from a pretty traditional directional background, and at this mount point I still feel comfortable getting into an aggressive stance and charging. When I skied like that, the Marksman just felt easy. I have a bad habit of almost completely weighting my outside foot during turns, so almost all of my weight is on my downhill edge. With its 106-mm waist width, it's a versatile everyday freerider for Western conditions. A review of the K2 Marksman in the 2017 POWDER Buyer's Guide. 2016-2017 Black Diamond Fritschi Diamir Vipec 12, Jonathan Ellsworth, Editor-in-Chief, Blister. On3p for me next winter. It all sounds pretty great in theory, but how does it all add up on snow? However, when I weighted both feet equally through turns on firm snow, I found that my uphill, inside ski had a tendency to get a bit squirrely. What do you think about K2 Marksman? Jumps and spins just feel much more balanced than other skis I’ve ridden. Which do you prefer, the 102 or marksman? They certainly aren’t the first asymmetrical ski to hit the market but they probably are the most mainstream and most freestyle oriented incarnation of the idea. The sidecut radius is the same on both sides, but the outside edge just starts the taper further from the tip. As soon as I made my first groomer turns, though, I was shocked by how intuitive they felt. Basically a lot of very slow speed, upright, pivoty turns just trying not to break a shin on a dead tree, and I can’t think of any other ski I’ve ever been on that was as easy to wiggle around tight, slow corners. You guys rock!!! Hi. K2 MARKSMAN REVIEW — 2017 MSRP: $800.00 The all-new Marksman is Pep Fujas’ own Frankenstein’s monster. Maybe I just suck at skiing. K2 Marksman Skis - Men's - 2017/2018 is no longer available Best sellers you may like in All-Mountain Wide Skis You said they are stiffer than shreditor 112 and softer than shreditor 102. While several companies have made asymmetrical skis in the past, no one has done it on a ski like the Marksman that they’re marketing this aggressively to the masses, and sung its praises so loudly as K2 has. Do you think the ski will be too long / heavy or is it doable? K2 team athlete Pep Fujas’s groundbreaking, asymmetrically shaped all-mountain ski is the do-it-all playful twin tip in the Factory Team line. Skis: K2 Marksman 2019. 4.0. K2 Marksman 2018 Ski Review. Well the first thing I did, obviously, was try skiing them on the wrong feet and somewhat predictably it’s not great. Slower speeds, quick direction changes? Then when, and only when, we've spent enough time on a ski to judge it fully, we tell you what we honestly think about the pros and cons of a ski and who we think it will work for. At the end of days I had aches in my shins and calves that I simply don’t experience on softer jibbier skis like the Shreditor 102 for example. Of all the skis in this waist range I’ve been on these are the easiest to change direction on. As part of a quiver their strongest suit is their all mountain performance. Manufacturer’s Flex Rating: not available. Any comparisons to either of those skis? The outside edges take cues from K2’s Pinnacle line — they’ve got a lot of taper. With a right and left-specific ski, K2 has made the overall shape to be more like a snowboard. I’d agree with that assessment — the Marksman isn’t a burly ski, but it’s no noodle. Click the link below for instructions on disabling adblock. Roofbox Reviews, Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up-to-date with the latest news from Newschoolers and our partners.