There’s lots of good synchro decks (Vylons and Six Sams come to mind) but as I’ve been playing a lot of ranked I keep seeing mainly two types of synchro decks. When you can summon from it, it will be flashing. When this monster is Synchro Summoned, its ATK increases by the total ATK of all Level 2 or lower monsters you control. I wish konami errata this card by replacing "dark magician monsters" to "dark magi... Duelist Chronicle 5D's: Earthbound Immortal & Dark Signers, Synchro Summon Guide: The Advent of Synchros in Duel Links. What I did: Be Patient! Unfortunately, 2 Junk Synchron can be added to your deck via Mark of Dragon head only. I have a Geargia deck that does well, and I had to work to get it. Have you seen the world championship decks? Duel Links is a fun way to duel friends and master the game of Duel Monsters. If you Synchro Summon it when you have many Level 2 monsters on the field, or chain "Graceful Revival" to its effect, you'll be able to increase its ATK! Unlocking Yusei also unlocks Duel World (5Ds). "Junk Anchor" can be used in place of "Synchron" Tuner monsters such as "Junk Synchron. Having access to this will make your opponent think twice about setting up a … Loaner Deck Duels is a minigame in Yu-Gi-Oh! In this guide, I will introduce Skill that suitable to use in the Crystron deck, Core & Tech cards, Strengths & Weaknesses, and some Matchups Information. Why can't I use summon gate in duel links, Why didn't i unllock Yugi DSODeven though i have more than 2.400.000 points for the event ? After all, even in real life, money gives you an advantage. An ace monster of "Vendread" Deck which can be Ritual Summoned from your Graveyard! To synchro summon a monster you need a tuner and one or more non-tuner monsters whose total level is exactly equal to … RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links: 5 Best Skills In The Game (& 5 Of The Worst) Totally true, some dudes are just USELESS ! Use Red-eyes, Blue-eyes, Ancient Gear, Subterror, or if your a some kind of degenerate burn/stall deck. [Duel Links] Structure Deck Synchro Connection September 25, 2018 NeoArkadia According to Konami, this Deck is designed to work with Yusei’s “Mark of the Dragon – Head” Skill. In this guide, I will introduce Skill that suitable to use in the Shiranui deck, Core & Tech cards, Strengths & Weaknesses, and some Matchups Information. ... you can Special Summon it by returning 1 card from your hand to the top of your Deck! Most Synchro cards are Spell/Trap Cards that support Synchro Monsters, although there are few exceptions, such as Synchro Boost (which increases the equipped monster’s Level, facilitating a Synchro … Or give any form of help what so ever aha PvP Best decks [New Box Decklists Updated], Digital Bug: deck recipe [Pre-Built Idea], Dwarf Star Dragon Planeter | Decks and Tips, Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit | Deck and Rulings, Duel Links Synchro Connection structure deck, Im new to this game and I have 7k gems what kind of deck do u recommend for me guys? Yusei Fudo is a playable Legendary Duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh! You Can Find Music,Games,Replays from YGOPRO and more Watch this replay to see exactly how it works. You should get about 30-40 synchro summons per duel against Tea level 10 by using De-Synchro twice per turn. Thanks, Land of the titans is the best box for new players. hmm interesting. [Duel Links] New SYNCHRO WARRIORS! Obviously I could have kept going until my opponent decked out, but I only did this duel to show how the combo works. I swear some useless guys never win in this game. '-Among 3 million players who have participated in the past World Championships, even Duelists with only 3-6 months of Duel Links experience have also became a champion. Duel Links; Mayakashi synchro deck; User Info: FutabaSakura. The Duel Links Meta website is currently supported by advertisements. In Yu-Gi-Oh!Duel Links, there are tons of different decks and archetypes available for players to build.From anime fan favorites like Blue-Eyes and Dark Magician to other popular decks from the TCG such as Six Samurai and Thunder Dragons. This minigame lets you play using a preset Deck and Skill. Tests mit Yu gi oh duel links synchro deck. In addition, all of the main Karakuri cards the Deck uses have the Super Rare or Ultra Rare rarity. Hi, I'm Smartrai, a USA Duel Links Player. Interesting deck, but it's still in experimental phase :v since it needs some useful pieces that might come later. Thanks, "Junk Synchron" + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters. ARC-V anime. ¡Ladies and gentlemen! You can farm gems from events, character level ups, rewards for winning in ranked matches and battling duelist (lvl40) at the gate with a farm deck. Many of the powerful Karakuri cards are separated from each other in completely different Boxes. DLM Pro members will also gain access to exclusive features. Why can’t you guys complete the hero deck by adding dark law? is it possible to get it any other way than by having the mark of the dragon skill active? Duel Links.This is a video game depiction of Yusei Fudo, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Will probably happen after akiza maybe even jack depending on when he is unlockable taking a guess and saying luna and leo will be the last ones currently in game to get structure decks. Duel online and aim for the top of "Yu-Gi-Oh! ItemsSetsForbidden/Limited ListsSkill RebalancingMiscellaneous Yu gi oh duel links synchro deck - Die hochwertigsten Yu gi oh duel links synchro deck auf einen Blick. Welcome to Duel Entertainment blog based in Anime Series Yu-Gi-Oh! F2P doesn't have to use cheap decks. Thank you for choosing to support Duel Links … Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I find it really easy to summon Stardust in the synchro structure deck. Duel Links community day by day to provide quality guides and the latest news. It is accessible through the Duel School. Duel Links Synchro Connection structure deck . Skill What Grows in the Graveyard The effect of "Junk Warrior" will activate upon Synchro Summon, and the effect of "Limiter Overload" will chain to it.Since the effect of "Speed Warrior" resolves first, "Junk Warrior" will have 3200 ATK! It doesn't matter how many nerfs they are. We update this Yu-Gi-Oh! Thank you for visiting Duel Links wiki by GameA! LOL ! Buster Blader is a deck that combines both of these. FutabaSakura 5 months ago #1. To get more junk synchrons use the mark of the dragon head skill wit yusei fudo. Some guys really believe the meaning of F2P means = useless player lol. Hrm, good question. Fun Penguin Deck I’m trying to rework December 16, 2020 December 16, 2020 jprshoots 320 0 Comments Glacial Beast Penguin , Penguin , Synchro I love playing Penguins but I need to make them a little more versatile with extra deck summoning. A total of 18 types : 1 UR, 0 SR, 17 R, and 0 N, Main Deck : 20 Cards / Extra Deck : 2 Cards, Free to Download and play (with in-app purchases). Each Challenge gives out 30 Gems upon completion. Black Rose Dragon. Featuring: When this monster is Synchro Summoned, its ATK increases by the total ATK of all Level 2 or lower monsters you control. I kinda agree with you, some guys just want to avoid their failure just by saying someting as deceitful as this game being 'expensive. Unfortunately, their strengths came at a steep wallet cost. Duel Links"! I surrender the duel after a few turns of the combo being in full effect. Synchro (Shinkuro) is a series of cards related to Synchro Monsters.They appear most frequently in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Thanks to Handmaiden's effect one MCF allows you to get a max. Duelist Chronicle 5Ds: Attack of the Dark Signers! 5Ds anime and manga, although a few also appear in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ; Visit our Patreon page and subscribe with your Discord name for $1/month. U think no one could come up with a Fur Hire deck by themselves? They lose against all decks. 5Ds anime.. Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis | Deck and Rulings. If you're already playing Geargia, it can farm using winged dragon of Ra, as geargia have an easy time special summoning 3 monsters on the field and keeping control. Someone else's deck? It’s without a doubt one of the best Duel Links decks. It's very sad that you have to use the Yusei skill to get those junk synchrons for this duck to even function. Top Player Discord: Subscribe through TWITCH for DISCORD ACCESS! I'm also using the Crystron deck to reach the KOG stage in April 2020 (Season 51). Black Rose is one of the most popular lv7 staples in the game for a synchro deck. Use this monster as Synchro Material and send it to the Graveyard, then Special Summon it with this effect to bring it back. You can synchro summon right from your extra deck (the one on the left side). New player guide: What packs to buy first? The deck was too obvious in the box that u don't need to copy. [FEATURES] ・Supporting features for beginners '-Even beginners can hone their skill by completing the in-game missions. Otherwise you'd have to rely on anchor. All of them gave silent spellbooks. why not? Karakuri were one of the first good Synchro Archetypes added into Duel Links. Best Yusei Deck! Activate the effect of "Junk Anchor" by targeting "Junk Forward" in your Graveyard, and discarding "Limiter Overload" from your hand.Then, Synchro Summon "Junk Warrior." Use these cards alongside the Skill "Mark of the Dragon - Head" for further Synchro Summoning! Join the Discord server (full access is not needed and is not granted by becoming a DLM Pro member). But since the deck draws so much, that should leave you at least 10 turns with the combo in full effect. He only appears in-game after the player claims his Character Unlock Mission reward for Summoning Wind-Attribute monsters 10 times after the player reaches Stage 10 in Duel World (DM). Obviously don't have all the cards and I'm a total beginner tbh.. was wondering if someone would be able to help me pick out replacement cards? of 5 laval monsters in the GY in one go. So who exactly invented those decks? this is also a replicating comment from the other one. With a little life gain you're above 9999 dmg. I am F2P, but I don't know how to farm gems. Also, how do you farm gems? One of the trashy meta decks will do. Just put together those good Fur Hire monsters and u will end up with a deck 90% the same as with other players. There are plenty of non expensive kog worthy decks. The most successful version currently in the meta is a 30-card deck that make use of That Grass Looks Greener. You can farm gems from events, character level ups, rewards for winning in ranked matches and battling duelist (lvl40) at the gate with a farm deck. Doesn't mean u copied it. - YouTube how can u get the junk synchron card? Duel Links Price: AU … Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is a game that allows players to experience the Yu-Gi-Oh! Laval Synchro (Duel Links) Getting Molten Conducction Field (MCF) on your starting hand allows you to quickly shrink your deck and most importantly get resources on your GY. So I'm a new player trying to make this deck cause I think it seems cool! You can remove the ads and support us directly by becoming a DLM Pro member. Duel Links. Marik's skill adds their attack to Ra. This one can handle all of them, just use the skill to add the synchro monster to your extra deck, remove the tuners/materials that don't add up to the level you want and away you go. This deck focuses on Summoning powerful Synchro Monsters such as Junk Destroyer and Armades, Keeper of Boundaries by taking advantage of Junk Synchron, Psychic Wheeleder and Psychic Tracker. I'm also using the Shiranui deck to reach the KOG stage in January 2020 (Season 48). ". Hi, I'm Smartrai, a USA Duel Links Player. Welche Kriterien es vor dem Kauf Ihres Yu gi oh duel links synchro deck zu beurteilen gibt. If you like the OTK style deck, Blackwing might be a good choice for you. Many of those decks are definitely kog worthy and quite easy to get, specially furries and aliens. Unsere Mitarbeiter begrüßen Sie als Interessierten Leser hier bei uns. Target 1 Synchro Monster you control; return that target to the Extra Deck, also during the Standby Phase of your next turn, Special Summon from your Extra Deck, 1 Synchro Monster with the same name as that monster returned to the Extra Deck. Are you not more innovative then Duel Links Meta? Die Betreiber dieses Portals haben es uns gemacht, Ware aller Art zu vergleichen, damit potentielle Käufer schnell den Yu gi oh duel links synchro deck auswählen können, den Sie als Kunde für ideal befinden. One of the most sought out synchros in Duel Links since the synchro era started. YOu open Secrets of Ancients it an ultra rare so good luck, Silent Magician NEVER changed the meta in a wrong way lololololol.