– The effect for Flash will be changed. Not only can A Tywin stun her, but he can apply a slow debuff as well, which means that he will cycle his turns much faster, so he heavily cripples ML Tenebria. Dizzy have nothing on SSB bathwater lol. I only know he is good RTA hero, s1 soul strip and soulburn s3 for endless spam. Pair both of them with a "cleave" unit, a damage dealer that hits all enemies like Vildred, Blood Blade Karin, etc. Tywin's legacy barely outlasts his own death. 7 1 17. Tywin kept everyone in line with his strength and fear - but he failed to engender any love or loyalty. Speed boots, health% necklace & an effectiveness% ring. He works well with Basar and conveniently Basar's banner is going on so I would recommend drawing for him. Martial artist ken's the coming of asura can be soul burned for extra effects. 1st: play for your favorite characters. And some heroes get some rework/buff later make them strong. Didn't even suspect it. With no immunities and attack up, Silver Blade Aramintha is free to rain stuns, burns, and destruction on the enemy team. Regarding elena pairing, the other issue is if enemy basar is slow/ur elena is too fast, then he can let elena s3 and dispel it later. The moment they are weak - as could happen anytime, given a simple reversal of fortune - no one would be willing to stand up for them. Remember fire ken? Archived. Once again, if you S1 first, on A Tywins second turn you simply soul burn S3, which has a very good chance of stunning Kayron meaning Kayron won't get another S3 off. Tywin is the game's best defence breaker, 100% chance (at +5 enhancement on Skill 3) to defence break all opposing units (depending on your effectiveness vs. their effect resistance). Tywin is more of an offensive knight that specializes in making your team deal more damage to the enemy. Speed boots, health% necklace & an effectiveness% ring. Reddit always says any hero is shit no matter what. Ambitious Tywin Helps your team to take less damage during fierce attacks. He's Edward I taken to a higher degree, an ambitious yet also deeply emotional man who wants to see his family rule. Luluca has good synergy with other DEF Breakers who can supplement her poor DEF Break uptime. – The effect for Vortex will be changed. If you avoid resistance you risk getting loaded with debuffs after the first one and there are a lot of debuffs around. Forgot your Password? Tyrion and Tywin share many traits. But now I don’t know who to run. Tywin is the game's best defence breaker, 100% chance (at +5 enhancement on Skill 3) to defence break all opposing units (depending on your effectiveness vs. their effect resistance). Everything in his kit can be replicated with other heroes (aside from his passive, which has niche use). K thank you I’ll try to grab basar then, I have a few summons saved up. Tywin is different cause we do know what he's supposed to do, but if you think he nice, just go for him. two completely different kits, basically both for PvP but some usability in PvE. For his counter chance, Elbris makes his s1 soul strip considerably more reliable. Awesome. Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterley Rock, Warden of the West, Hand of the King and (and my favourite character in the TV series) is often regarded as a reimagining of ‘The Kingmaker’ Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick (1428-70). His passive skill, “Battle Command,” can be activated even when Ambitious Tywin is paralyzed, allowing him to protect his team at all times. Please offer advice and some build recommendations for both. Not the best or overpowered = shit, there is no in between. Ok thx I might try for basar now, I wasn’t planning to cuz I have violet and cidd as my main 5 star grass types but a mage wouldn’t hurt. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you build him on counter set and that procs (20% chance) then he can remove 4 souls possibly making a follow up soulburn impossible, but 20% is not reliable. They're both clever, perceptive, ambitious and ruthless. I'm a believer now as well. Ned: Traumatized emotionally after the loss of most of his family, angry with Robert for making an alliance with the perfidious Lannisters. Tywin hate is a ridiculous over reaction to the Machiavellian Tywin hard man who is God fandom. I use Tywin to tank Wyvern and basically all PvE content with Aurius. Use his 1st EE. High end players are pretty good at judging a character in isolation, and characters with strong self-reliant kits can fit into more comps than others, but it's difficult to tell how a hero will fare when combined with other heroes. Cold, ambitious, and willing to do anything to protect her own, the majority of Cersei’s plans centre around her belief that anyone who isn’t a Lannister is an enemy. We've been historically bad at predicting the wider effects. Being foolish during his duel with The Mountain actually led to the death of his main target, Tywin Lannister. You must mean baiken. Willas Misses Peer-Reviewed Journals 17. Willas Has a Bad Dream 18. (Basically they pull a Tywin except for the violence). There's also one more evidence. Details Here is a showcase of the newly released Ambitious Tywin in Champion tier arena, GvG and RTA. Discussion. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. After a month I have returned to thank you for your advice, I made it to masters running a cleave with basar, Tywin, kayron, and lots team. If he gets to press S3 great, it won't do anything though. His s3 looks cool but it applies the 2 lowest impact debuffs in the game. Pull Basar & do much the same, make him faster than Tywin, his third skill has the game's best strip (or "dispel"), 100% chance against all enemies to strip, apply un-buffable debuff & push back 30%, however the kicker is you can soul burn it for it to ignore effect resistance. Focusing only on meta gets stale very quickly imo. Look what we have now. The only situation whereby elena pair works is if she is positioned in between enemy basar and tywin, which is tricky. "The only thing about SSB is W11. I see people say he counters Basar, but all he will counter is the unbuffable debuff. The Legend Special. While he does nothing flashy outright, he is a formidable support-tank unit that occupies a niche that was previously empty in the PvP meta: passive debuff cleansing and Soul-stealing. "Limited hero is not OP anymore because of Dizzy incident ", That was Reddit reaction about SSB when she first revealed. I’m going to be posting guides/content on this blog that explains some of my thoughts. He cannot cleanse the combat readiness pushback, your team is at least safe from unbuffable, which usually means you need to bring a cleanser/healer. Charlotte (5★, Fire, Knight) – The effect for Dual Swords will be changed. Make sure to build him incredibly speedy with high effectiveness. IIRC, there's a video of someone using a ranger (I think it was Yuna) with bloodstone and Tywin to hunt wyvern 11, just the two of them; however, I think he's a popular option all around for wyvern, and works fine for Azimanak if he carries aurius. I was rocking Ml for a while because he was my only good knight and he was anti gimmick so it was great. Certainly, if Robert’s Rebellion and the events preceding the books and TV Ambitious Tywin is the first Moonlight Hero released in 2020 in January in the Mystic Banner. It doesn't matter what he does he's just there for his passive. ML Tywin requires you to have an Elena. You've got Tywin & Basar is on the banner? RGB Tywin, it's not even a contest, although ML Tywin is purely a defense unit, You can take him into arby basar defenses and it works great if you have elena, He cleanses the unbuffable then cleanses the next instance of arby's blind too, makes fights much smoother. Although he's cold when we know him, Tywin once loved his wife deeply. If elena is slower than tywin then he can s3s2 and burst as usual. Seller's guaranteed time of delivery 1 hours. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I remember when some people said that Dizzy wasn't so good the first days, weeks later the same people realized that She was OP and they regret not being able to pull her any more.. Light Tywin is one of the best looking characters in the game and I really do not want to miss the only chance(basically) to get him, even if a lot o people are calling him niche or Meh based on his kit. Destina (5★, Earth, Soul Weaver) – … I'd love to discuss it with anyone who disagrees (or even if you agree lol). His basic attack can dispel a buff. Get as much speed, health% & effectiveness as you can in your substats & aim for 210-230 speed, 15K+ health & 100%+ effectiveness, you wont be able to achieve this until later in the game, but it's your goal. edit subscriptions. As a result, the Lannister power lasts only as long as they are strong. Enter in your username or email and you will recieve an email with a link to change your password. Thanks to him, I can get by with minimal healing. The idea behind this comp is simple in execution: Let Cerise strip the turn 1 immunities and inflict slows. He goes in the waiting room, a single open inventory spot has more worth than him. The u/AmbitiousTywin community on Reddit. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Takes away your enemy's souls when you use Ambitious Tywin while attacking. Its so ridiculous. His second skill is the unique one that people tend to sleep on. You'll want to build him on a speed set, with an immunity set. You'll want to build him on a speed set, with an immunity set. jump to content. Blue Tywin is easy, first you get a Basar, then you build him with about 210-230 Spd, Immunity set, and as much Eff as you can get with HP being a good secondary stat. She also has no way of actually healing, so having a Soul Weaver or off-healer is a good idea. Hey Everyone! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Anyway early 300 AC-the war is a stalemate, with stark forces in the riverlands and north, the Lannister’s hold the capital, with the Tyrell’s joining after Stannis’s retreat. Ambitious Tywin is a Light elemental Knight who adds a new dimension to battle by immediately dispelling a debuff from all allies and is also capable of inflicting debuffs to his enemies. Replaces the standard perk if this hero is slotted as the commander. my subreddits. Ken attacks the enemy with a kick, increasing his speed for 2 turns, with a 75% chance to decrease defense of the target for 2 turns. Jaimie and Cersei-incest and mutually destructive behavior. As others have mentioned it is just a worse version of fire Baal and Sezan's s3 (who has def break AND one turn shorter cooldown on the skill). Willas Realizes Mace Can Play the Game of Thrones 13. Is it possible that Ambitious Tywin could be better than we thought? I would say mostly yes. Ambitious Tywin (5★, Light, Knight) – The effect for Battle Command will be changed. They think in similar ways and both hate to be laughed at or mocked. Willas Plans to Garden The last slot can be filled by whatever matches the team's needs based on the fight. Robert-drunk empty hedonist. Use regular Tywin for now, just flat out better at most parts of the game. Posted by 11 months ago. Is it possible that Ambitious Tywin could be better than we thought? Low resistance also means he will get stripped of buffs easily. Tywin-man with his own deep psychological and emotional insecurities, makes enemies. I find it so hilarious that to counter a faster basar you basically need 3 damn units. Yep and also her artifact. And now, many people hope they have one Reingar's Special Drink. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, aka Epic7 - Korean mobile RPG developed by Super Creative, and published by Smilegate Megaport for Android and ios, Press J to jump to the feed. Kayron is another very strong unit. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. They were, cause they all expected the gg collab heroes to deal massive damage vs their respective hunts and they all went "booo dizzy can't one shot wyvern what a trash unit" but they were wrong. Overview Sporting the highest base HP in the game, the 5 ★ Dark Warrior Dark Corvus is the bruiser that packs the hardest punch, with his ultimate, Devil’s Descent. TLDR;Ambitious Tywin a 5 Star Moonlight Hero that specializes in soul destruction and is also equipped with a soft CC counter play. He doesn’t have much play in PvE due to his kit. He probably will end up being better than the general consensus. Martial artist ken build reddit. ML Purgis to mitigate the push back, Elena with tome because Ml Purgis is not going to be enough for the push back, and ML Tywin to get rid of the unbuffable for elenas s3 to work....lmao. Submit Cancel Cersei knows being a woman in Westeros isn’t easy, and although her approach to life is cynical and self-servicing, she’s definitely making the best of a bad situation. We never truly know how a unit will fair until there has been ample testing time. He was considered one of worst 5* hero until his rework make him become a power bruiser like today, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, aka Epic7 - Korean mobile RPG developed by Super Creative, and published by Smilegate Megaport for Android and ios, Press J to jump to the feed. Recent threadmarks 19. If you can auto W11 already and fast, she is a big skip." I dont remember anyone saying dizzy wasn't good. His AOE def break is useful in arena (when it doesn't miss, haha) and he pairs well with any DPS for that attack & crit buff. He has an AoE defense break on his skill 3. Reddit user Exex123 wrote: “Just realised about Oberyn. Willas Sees His Family Off 15. I prefer my non-ambitious, humble blue Tywin. Your team will still get stripped, and you will require someone like Elena with tome to try to counteract the 30% CR pushback. Many people said her limited artifact was mediocre and recommended Rosa. Willas is the King of Games 12. I think he will be underwhelming for a few reasons: His s2 requires him to get debuffed to work, which would suggest you want to avoid resistance on him. Even if you don't pair him with Basar for the always popular Dispel -> Def break -> cleave in PVP, he does a pretty good job at PVE. Well, well, how the turntables. what should the 4th unit in the cleave team be? I expect Tywin dying doesn’t change Robb’s immediate strategy too much. I was always glad that Tyrion killed Tywin. A Forum of Ice and Fire A Song of Ice and Fire & Game of Thrones Unless this skill has pretty good scaling so that he can deal bruiser-like damage, it just doesn't seem very good to me. People said SSB wasn't going to be good. This in turn will let Rose CR boost and grant attack up to the team. Out of these hero buffs, I am mainly interested in Tempest Surin, and Crescent Moon Rin. 2nd: every opinion on an unreleased unit is exactly that; an opinion. Stannis: Bitter man with grudges and familial biases. So with the upcoming moonlight Ambitious Tywin, i wanted to hear what other peoples view are, like what sets, artifactsand team setup would you use with Don't have an Elena? & you've got a force to be reckoned with in PVP, especially if paired with someone like Auxillary Lots. I've only seem newbies calling Dizzy trash, and that's because they thought she was supposed to do damage, which was never her thing to begin with. But, now I'm not. ML Tywin is a hero of convenience, with a niche of instant cleanse on S2 and spamable soul removal on S1. The skill buffs an attacker with the lowest combat readiness on the team with attack buff + critical hit chance and combat readiness as well. Close. Play your game, not meta's game. So recently I got Tywin outta the free summon and previously I got Ml Tywin. Is Tywin realistic? As of Season 3 & 4 of arena, most defenses in Legend+ is composed of a carbon of copy or some variation of this team. Willas Can't Believe the Ironborn Are That Stupid 16. Ambitious Tywin was designed to be a Hero that could immediately respond to being debuffed and assist his allies, but it was confirmed that his key passive ability, Battle Command, was difficult to activate due to the condition that it would only be activated when he had been debuffed. It would've been an awesome scene seeing Tywin exploding because of his own shit! If you do have an Elena, just make him tanky with a focus on HP. While not the most cohesive composition, teams like these count on the initiating strength of a Basar, followed up by literally all the best heroes in their roles each with different utilities. Discussion. This is going to be my first post so thank you all who take the time to read this! Tier List Description Ambitious Tywin now becomes a strong contender to counter 1st turn fast Basar’s in PvP. Luthor Rowan Doesn't Want to Go to War 14. Due to the skill scaling off of his high Health pool and completely penetrating enemy Defense, Dark Corvus is commonly run on PvP offense with a specialized team built around him to support this damage and play out very slowly. Cookies help us deliver our Services. As for raid, he offers some decent to high morale, and his S1 dispel is really useful against many bosses.