These were the Chanel show souvenirs everyone got. We need to be more protective than ever because it’s about the respect for our customers and at the end of the day, of the brand for sure.”. If you cannot even bring a “Chanel” leather GWP bag (especially if there is even such a thing, because as I mentioned above, there is none)  back to the Chanel boutique for repairs or refurbishing at some point (because these resellers tell you that they’re “not really” Chanel boutique items but were “gift” items), why even bother buying that “Chanel” labelled item, even if it’s a fraction of the cost? So to reiterate, that “Chanel VIP Gift Bag” being offered by the Philippine- based Instagram reseller (whose photo from IG is published above), is the exact same “Chanel Bucket Bag” as the one offered by Xiaofangmei (the account with the current Chanel lawsuit). Those bags being peddled on instagram/ facebook by resellers (whose integrity as sellers should now be seriously questioned), are FAKE. Tag: Chanel Gift with Purchase. And while the practice of subcontracting production overseas reduces the company’s own costs and allow for better profit margins, it also creates a big risk that the OEMs will take their intellectual property and use it to manufacture additional and unauthorized products on top of their agreed- upon volume. Here are more examples of online resellers/ distributors on Instagram who have labelled these fake Chanel bags as “Chanel VIP gifts.”, Photo #1: “Chanel” black fabric tote with chain straps, Photo #2: “Chanel” black fabric tote with chain straps. And this “Chanel VIP Gift Bag” issue is just that: it is indeed a deal that’s too good to be true. According to the manufacturer, their minimum order for the double C customized logo is between 20- 25 pieces per transaction, for a cost of under PhP 1,100/ bag. When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. They won’t exactly be shooed away by staff for carrying a fake (because unlike the sales associates in a fully- stocked Chanel boutique, these beauty associates are not exactly schooled in how to tell a fake Chanel bag from an authentic one). At the time, I didn’t think to ask them. The seller’s representative offered to send more product sample photos through that chat site, to showcase not just how good the quality of their work is, but to also show me the final product of their bags with the actual double C  Chanel logo. The bag I received as a GWP was actually very well made, and was made of canvas on its exterior and of white, waterproof (like that of a raincoat) fabric on the inside. After being confronted with questions about the origin of these GWP (I asked them on my Instagram stories where the bags came from, and that they should provide photos of the beauty counters that had these bags), I was sent these photos by Instagram contributors who mentioned that the resellers posted them on their pages (to show that indeed, these bags were “on the Chanel beauty counters”). Eyes. Lips. We have been focusing efforts to specialize in the respective areas, instead of pursuing them as side businesses of the fashion segment.” Chanel executives leave no stone unturned when it comes to the operations in each of these business areas. How do I interpret this photo? Feb 6, 2018 - Shop Women's Black size OS Crossbody Bags at a discounted price at Poshmark. Chanel Gift box with applied white flower 11x15x2quot; Authentic CHANEL GIFT bag 8.5x5.5x3quot; plus small satin drawstring dust bag, Authentic Chanel Gift Box and paperwork 9x13x3, Chanel Gift Box Authentic with Signature Tissue Paper and ribbon, NEW White CHANEL Gift Box W RibbonTissue PaperCard amp; Envelope, Authentic CHANEL gift Sticker Pink Flower LE 2016 Rare set 10, Authentic Empty Chanel Gift Box Gold Ribbon. Explore the entire collection of beauty gifts with purchase from Neiman Marcus. I found this manufacturer’s listing in one of the leading wholesale marketplace platforms from China. Bottom line is, these unscrupulous OEMs and factories are not authorized to reproduce these products. While many were stopped from taking them home, some managed to slip through security with those Chanel water bottles (but I have to date, never seen them resold in any marketplace platform haha)! Because Chanel beauty products that come with GWP, always have Chanel beauty samples included in them. And if there were, the reflections from those lights would have been visible on the glass case sides.”. If you don’t see the offer live on the site, just load up your basket with £195+* and the gift should add automatically! Wouldn’t Chanel Fashion customers just flock to Chanel Beauty counters to buy $500 worth of products to get that trolley, instead of spend over $5,000 for that trolley at the Chanel boutique? In regards to the same bag being sold by Instagram reseller Xiaofangmei and being sold as well by Philippine- based IG resellers, this is what I found: The bag is being sold for a wholesale price of 149 Yuan, equivalent to PhP 1,081 (approx US$ 21) each. Chanel Beauty would NEVER give away a trolley like the one from their main Chanel FW 2014- 2015 leather goods collection. A Chanel bag purchased directly from the French fashion house can cost in the upward amount of PhP 100,000 (approx US$ 2,000). Visit Dillard's to find clothing, accessories, shoes, cosmetics & more. Face. It must be said that Chanel would never jeopardize its own leather goods business by giving away large products similar to what they would sell in their boutiques. Upon close inspection of all those special gifts that I have received from these premium luxury brands, one thing I can say with absolute certainty is this– each item’s quality is 100% reflective of the brand’s reputation for excellent quality. Chanel Beaute Line of Cosmetic Gift with Purchase GWP Makeup Bag Case NEW Chanel Beaute Line. Available 24/7. According to the feature, Chanel “also sends personalized gifts for other occasions throughout the year, like Mother’s Day, Christmas and New Year. Filbert has been a professional photographer for over 14 years, and is very knowledgeable in photo- manipulating apps like Photoshop and Lightroom. Oftentimes, you can receive a free “gift” if you exceed $150 in purchase of certain designer beauty products (from the likes of Dior, Estee Lauder etc) in authorized beauty counters. December 29, 2020 . “The glass case would have originally contained makeup brushes and perhaps another beauty product. Beaute of Line Chanel Bag Case Cosmetic Makeup Purchase NEW with Gift GWP GWP NEW Gift with Beaute Cosmetic Makeup Case of Purchase Chanel Line Bag So here’s the burning question, if they were indeed authentic and were purchased directly from authorized Chanel beauty counters (P.S. The study served to confirm one thing– everything that bears the brand and logo of Chanel, goes through the most stringent tests. Chanel GWP that are being resold (without the beauty products and beauty samples) but look the same as the ones that authorized Chanel Beauty outlets (department store counters accredited to sell Chanel beauty products and  give as GWP, could have been copies made by factories based on procured samples from Chanel beauty counters, or even by their own previously contracted OEMs. Narrow by Makeup Category. Black and white cotton fabric with red tassel on zipper for closure. So let me clarify and confirm this– yes, Chanel Beauty does have promotional GWP items to go with some of their beauty lines. 18-63046-CIV-SCOLA, against 94 online entities last December 2018. Alas, the supermarket merchandise was not meant to be given away as Chanel “VIP gifts” lol. The bag posted by the manufacturer costs 15.23 € (equivalent to US$ 17.05 or PhP 887). Many manufacturers also wised up and would make one- off product samples with similar logos– but not the exact double C/ Chanel ones. Up until recently because of my work within the fashion industry, I have received designer merchandise as gifts from the brands themselves–  small wallets, leather bracelets, twillies, scarves, notebooks, and key FOBs for attending events they hosted. Here is another bag that really looked so out of place (because it was hastily placed atop one of the vitrines) but was captioned as “proof” that Chanel was giving this bag away as a GWP item. You'll want to hurry, these are only available while supplies last!. CONTACT AN ADVISOR. The Style of Your Life. The very same plush logo bags above are manufactured by this company based in China, and the company is on the Chinese marketplace platform, advertising that same product (but with altered text in place of the logo). And is being peddled for PhP 6,000– a markup of almost 400%. 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The same exact bucket bag being sold on Xiaofangmei’s account (which is the same bag offered by some of the Philippine IG/ Facebook resellers), is not labeled “Chanel VIP” on the account. The questionable “Chanel VIP” bag above shares the exact same bag style and make as this bag below, offered by an IG seller named XiaoFangMei.