Some of the local airlines offer special pass tickets for travelers who intend to fly frequently within Norway for a specific period. Scientists claim that the plateau was formed 10,000 years ago. You need to go along the E18 highway to Sandviki, from there along E16 to Gudvangen. A taxi will cost approximately 400 NOK. ... Oslo Highlights. Climb aboard a wooden sailing ship for a 3-hour cruise of the Oslo fjords. If you’re enthusiastic about seeing the Northern Lights, check out the SolarHam website. The dramatic waterways are a photographer's dream and give the city its lifeblood. Cruise the Oslo Fjord! 221 reviews. US$59.10 per adult. There are 52 public airports in Norway, an astounding number for a nation with only 5 million citizens. This is a unique wellness experience, ideal for people who want their experience of the relaxing scenery of the Norwegian fjords to be reinforced by a complete spa experience and a delicious meal. Rock Kierag (1084 m), attracts tourists with an amazing sight: in its crevice stuck the famous boulder Kieragbolten, which has a round shape. Traveling back and forth on the same ticket can be done at your own pace, its duration is at least 4 days, and provides for a return to the starting point. The Gulf Stream keeps the coastline of Northern Norway warmer than other places at the same latitude. The most ambitious is the Sognefjord, there is still its “sleeve” Neroyfjord, the Geirangerfjord and Lucyfjord are no less famous. Other museums found on the peninsula include the Fram Museum of Polar Exploration, the Kon-Tiki Museum, the Norwegian Folk Museum, and the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. A great example is the modern Clarion Hotel The Edge in Tromsø that overlooks Tromsø Sound and the Arctic Cathedral. Required fields are marked *. No Ads. You will enjoy the Flåm Railway, one of Norways most spectacular railways, from Myrdal Station down to Flåm and the Aurlandsfjord. You’ll traverse through forest and marshland before you begin to ascend toward the mountain plateau. This spectacular fjord is a branch of the majestic Storfjord, which cuts in from the Atlantic sea just south of the Art Nouveau town of Alesund.. Boat trips and boat sightseeing in the Oslo Fjord, for groups and individual tourists. But if you want to sightsee, not so much. The huge advantage of this tour is that the route can be made independently. You will be able to drive along the famous National Travel Routes and stop anywhere you wish for photo opportunities and to enjoy local attractions. Reindeer heart is a traditional delicacy. Take the Bergen railway to Myrdal, then go along the Floma railway to Floma (this will take about 6 hours). Outside the Arrivals Hall is a taxi rank. 221 reviews. The best Norwegian fjord cruise is with Hurtigruten – the experts in fjord voyages. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore Oslofjord on the water. Its length is 102 km, and it stretches from the Danish Straits in the south and to Oslo in the north. It is easy to add a few nights in Oslo to either of these. Best Private Walking Tour of Oslo with a Local Guide. Enjoy a comfortable and intimate cruise in an open boat with seating for only 12 passengers. If you want complete freedom, and you want to see every nook and cranny Norway has to offer, then hiring a car is your best option. When visiting here, a must-do is a sightseeing cruise on the fjord to view its astonishing beauty and its famous waterfalls, the Seven Sisters, which plunge directly into the fjord. Longer itineraries give you the chance to see towns like the mountainous Flam or the remote Geiranger. All these attractions can be seen with your own eyes – you just need to go on tours of the fjords from Oslo. Rarely will you find so many facilities inside a transportation hub. Self guided fjord day trips from Oslo. In every region, you’ll find electrifying nightclubs in the larger settlements and crowded bars everywhere. It’s a three-hour drive from Ålesund. Tromsø is the largest Norwegian town within the Arctic Circle. If you’re lucky, you can see goats that graze along the fjord, and seals basking on the mountainsides near the water. Convenient hotels are those close to the attraction you want to visit and the transport hub—airport, train station, or main road. You just need to think through the route well and choose the best option. Your guide will provide you with an informative introduction to the local ecology, geography, and history. US$41.31 per adult. To keep you safe and warm, the tour operator provides boots, hats, gloves, goggles, and warm safety suits. It would be a shame to visit Norway and miss seeing some of the world-famous art in Oslo, the winding railroad between Bergen and Oslo, or the Viking ships that have survived over 1,200 years. The Geirangerfjord features peaceful waters, majestic mountains and magnificent waterfalls, including the Seven Sisters and Bridal Veil. This is a great tour if you like hiking and taking stunning photographs that make your Instagram followers green with envy. More info. Strollers are available for your use, and there are specific Breastfeeding Corners for young babies. The Norwegians have their own version of hotdogs called pølse, which are made using a different process. Vaskeriet is a venue with a somewhat schizophrenic personality. When planning a long road journey, consider local conditions. Discover Oslo's gorgeous Fjords on a trip into a dreamlike landscape. Sometimes pølse are made from reindeer meat. The most popular and at the same time ideal option for tourists with a limited time is the miniature tour of Norway. If you want to see the Northern Lights, 24-hours of darkness is ideal. On this 2-hour boat tour you will get a chance to see the best parts of these idyllic landscapes from the sea, offering a unique viewpoint rarely appreciated in these days of cheap air travel. However, it is in your best interest to do the research before you go. You can climb the stairs on the way to the old power plant 750 meters above the village, with spectacular views during the trek. It is possible to reach Oslo by ferry from Copenhagen or by train, bus, or car from Stockholm. But Norway also boasts a rich cultural history that offers plenty for visitors to see and do. The village of Nordfjordeid, at the eastern end of the fjord, is the best place to stay near the fjord. Traveling around the Oslo Fjord is an ideal option for exploring the nature of Norway with a shortage of time. So, if you’re hiring a car, get your camera ready and check out the National Tourist Routes. Electric Dinner cruise in Oslo . Cloudberry isn’t grown commercially, so it must be foraged from the wilderness before it can be served in restaurants and cafes around Oslo. The many hotels and hostels can be broken into three kinds: convenient, historic, and scenic. As a guideline, during summer the average daily high and low are 550F and 460F. Traveler-approved cruise operators include RIB Oslo and Norway Yacht Charter, but the cheapest and most popular way to explore the fjord is via a tour with Båtservice Sightseeing. Spend an evening aboard a wooden sailboat in Oslo, and sail around the waters of Oslo Fjord. SAS Scandinavian Airlines operates regular services to larger towns throughout the country. No visit to Norway is complete without at least one fjord cruise. If you’re looking for an affordable cruise that introduces you to the beauty of Norway’s fjords, this is an ideal tour for you. It may come in the form of fillets, meatballs, or sausages. It’s more tender than venison, has a milder but salty taste, and comes with a slight metallic tang. Oslo … Bergen is the big city that features on most itineraries; some may include Oslo, as well. Another item popular on the breakfast table is brunost, or brown cheese. The minimum cost is from 1440 NOK per person, and the final amount depends on the fullness of the tour. $243.69 per adult. You can travel by train, in time it will take 9-10 hours. In Ålesund, you need to take a bus to Geiranger, the distance between settlements is 110 km. The best option for traveling to Lucefjord from Oslo is to get to the city of Stavanger, and then move from there. This is a perfect tour for those who like to combine their sightseeing with an adrenaline rush. That’s essential information for seeking the best time and place to view this amazing natural phenomenon. A great way to see the waterfront sights as the sun goes down, this 3-hour boat cruise follows a route past Akershus Fortress, Oslo Opera House and more. It is often eaten on rye bread and dressed in a variety of sauces. Next, your guide will lead you on a hike through the wild and rugged countryside. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The short answer is…beautiful. The Sogne Fjord in Miniature tour is available daily from May 1 to September 30. On board you can purchase coffee and light refreshments while travelling from the ocean to the fjord, enjoying spectacular views along the way. If you decide to hire a car, please remember that the laws and conditions are different in Norway. 2-Hour Oslo Fjord Sightseeing Cruise. You can also get to the Neryoi Fjord by train. Don’t plan to spend every night of a two-week vacation in Oslo, because you’ll miss out on many natural attractions. The UNESCO-protected Nærøyfjord: Norway in a nutshell, from Oslo to Flåm & the Nærøyfjord. The most sought after is cloudberry. The airport is open 24 hours, and that includes some food outlets. In the north, the Bardus Bar in Tromsø attempts to emulate the bistros of Southern Europe but with a strong hint of Norwegian culture and tradition. Excursions from Oslo to the fjords, you can choose a variety, but it is best to start with a tour of the Oslo Fjord. A particularly fascinating hotel is Oscarsborg Castle near Oslo. Its cost is from 7420 NOK. The specially designed seats will keep you comfortable during the ride, and each passenger is assigned a locker to keep their camera and a small bag safe while the RIB speeds through the water between photo opportunities. The Lysefjord is located in Ryufülk, next to the Haugesund and Stavanger. If you want to explore the Arctic fjords in-depth, this tour is the best one for you. With a population descended from Vikings, it’s no surprise to discover that the nightlife in Norway is wild. Its depth varies from 10 to 500 m, its smallest width is 250 m, the largest exceeds 1 km. Oslo Fjord 2-Hour Sightseeing Cruise A 2-hour boat sail among the most scenic landscapes in the Oslo Fjord. Find out RATES or book any accommodation using this form, The best Tours and Cruises from Oslo to the Fjords of Norway. Excursions from Oslo to the fjords, you can choose a variety, but it is best to start with a tour of the Oslo Fjord. If you are particularly interested in the picturesque scenery of the Norwegian landscape, the fjords and coastline to the west and the mountains of Southern Norway are served by a series of 18 highways designated as National Tourist Routes. Many tours offer refunds within a certain time frame, so check when you book. The tour can be organized both one-day and multi-day, with hotels and events at the discretion of the tourist. Enjoy a steamy Turkish bath, then jump into the ocean to cool down. A common variety of lutefisk is dried cod cured using a lye solution. The Norwegian State Railways (NSB) website not only introduces the timetable, but also allows you to book a ticket.