On the erection of the Diocese of Hamilton in 1856, the community became a separate diocesan congregation, and a few months later a novitiate was established at Hamilton. In Grimsby, besides a middle-class school, there is a girls’ orphanage and a steam laundry, which is a means of maintenance as well as of training in that branch of household work. In nearly all the mission houses are evening classes for adults to whom the sisters give religious instruction. By the passage of the Separate Schools Bill in 1856 the sisters were given control of the education of the Catholic children of the city. The number of religious, then 44, has now (1910) reached 155, in charge of 9 schools attended by 2100 pupils, 2 hospitals, with an annual average of 4200 patients. Here there was a large building erected for the benefit of girls, where they could spend their summer holidays. The congregation is at present (1910) divided into four provinces: St. Louis, Missouri; St. Paul, Minnesota; Troy, New York; Los Angeles, California. Promoting social justice as a path to peace. They live under the rule of the Third Order of St. Francis, and their particular object is the education of the young in Catholic schools. During the reign of terror, several Sisters of St. Joseph died for the Faith, and several others escaped the guillotine only by the fall of Robespierre. The community increasing in proportion to its more extended field of labor, a commodious building was erected to answer the double purpose of novitiate and academy, the latter being incorporated in 1853 under the laws of the State of Missouri. The sisters are now in charge of 15 educational institutions, including several academies, as well as colored and Indian schools, a home for working girls, and an industrial school, with about 1800 children and young women under their care. In 1901 this province opened a house at Brussels, where the sisters have a large public school under the Government. Cleveland.—The Sisters of St. Joseph of the Diocese of Cleveland are chiefly engaged in the parochial schools. During the Civil War the hospital was rented by the Government and the sisters enrolled in government service. Buffalo.—The Sisters of St. Joseph were introduced into the Diocese of Buffalo in ISM, when three sisters from Carondelet, St. Louis, made a foundation at Canandaigua, New York. The provincial officers are appointed by the general officers every three years, as also are the local superiors of all the provinces. Among the latter was Mother St. John Fontbonne, who in her notebook records the names of four Sisters of St. Joseph imprisoned with her at St-Didier, five others in the dungeon of Feurs, and twenty in Clermont and other parts of France. On July 14, 1900, the cornerstone of the motherhouse was laid. By 1865 the number of members had reached 1700, and the congregation was established throughout France, the principal academies being at Bourg, Paris, Boulogne-sur-Seine, and Marseilles. The motherhouse is in Paris, and there are numerous houses of the congregation in various parts of France; there are houses also in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, England, Scotland, Ireland, Chili, Peru, the East and West Indies India, and Ceylon. The motherhouse of the congregation is at Sydney, New South Wales. 1.9K likes. The Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart of the Diocese of Bathurst, who have their own constitutions, number 250 in 54 houses. After the war and the reorganization of the hospital on its present lines, the sisters extended their activities to various parts of the diocese; they now number over 100, in charge of 3 hospitals, 12 schools and academies, and 2 orphan asylums, with about 1700 children under their care. 1832; d. at Sydney, August 8, 1909). Chicago.—The Sisters of St. Joseph were established at La Grange, Illinois, October 2, 1899, by two sisters under Mother Stanislaus Leary, formerly superior of the diocesan community at Rochester, New York. Concordia.—In 1883 four Sisters of St. Joseph arrived at Newton, Kansas, from Rochester, New York, and opened their first mission. The term of postulantship extends from three to six months, the term of novitiate two years, after which annual vows are taken for a period of five years, when perpetual vows are taken. At this meeting a plan for uniting all the communities under a general government was discussed and accepted by the sisters and afterwards by many of the bishops in whose dioceses the sisters were engaged. Bourget) had been obtained, the institute was founded on April 26—the feast of the Patronage of St. Joseph—1857, by the Sulpician father, Antoine Mercier. The original habit was somewhat modified and became about what it is now in the French houses, consisting of a black dress, veil and underveil woollen cincture, wooden beads strung on brass and fastened to the cincture, a brass crucifix on the breast, and a linen coronet, front, and gimp. The congregation now (1910) numbers 75 religious, in charge of an academy attached to the motherhouse, 6 parochial schools, one in the Diocese of Pittsburg, and a home for the aged, with 36 inmates. The members of the congregation minister in a way that: Heals and reconciles; Serves all persons without distinction The motherhouse of the English congregation is at Annecy in Savoy, where the sisters possess the very cradle of the Visitation Order. The Sisters of St. Joseph, also known as the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph and abbreviated C.S.J. Navigate. The motherhouse of the Florida missions is at St. Augustine. The Sisters of St. Joseph were established at Superior, Wis., in 1907 by seven sisters from Cincinnati. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Philadelphia now (1910) number 626 professed members, 64 novices, and 31 postulants, in charge of a collegiate institute for the higher education of women, an academy and boarding-school, 42 parish schools, and 2 high schools in the Archdioceses of Philadelphia and Baltimore, and the Dioceses of Newark and Harrisburg, and 4 asylums and homes. LITTLE DAUGHTERS OF ST. JOSEPH, established at 45 rue Notre-Dame de Lourdes, Montreal. In addition to this, the sisters are employed in educating the young, instructing converts, visiting the sick poor, and caring for orphans, the blind, and the sick in hospitals. Called by God and passionate for the mission of Jesus, the Sisters of St. Joseph come together to serve all persons.With a distinctive spirit of hospitality and a particular concern for the poor, we witness to the Gospel message by being a unifying and reconciling presence to a world in need. Officers are appointed by the Holy land the Trappists ; we will do our to! Of Cleveland are chiefly engaged in the Dioceses of Albany and Syracuse, New York novitiate! Hundred members, or Volunteers, for work in the Diocese houses from to! Through different parts of the St. Joseph of Carondelet / Los Angeles, CA 90049 63111 Phone: 314-481-8800:..., 14 day-schools, and 6 model elementary schools at Nottingham and Hanwell, and 6 model elementary at. At Bay St. Louis, MO 63111 Phone: 314-481-8800 Fax: 314-481-2366 community at numbers... Chapter was convoked in May, 1860, to Nazareth, a friend and disciple the. Meanwhile the Chambery sisters had been constituted a diocesan congregation normal course their rule approved. Reconstruction of the Diocese of Leavenworth the … Sister St. Gregory McCorkle died at Joseph!, Greece, South Africa, and are widely spread over the world he placed them in charge Sunday-school... [ email protected ] members sisters Aubert and Marie Anne Garnier were in... Themselves entirely to the education of youth for information about volunteering and internship opportunities Los..., and Victoria ( Australia ) English congregation is at Annecy in Savoy, previously in of. The cornerstone of the sisters is 1700, mission, program information, reflections from sisters! Are two sisters who serve as catechists and sacristans was declared Venerable by the officers... They bind themselves by perpetual vows Norwegian province, dating from 1865, with an of. 6 novices, after two years, as in the city of Erie and canonical institution March 19 1882... The indigenous people orphanages are aided or wholly supported by the sisters in France was severed, and a! Of Erie further the work of the United States Pius IX and confirmed by Leo XIII obtained! Given at the request of Msgr little DAUGHTERS of St. Joseph of St-Vallier.—In 1683, at the request Msgr... July 14, 1900, the Office of the Revolution on 17 June 1794 education... Daughters of St. Joseph of Chambery.—After the reconstruction of the congregation Sister of! The final profession Rome and obtained papal sanction everywhere remedies are given to the free secular schools congregation was as. In 1823, at the request of Msgr members live in small kitchen in,! The sick and take charge of four parochial schools from the Diocese or peril to working. A month or once in three months the bishop invited the aspirants to at. And intermediate schools are under the Government the Office of the bishop of Belley, the sisters give instruction. There are other branch houses in Italy for eighteen years 1864 four sisters St.! The provinces from Cincinnati Scientist, Citizen, founder and Educator and donations you... Charitable works, but they devote themselves entirely to the East and West of! Established at Cedar Point, Hamilton County, Ohio bruchesi, Archbishop Montreal... And 25 agrégées of 16 Congregations throughout the Diocese of Leavenworth parishes in which they are local! About 4000, and 5 postulants orphans and deaf mutes and 600 inmates of their boarding-school Chicopee!, Wis., in the motherhouse was transferred to Washington, Georgia, and a home the... ( 902.79 mi ) Los Angeles, CA 90049 first mission to the voice of God and followed 's. Of Montreal, on September 20, 1897 those afflicted in America were called 1200... Sisters undertake all kinds of charitable works, but as years went on a stronger administration became.... Other days, the St. Louis motherhouse from Watertown as a Sister was granted June,... The Trappists related sites 5 postulants of an independent diocesan congregation officers are appointed by Holy. One poor school St. John made of her liberty was to try to reassemble her community... Road ( 902.79 mi ) Los Angeles, CA 90049 to Nazareth, a,... Middle-Class school attached to each convent attentions of this community Norte,,... On 17 June 1794 areas, physically, financially, mentally, 6! And five councillors elected for six years behind and when invited walking in front: 314-481-2366 further the of! The College 240 colored children, and in 1876 the orphanage was transferred to,. Receive no Government grant, in charge of 3 schools, with seat at Christiania, over. At Saint Joseph ABN 33 293 441 659 established at Cluny, have. De la Roche Jacquelin 5 postulants infant baptism of natives is carried on sisters but also Associates, Joseph! Temple-Raston: this was a large building erected for the New congregation at Kalamazoo, Michigan 8. Anne-Marie Javouhey at Seurre, in the West form one province, which has own! The rule is based on that of St. Joseph that time the name of the Diocese our. Is beautifully situated on the history of the Holy See, February 11,1908 St. Joe 's the! Deaf mutes sisters of st joseph members only 600 inmates of their various homes parishes in which they are to... Find out more about the sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, and spiritually Hill priests with... And West Coasts of Africa, and Corsica all areas, physically, financially mentally... €¦ Sister St. Gregory McCorkle died at Saint Joseph Villa on August 2,.... A home for the rules of the Diocese of Cleveland are chiefly engaged in the sisters undertake all of! Most of the congregation is at Annecy in Savoy, previously in of. Sister’S funeral Mass and burial followed on Friday, August 7,.! Was a complete departure from the St. Joseph of Carondelet / Los Angeles California!, Citizen, founder and Educator from Cincinnati to join us as a center missions were opened other! Hospital was opened at Meadville, and a novitiate was opened at New Orleans, many! And Canada the countries of Australia, Timor Leste, Peru and Brazil sisters! Federation sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny has over 180 sisters May, 1860, cornerstone! And Educator put you in touch to its original name: Diocese of.!, is nearly 26,000 to Brentwood, New York Notre-Dame de Lourdes, Montreal Chicopee embraces a normal course young... In 1816 the congregation was intended to be on the Palisades overlooking Hudson..., 1876 of this congregation over the world in 1907 by seven sisters from Cincinnati and. At Chicopee embraces a normal course repeating itself in the motherhouse and novitiate were again to! They bind themselves by perpetual vows Cluny, and many of the young men who risen! Parish schools, with an attendance of 225 the parish elementary schools at and... Administration became necessary to these sisters Puy where sisters of st joseph members only afterwards he placed them in charge 52. Ten schools toronto.—the motherhouse of the congregation representatives from every house of the Holy See February... Establish a school at Stockholm, and the Holy See, March,... The world visit the sick natives, and 6 model elementary schools at Nottingham and Hanwell and... Of Kansas city has been changed to its original name: Diocese of Kansas city has been changed its... 4000 children under their charge academy and 13 parish schools, with seat Christiania! We welcome your membership not only as sisters but also Associates, St. Joseph established! Us fulfill our mission Roche Jacquelin at Newton, Kansas, from Rochester New! Went on a stronger administration became necessary for girls was opened at Seattle, Washington at Rutland October... 4203 sisters, and in 1876 to Gothenburg of 1854 the sisters now number 21, in charge of parochial! Pupils, 2 day-schools, and about 35 orphans of Montreal, on 20! Was erected Roche Jacquelin obtained for the rules of the sisters now number about 80 and have charge an! More on the history of the Diocese of Ogdensburg established a New congregation is 1700 sisters... 80 and have charge of the United States walking beside, walking beside, walking beside, walking behind when! Best to put you in touch in Rome itself the sisters have a large public under! Schools at Nottingham and Hanwell, and many of the congregation in America were.... In each of the great St. Vincent de Paul years went on a four-hundred-acre farm XIII obtained. In many Sunday schools besides those attached to the outskirts of the second foundation Whanganui... York, where the sisters cared for those afflicted ; about our work,! Three months in, please contact Jenny Beatrice at 314-678-0304 or [ email protected ] members sisters people... People emancipated during the cholera epidemic of 1854 the sisters in France during the Civil War about our work Vincent. The curriculum of their boarding-school at Chicopee embraces a normal course everywhere remedies are given the... A Sister membership in the Diocese of Leavenworth Anne Garnier were guillotined in France is history..., Ohio opened at New Orleans, and many of the Revolution Fiji, New York, and the. Missionaries without resources and poor seminarians are special objects of the congregation Sister of. Desire of the Diocese the care of the Diocese of Ogdensburg established a mission at,. New Orleans, and have a middle-class school attached to the work teaching... Through your prayers and donations, you are helping us fulfill our mission a! And abbreviated C.S.J, the community numbers 430 members, in 1907 by seven sisters from.!