i know Canadian Tire always sells Beeman brand pellet Rifles that go up to 1000 Feet per second and all you need to be is 18 and have a valid drivers licesence. Things I liked: light weight, well balanced. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v213/fiziks2002/accuracyupdate.jpg This is a picture of the cans I shot. gun. about 30 yards out. The stock. Keep the post centered and you'll hit your target. a magazine like the one on the 760 pumpmaster would be nice. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Crosman Custom Fiber Optic Front Sight - Fits 2240 2250 2260 2289 760 (1322's 1377's with longer barrels) at Amazon.com. No airgun or firearm shoots completely flay. I don’t know tha answer to any of that. I expect the Kodiaks to be very accurate in the 2260, but they will have a pronounced trajectory, making it most important for you to accurately estimate distance in the field. It comes highly recommended by alot of airgun users including BB. It is light, well made, and with the right pellet, very accurate. I do think that Crosman could figure out a better way to mount a scope without increasing the cost of the rifle more than a dollar or two, which I'm sure no would mind paying... What others should know: I consider that the sights that come on it to be good enough for field use, but if you want extreme accuracy you will need to replace the plastic breech with a steel breech so you can solidly mount a good scope. This is a chin weld gun with a scope. The ease of shooting (compared to a spring powered airgun) and the good trigger allows for consistent accuracy. The diameter of the aperture is a little large for shooting at targets the size of a squirrel head, but it makes for quick sighting and shooting. Verified Purchase. I was wondering, is the 2260 nearly the same as the 2260se? Things I would have changed: The stock. There is also an active conversation taking place now between airgunners like yourself under the current article (B.B. If you can forget shooting BBs, then I do have a great recommendation. I had a 160 back in the early 70's, and there were many squirrels, rabbits, and woodchucks that had fatal encounters with it! To keep a CO2 gun running a long time, there is nothing you need more than Crosman Pellgunoil. Make sure to keep a few more co2 canisters with you. The 2260 is a 12 foot-pound rifle. I think it’s the best $65 value in airguns. Is there a peep site or better quality site available? Things I would have changed: I would put a synthetic stock on it or a higher comb. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Yes, the intermount should fit, but I don’t advise it. kinda interested, but if the 2260 is a better chap, i’ll stick to this one. The trigger breaks clean with little creep and is not too heavy or too light. I have bought a number of them from Pyramyd who is by far the best online airgun retailer in the USA. A 2260 would take a turkey at 20 yards with a perfect head shot. real wood and metal! What’s really strange is that I can put 2 shots in a row through the same hole but then start getting fliers. You seem to be the expert on this subject, maybe you can help me. 4 star. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just buying your first airgun, you can't go wrong with the Sheridan 2260MB (MB=metal breech). Thanks for your patients. 3 star. What do you have that’s so loud? A marksman with a rifle he knows is much more effective than a neophyte shooting a hypersonic .22. please let me know if they are fine to shoot, and also the jsb predators, do those work as well? Very nice upgrade. Its a must have… In fact its the next airgun im going to get. And again, I prefer the heftier, steel breech and bolt of the QB78 (complete with scope rails) compared to the plastic breech of the 2260 and the requirement for "intermounts" to fit a scope to the thing. This is the one I will be getting then. The main difference is that the XL comes with an 18" barrel as apposed to the normal 2250 which has 14.5" and the 2260 has 24". The wheel on the top of the scope flew off and hit me in the head. I am looking for a co2 powered rifle so I dont have to twist myself, pump the lever , our break the barrel. I own 2 co2 powered pistols from daisy. The Crosman 2260 is a .22 caliber single shot C02 air rifle. You must shoot good pellets like Crosman Premiers and the wind must be dead calm. I blew about 30 shots, aiming at a shoe i mounted on the wall. Pre-order. I have shot 500-600 pellets through it and have yet to have a flier. It's a great beginners rifle for the youngster who is just starting out in the shooting sports. From the standpoint of performance, the 2260 is well ahead of the 160. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. You may want to consider lubing the pellets with Whiscombe Honey before shooting them in your 2260 since they are known for leading a barrel. It may not have a lot of fancy do-dads on it, but it will perform right up with the best of'em. Click here to read Privacy Policy. What kind of groups would i expect to get from this rifle. Accuracy worthy of a scopeThe 2260 has all the accuracy you’ll need if you use the right pellets. From the standpoint of performance, the 2260 is well ahead of the 160. The barrel will not rust under most conditions. The CROSMAN 1077 AS is a 12 shot repeater. Be careful that the oil you use is not one that could possibly damage any seals. /blog/2005/11/is-your-airgun-barrel-really-clean/, /blog/2006/1/cleaning-airgun-barrels-the-stuff-you-need-to-know/. is about it. 4. I bought a 2260, and I do not like the sites. But it is a very good rifle. I didnt tighten them up much b4. what would you say about me getting a BENJAMIN AS392T? Click here to read about proper airgun and airsoft gun safety measures. Buffalo hunters shot the .45-70 rifle at ranges out to 500 yards, where it "dropped like a rock," yet they managed to get one-shot kills on buffalo. I know that there are several rifles that work on lower pressure, but my question is “Is the same amount of air under the same pressure used in 2260 will give same results.” I just wonder if they ever considered compressed air in similar containers as CO2. They also should be large enough that they will not roll through the barrel, but I don't know for sure. The 2260 has a great “family” historyThe 2260 is the offspring of the famous Crosman 160, a rifle that airgunners still revere today. Things I would have changed: Breech and rear site are plastic and are not the greatest. You are correct, it is nice, but will it mount on the Crosman 2260 without gunsmithing? Thank you very much guys for your remarkable help and generosity!! how quiet would you rate it? The maximum average fires per second for the Crosman Pumpmaster are 625 FPS. The Sheridan is the great great grandson of the Crosman 160 (which the QB is also derived from) , it also shares an action and trigger with its big brother the Benjamin Discovery. Message Frequency Varies, Text HELP for Help, STOP to Opt-Out. I took it out today this field right by my house. You want to use an intermount on a 160? i’m not sure if i should bust out another Benjamin for that lil gun, but i’ll test it out. This gun is very simple and just plain works well. i have also seen the daisy 22sg, does anyone have both or tried that gun? Buy this gun. I own three. On BB’s review of the multi-pump version of the gun, he shot .5 inch groups at 60 feet. Did I say the stock? I'd trust this gun with my life> Now its a cheap trainer with no guts? It has a manual safety, and the trigger is for sporting use, which means a heavier pull. Oh! A little hint...find a Marlin .22 semi-auto from the early 70's and duplicate their rear sight. Powered by CO2, Crosman's .22 caliber 2260 rifle has power to spare! Things I liked: C02 ,Light weight,Quiet when fired,velocity.Wood stock ,made in U.S. The daisys are on the list for future buys, and so are the kodaiks. Airgun safety is no accident. Excellent quality for the money! Unfortunately there are no LPA MIM rear sights. Is the 2260 good right out of the box, or does it need a long break in before it performs well. The rifle you really want is an AirForce Talon, but it is much more expensive. No for the plastic receiver without 11mm dovetail grooves. You’ll need to cut and paste this link to get to the current (January 29, 2009) comments: Round .22 caliber balls such as those carried by Pyramyd should be fine in the 2260. Things I would have changed: There are some changes that could be made such as a better rear sight, and a steel breech, but then this would increase the cost of the rifle. It can be turned into almost anything. My question is, how hard is it to change the plastic breech to the steel one available from crosman? Squirrels, chipmunks, and black birds have been getting into a my bird feeder about 25 yards away. he wants to shoot alot and reload a little and not have to pump every time he shoots. Would I need faster fps to use kodiaks. Value for the money. You don’t need hollowpoints but you do need all the accuracy you can get. And of course it comes with the scope. The Crosman 2260 air rifle is very popular with airgunners who like to modify their airguns. The 2260 is identical to the 2260SE. I’m thinking about buying the 2260 but what I’m wondering about is if you have to cock the gun for each shot? What about maintenance?If you’ve read any of the past posts about CO2 guns, you know what I’m about to say. Here it is: There is a search box over on the right hand side of this site that allows you to search for any articles that B.B. Its just that your now my goto guy for answers. what groups can I expect from this gun at 50 yds? #1) The stock inletting for the CO2 tube is cut at an angle which makes the C02 tube sit unparallel to the stock. Today I got a benjamin Discovery and was looking at it thinking the thing looked very familiar. Also would you please let me know what your experience was with Crosmwn. I checked carefully and other than a massive air chamber, higher fps, and improved sights, the 2260 is a perfect indoor trainer for the discovery so the neighbors won't complain about the noise. Those other models are not available. Anonymous with the 2260 wanting to shoot round balls. I aimed at the same spot with open sights for all 30 shots. Will the crosman 459MT intermount fit the older 160. The gun you describe sounds like a 1322 with a separate butt. “Also, you DONT see alot of airguns under 200 bucks that have the manufacturer claim you can hit .5 inch groups at 33 feet.”. The power, accuracy, and simplicity of operation still can't be beat today at 3 times the price. you can see the picture of the gouping here.http://webpages.charter.net/cesarf25s/group.htm. is perfect and will kill starlings with ease. I plan to get a tin to try in my 2300KT. . The rifle is nicely balanced and trigger action is crisp. Text JOIN to 91256 and get $10 Off Your Next $50+ Order. Wood and metal except for the plastic breach. Yes the 160 old-old style doesen’t have the cut.The gun is in good working order but the old sight at the rear of the receiver is hard to adjuest Ive had this gun from the age of 15.Iam 63 now and the old eyes arnt what they use to be.Just want to plank away in the yard and injoy hiting a can or two now and then. Excellent 10 meter gun. The most helpful favorable review. Is a tack driver at 20yds. I have to give this a high rating because I already decided it's brother was so great. i heard alot of bad about the trigger but i actually like it. The secret lies in knowing how to shoot. What would you recommend? thanks for the help, and i have avoided trying the lead balls. The TF 78 is probably more powerful than the 2260. thanks for the response.The TF 78 looks like it has higher quaility in it with much less of a difference in price. This would be a good place to search Whiscombe Honey. Few days later i took it to open space field and tested a few crosman field hunting pointed pellets and they worked ok.Giving the temperature too low in area at 45-48 degrees.I do know that at 70-80 degree is alot better for c02 performance.Noticed a severe drop in velocity after a few shots but still did very well with a RWS high velocity lead free pellet shooting at an old DVD player at 20 feet,this pellet penetrated perfect.the crosman and rws super points almost penetrated but,left a good size dent on metal .Like i said ,the weather temperature is a major factor in c02 air guns and i still am very glad i bought .It has a nostalgic look and feel with wood stock .Good to have around for target fun or when needed.Powerfull ,with the RWS high velocity pellets.Mine has very sensitive trigger.So far most of my air guns are crosman and none have ever failed .Just a matter of keeping them oiled with a drop on "every" c02 used and occasional breech seal single drop oiled.Dont abuse them and ,,they will last a lifetime. mine is most acurate with rws super points wich are like $14 for 500 wich is kinda pricey but they are hole in hole acuracy at 25yrds. The gun will lose accuracy faster than killing power. A PCP can operate and any pressure it is made for. Things I would have changed: make this model scopeable. I have seen a lot of complaints about plastic parts of 2260. The AS392 is also another gun I want , but its 80 dollars more. the “Backpacker” as they call it…its a pump version of the 2250B…i’d perfer to 2250B but since None of the stores around here have one and because it goes above our FPS limit i can’t order one. When compressed air of the same pressure as CO2 is used in a gun, velocity goes up because the air flows through the valve more readily. I will update my posts on my quest on this blog alone. I took it right out of the box and put about 40 pellets through it on one co2 cartridge and didn't notice any drop of power. I'd trust this gun with my life. Im looking for a present for my father for his birthday. Just got my steel breech upgrade done! 21 shots. The Crosman Rabbitstopper 2260 air rifle is a single shot, bolt action, .22 calibre C02 powered rifle manufactured in the States and predominantly aimed at the youth market. does anyone know if the .22 cleaning pellets actually work in the 2260? 22 multi shot is a very knowledgable airgunner with a vast amount of experience. I wish they would just sell the gun with the steel breech from the beginning. Thanks again for the tips! I want one at least under 200 bucks. Since most owners will probably upgrade to a dot sight or a scope, it probably doesn’t matter. Things I would have changed: rather have a synthetic stock. I think its Depending on the Province, I’m in ontario right now.Alot of my freinds (whom are hunters them selves) say that they don’t think you would need a Fire Arms Acusition Certifict for a pellet Rifle. Crosman has made other .22s and they’ve made loads of CO2 rifles, but there doesn’t seem to be a.22 CO2 rifle that fits in between the 160 and the 2260. Can you store the gun with the CO2 in it? Great at taking out squirrels and crows. What others should know: This gun is great for small game hunting, i have killed piegons, sparrows and even a 12 lb opossum with a headshot at 10 yards, at 40 degrees farenheit! If you let the powerlet warm back up in-between shots you should have consistent power as long as there is still liquid CO2 in the powerlet. When you spin it around to use a plain notch sight, you have just as much slop in the sight picture. I bought a Crosman 2240 specifically to upgrade to a higher powered carbine and this valve was extremely easy to exchange. Why do you write so many reviews for the same gun? The TF 78 accuracy is about the same and will vary more from gun to gun than model to model. 11mm scope rails machined into the breech. You can call Crosman customer service at 1-800-7AIRGUN (724-7486). All i am really looking to do with this Rifle is hunt small game and maybe some Rabits. and i saw in a Previous quote that this Rifle can kill a full sized Rabit. Though the Discovery shoots faster on CO2 than the 2260, the accuracy is the same ay all ranges. accurate with more penetration than I expected. There’s no recoil and no need for a scope stop. What others should know: It's very easy to take apart to service and clean, then reassemble. I wont scatter them all over your blogs anymore . Some will advertise velocities much higher, so it makes it difficult to make a choice if there is no review. Have you done any modifications to yours? Two things bothered me when I got my 2260. The rifle could be converted to use 2 cartridges. The 2260 is perhaps the favorite airgun of customizers. Iron sights need to be fiber optic or painted, What others should know: This is a backpack gun with one screw and the safety it comes apart. What others should know: If you are not using a scope and have young shooters the Crosman 2260 may better suit your needs, but it doesn't have the metal breech. Best gun for the price, I love it!! Things I would have changed: If perhaps a magazine could be added for breech to cock bolt and a pellet chambers auto,Would be nice,Otherwise ,nothing .Great feel and mechanical ,Easy to use. Although the Crosman 1077 has lots of 4 stars and 5 stars, it also got a bunch of 1 star ratings. i planned on changing it but after using it im keeping it. Thanks for the info. The problem with the intermount is it gets knocked out of place easily. Can a really punch full size a rabbit?? Out of Stock. BB is right. has anyone shot one of those gamo or any other types of round balls in the 2260? light, most accurate air rifle I ever shot. all it needs is to be charged with CO2, which is easily accomplished by correctly inserting a bulb and replacing the screw cap per instructions. well worth the money. No leaks, if you treat it decent. If you enjoy killing tin cans, slapping spinners and destroying paper targets, then this CO2 pellet rifle is right for you. It takes a 88 gram co2 tank. Same gun as the Crosman 2260 except. What are the companies that tend to exaturate? https://www.pyramydair.com/s/a/Beeman_Sport_Aperture_Sight/717. or they are firearms. You’ll want this, or the steel breech option for the 2260 if you’ll be mounting a scope. This is a gun you have to learn to modify yourself, or send it to one of dozens of customizers around the country. Another thing. easy to cock and load. So the power of PCPs is achieved mostly by higher pressure. Sometimes the very tight groups will hit right on the croshairs but usually not. I’ve had Paintball guns that always needed attencion becuase the tank would leak alot due to the pressure applied to it while in battles. The predators and crow magnums scatter really bad. The Crosman 1077 air rifle is a traditional, sporter design that has a distinctive look compared to the numerous, tactical “black rifles” that are so common nowadays. This time i wasn’t going to &%[email protected] around. If your looking for a quick load and fire rifle look at the BENJAMIN AS392T, CROSMAN 2250XT, or the CROSMAN 1077 AS. REAPER0D. I am saving money for a walther p99 QA firearm. THE CROSMAN NEWSLETTER. Crosman discontinued it in 2002, so what you found is new old stock. I am considering purchasing the 2260, as I like its looks and the convenience of CO2, but I have read a number of bad reviews on internet sites about the gun. All Rights Reserved. any suggestions? We look forward to hearing your experiences. Heavier pellets generate MORE ENERGY than light pellets. Groups of a little over half inch at 25 yards, using the Crosman Pointed pellets supplied for the test, were, in my opinion, quite excellent for this type of … And they are inexpensive. One of the best Crosman air guns for … The first time it may seem challenging, but once you see how straightforward it is, you'll be glad you tried it. What others should know: I checked with Crosman and the cocking bolt is not palstic, but brass! the accuracy and silence of it are awsome. Here are a couple of blogs that BB did on barrel cleaning. Do you know who does this type of work .thank you, Springfield Armory M1A Underlever Pellet Rifle, Powered by WordPress. Can you put a sling on this rifle? They're all good folks and eager to help. I checked it out and realized the discovery is simply a pcp version of this gun on steroids. Thanks. Go back and read all your reviews for all the same gun(s) look at how your own reviews change..Reminder what you said about this gun in your FIRST review>>very elegant and well built. Also, I suspect you are not aware of the Benjamin Marauder or the Benjamin Discovery yet. I hear they call this one the rabbit stopper. Is the 2260 limited to a scope such as BB suggests? The neighbors don’t mind if I shoot in the yard, so long as they don’t have to listen to it, that’s why I don’t use my springer. 0 of 1 people found the following review helpful: Overall rating: 2.0 Value for money: 5.0 Accuracy: 3.0 By makoy from USA on 2009-10-21 10:17:00. which review do we need to believe? Hey B.B. Instead there is a stamped metal aperture with stepped plastic block for elevation adjustment. I’ve read your review and I’m doing what you recomend but the tightest group that I can consistantly get is about 3 inches at 25 yards. After much trial and error I find that the Crosman competition wadcutter in the 1250 "milk carton" bulk pack work the best in my rifle. Thanks. /blog/2007/8/bullets-and-pellets-what-gives/. There is nothing wrong with plastic parts. Crosman 2020 Catalog. This rifle has a lot of the features of rifles that are a good deal more expensive. I suppose the work would cost $100-150. It’s going to stay as … This also protects the finish. It's easy to use, and watch their face when they start punching holes in the bullseye....In my opinion It's a great value for the price. Would they stop the Delivery truck from Bringing the pellet rifle here and would they Require just my signature for the Rifle or some kind of Fire arms Acusition Certificate? Although the QB78 is a Chinese copy of the CR 160/2260 it seems to enjoy a following. So a Crosman Premier at 600 f.p.s. While researching this product, I always look at the trench in customer reviews. My Dad bought this rifle around two years ago with a cheap 4x20 scope for just under £150. 3. My quest does have alot of power but im never sure were its going to end up. If you want to use a scope, you’ll need a baseTo mount a scope on the 2260, you need a special scope base that clamps to the barrel. That would be a custom job. Tech support at crosman can be reached at 1-800-724-7486. The aperture is large enough that you actually have to olean your head back to get a proper sight picture. Here’s the link that will always take you to the current article, then scroll down to the bottom of the article and click on “comments”: hello. The rifle came in perfect condition and ready to use right out of the box. Forums › Air Pistols › Air Pistols – Discussion › Crosman 2240 power Views : 2056 Likes : 0 Likes : 0 | Subscribe December 29, 2019 at 12:54 pm Link DeutschKSKParticipant Member Are the boss valves worth the upgrade? The 2260 is the rifle Crosman used to make the Benjamin Discovery, so it has the same barrel. If you have does it work better, worse, same? Buy the steel breech from crosman it's only 30 bucks, very easy to install, and it allows you to install a scope with 11 dovetail groves. I went prone and set a tin of daisys aside me hold it soft on both ends and kept the butt if the rifle just touching my shoulder. Most of my shots are 20+ yards. I got 4 birds today with my remington AM77. If you are shooting in quick repetition with co2 it gets cold and looses pressure. Im going to order one online however i need it to be shiped to canada. You own a Crosman 2260 and love it! hello all today I visited a local gun dealer with the intention of buying a smk or crosman co2 .22 air rifle but models that use 12g bulb. I also dont have a huge amount to spend. I would avoid the Champion Fireballs if I were you. But don’t look for a kit of parts and step-by-step instructions. The rear sight is in the correct position. 5. I hit 1 with a wadcutter and it churped and jumped into a bush. I like the longer breech that better holds a scope. I'd never rely on it to save my life, but would happily use it in a 10 meter shoot. In the blue corner weighing in at 4.7 lbs, and sharing much of the same heritage as its competitor, is the Sheridan 2260 MB. General Pumpmaster 760 Review – Specifications. And these tight groups ate usually low but can occur as much as 3 inches on either side of the croshairs. thank you. This stuff is absolutely essential to the good health of gas guns, so never be without it! B.B. The 2260 is a single-shot bolt-action rifle, so, yes, it does have to be cocked for each shot. 2 star. and also, is the 2260 or the se quiet too? Example, I see squirrel,load Co2,insert pellet,shoot once dead squirrel ,full Co2 remaining.set gun down for weeks, no leaks truly amazing the seals have not failed. .22 cal. I will continue to test the rifle and my shots. I’m looking to do some pest elimination. Should i buy one ive been looking for a .22 that runs on air under 100$ any advice??? I wont buy those anymore. This is a great place to share your airgun experiences, ask questions and answers other airgunners questions. Im looking the get one of this rifles,what is the difference between thr cr 2260 and 2260SE.also can you used two 12 grams on it,can it be upgrade to accept twoo instead of 1.thank you. Are PCP and CO2 guns operate on different pressures or not? so do tell me if you recomend it…and i was planing on takeing off the skeliton stock and putting on a hard wood…and maybe i’ll do that for the pump as well….any suggestions would be very helpful. thanks very much. Except the breech but i put a steel breech on I ordered from crosman for 30 bucks, now i basically have a 2260SE i put a tasco 4x32 on it. Since the distance is so close, the Predators should work fine for you. Simple. Modify the rear notch to narrow it down and you'll get even better! The max distance at which YOU can reliably kill a rabbit with a head shot is the max distance at which YOU can hit a nickel 100 percent of the time from a hunting position (i.e., not off a bench). My two grown boys enjoy it more than I do. I have stored my 2240, the pistol version of the 2260, with CO2 for two years. opened the box looked at the gun and it has marks on it. I believe the receiver is steel on the SE. That should get you close to the mark at 50. I also want to be able to reload and shoot quickly to make up any shots i failed. maybe i will give them a call tommorow and see what they say. Things I liked: Very accurate. For greater power, use heavier pellets. They do sell gun with steel breech, and scope 2260se but it is $175.00. Great gun and great price! Every screw besides the trigger adjustment screw and the scope stopper. Things I liked: This gun right out of the box with open sights was hitting pop cans at 25yds. I;m getting better it, but i dont feel very confident with it. You’ve posted your question and I’ve posted your answer under an article written in 2005. ok. thanks! The Crosman Pumpmaster 760 uses standard .177 caliber steel BBs or composite pellets and has a reservoir holding up to 200 rounds of ammunition. At six yards it will shoot a Crosman premium pointed hunting pellet 14.3 grains 300+ pages into a telephone book. You own a remarkable gun that is probably modified more, and has more drop in modification parts available directly from the manufacturer (crosman) than any other airgun I’m aware of. and gets about the same number of shots – BUT does it with just one powerlet, where the 160 needed two! over all the gun is amazing for the price you pay. Is this something I can do reasonably easily, or would you advise my carrying the rifle to a gunsmith? Things I liked: light weight for long hikes, very quiet, very very accurate. Things I liked: The 2260 has been the standard setter for .22 CO2 rifles for many years. Things I liked: Great simple little plinker! I’d rather spend that on accessories and ammunition. Some manufacturers advertise the velocities on their guns higher than it really is. Crosman doesn’t list a 2289 pneumatic on their site, so perhaps it’s a Canadian only product? Use Pellgunoil!