; Head north up the Brandywine River, opening Waterlogged Crates and picking up Kegs of Cram along any of the banks as you go.These are added to your wallet under Festivals and Events, as Bottles of Ale (1-3 from each crate) and Kegs of Cram.. With haste you use the Bucklebury Ferry to cross the Brandywine river. The Brandywine Bridge is a prominent landmark in Tolkien's fictional realm of the Middle-earth. Since the First Age, these moun- Baranduin or Brandywine River, a river in Middle-earth in the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien Brandywine Productions , a film production company best known for producing the Alien film series Brandywine School , a style of illustration and artists' colony in Pennsylvania The Brandywine River is a river that flows in the Shire. Books Lord of the Rings. When disaster strikes, Sam and Legolas find themselves trapped between the river, a party of malicious strangers, and each other. Frodo purposely avoided the bridge on his way east, as nobody could pass over it unnoticed. Brandywine River is a location in The Lord of the Rings. This river is known as Baranduin and Brandywine River and it separates Bree-land from The Shire as it runs through the central and southern parts of Eriador.The large and wide river originates in Lake Evendim and soon it flows southwards past The Shire, Bree-land, and the Old Forest.About this region smaller streams contribute: The Water which runs from Needlehole through The Shire, … History Edit. Drogo Baggins and Primula Brandybuck were unfortuante, as they drowned in Brandywine River. Forum: Brandywine. All you have to decide is what to do with the upvotes that are given to you. Walkthrough & Notes Walkthrough. Some brief descriptive comments from LotR are: "the brown river Baranduin" - FotR, Prologue, Concerning Hobbits "The Brandywine flowed slow and broad before them," and "the slow gurgling stream" - FotR, Book I, Ch 5, A Conspiracy Unmasked From this in RotK, Appendix B, The Tale of Years "The Fell Winter. near the Brandywine River. The Baranduin and other rivers are frozen." The Brandywine River acts as a border on the east of the Shire, except for Buckland. Welcome to r/lotrmemes, the place to meme and shitpost all you want about the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, the Silmarillion, and everything Tolkien-related. Here, we do not discriminate against memes, but accept them with open arms. 25 days – You spend the night at the old Watchtower of Amon Sûl. Location: The stone bridge on the Great East Road crossing the Baranduin (Brandywine River) north of Buckland in the Shire. In history later than the Lotro era: As trouble brews in the Shire, gates with locks are installed into the great archways and Shirriffs posted at either end. 28 days – The PMO forces were at your tail but you crossed the Ford of Bruinen, leaving them behind. Type: Fords, Bridges, Crossings Region: Bree/The Shire Other Names Great Bridge Bridge of Stonebows. Though not so tall and sharp as the Misty Mountains, the oft-forested peaks of the Ered Luin form a barrier that sep- arates the rest of Lindon from Eriador proper. 20 days – With rain and fog you enter the old village of Bree. PMO forces are lurking in the area. The bridge over the Brandywine river, marking the end of The Shire. The Fellowship must cross a river before it can enter the land of Hollin. Talk to Argirion north-east of the Brandywine Bridge. This server gets its name from two well-known things in Middle-earth, the Brandywine Bridge and the Brandywine River (also known as the Baranduin). Brandywine river vibes intensify. 20 Trivia Questions Only True “Lord Of The Rings” Will Be Able To Answer. 18 days – PMO forces have spotted you!! The cataclysm that ended the First Age created the Gulf of Lhûn, which splits the Blue Mountains in twain.