Your generous donations are used to create and maintain these animated maps. Battle of Brandywine Brochure Chester County Pennsylvania Circa 1950's. Click the links below to view the following maps: Battle of Paoli (Fought on the night of September 20, 1777) Battle of Brandywine Map (fought on September 11, 1777) Battle of the Clouds map (Fought on September 16, 1777) *All maps are listed are used with permission by Sean Moir. of Hessian Artillery. Battle of Brandywine – Septmber 11, 1777: Battle of the Clouds – September 16, 1777: Battle of Paoli – September 19-20, 1777: Battle of Germantown – October 4, 1777: Delaware Valley – 1777: The Battle of Brandywine, the Battle of the Clouds and the Paoli Massacre projects are available under the historic resources section of the Planning Commission's website here. Howe. Map Size: 20 inches x 24 inches | Fits 20x24 size frame | Frame not included | Archival Quality Reproduction | 1777 Map|Title: From Battle of Brandywine|Subject: Brandywine, Battle Of, Pa|Chadds Ford Region|Chadds Ford Region Pa|Early Manuscript Maps, Manuscript|Pennsylvania|United States Notes: Scale not given. Map of Battle of the Brandywine. On September 11, 1777, British and Hessian soldiers outmaneuvered George Washington’s Continentals as they tried to defend against Sir William Howe’s advance on Philadelphia. Thank you. Animated Maps The Battle of the Brandywine was the largest and longest battle of the American Revolution. The victory was a great morale booster for the American army. A 12 panel fold out brochure with history, prelude , maps of routes taken by Cornwallis and Knyphausen and position on the American Army and map of the Battle of Brandywine. in fine condition with name stamped on front cover The majority of the battle action took place south of modern day Street Road between U. S. Route 202 to the east and the Brandywine River to the west. 1777, by the army under the command of General Sr. Willm. Brandywine was Lafayette’s first battle and he always looked back fondly on his experiences there. In his 1824 visit to the United States, he visited again and indicated where he was wounded along the crest of the hill. It is thought to be one of the first battles in which the Ferguson rifle was used and in … The Battle of Brandywine, also known as the Battle of Brandywine Creek, was fought between the American Continental Army of General George Washington and the British Army of General Sir William Howe on September 11, 1777, as part of the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783). The forces met near Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, as Howe moved to take Philadelphia, then the American capital. Note: The operations of the column under the command of His Excellency Lieutenant General Knyphausen is engraved from a plan drawn on the spot by S. W. Werner, Leiutt. Most of the Brandywine battlefield has been overrun by suburban residential developments between West Chester, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware. The Battle of Brandywine was one of the largest land battles, as the only battle in which Washington and Howe fought head-to-head. Manuscript, pencil on tracing paper. He visited the site briefly in 1780 while on his way south. 1778 map Battle of Brandywine in which the rebels were defeated, September the 11th. Battle of the Brandywine.