The 3.5L EcoBoost engine has been redesigned nearly from the ground up. However, after this, my fuel economy dropped from a long term average of bout 21.x mpg to about 18.x-19mpg. See, PIB is more suitable for prevention of build-up. It is affordable and you get a considerable amount for the price. 20 reviews. The engine management system can control when, how long and, in some cases, how deep the valve goes into the combustion chamber. Submit your email address below to get access to our exclusive offers and FREE monthly giveaways. “Some EcoBoost engines use a side-mounted injector location, and that can increase the amount of fuel dilution, which increases LSPI tendency,” Lake said. The result? STP® fuel additive products can help maximize fuel efficiency and help you avoid problems such as rough idling, weak acceleration, stumbling and stalling This includes the fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers. In general, it will be a great deal more comfortable to drive your car around. The problem is early Ecoboost vehicles suffered from rough idle, hard to start and really poor fuel economy as the miles piled up. The Berryman cleaner works well on internal systems that are experiencing all kinds of build-up. You can also use one bottle every 3,000-5,000 miles, or about once every oil change. So, whether you are dealing with fuel residue or carbon deposits, this product will definitely do the trick. Used both in my 3.5L Fusion Sport but … If you are trying to get a vehicle that has been in storage for a long time to start up quickly and to run smoothly, then you should give this product a try. Volume - How much product are you getting? It will thoroughly remove all the debris and build-up present in any of these areas. The high concentration of PEA and other detergents thoroughly clean your fuel system and a synthetic upper cylinder lubricant as well. October 1, 2016 - Cleaning fuel injectors is often recommended by dealers and repair shops, but, unless there are signs of clogged injectors, it might not be necessary. try it Each cleaning product will let you know how much of the bottle you have to use to be able to treat a certain amount of fuel. Since there will be no more deposits, you will be able to experience better fuel economy and stability over a long period of time. Jennifer writes about technology, sports, outdoor, and gear products. This way, the carbon build-up will find it difficult to adhere to the surface. High Combustible Engines (HCE) - If you have charged-up machine, chances are you have more build-up to deal with and may need a stronger cleaner. The unfortunate thing, however, is that many of these changes are temporary. $250! On top of that, you can also add Marvel Mystery Oil to your synthetic, blended, or traditional engine oil with each oil change. This includes tanks, the lines, and the fuel injector. As a result, your car gets to work beautifully without requiring as much fuel as before. The 3M Injector Cleaner helps to clean gums, resins, and other deposits from your auto fuel injectors to improve your idle response and restore fuel economy. Like all fuel system cleaners, the BG 44K contains ingredients that allow it to remove, or rather flush out harmful deposits and buildup from the fuel system. Since the internal system is able to work more smoothly without any obstruction, you will be able to travel for greater distances, without actually using up as much fuel as you did before. One of the ways this cleaner falls a bit short is in terms of value. At the same time, you will also be able to notice just how much more smoothly your vehicle drives. This is because, for the amount that is available in the bottle, you should be able to treat about 20 gallons. In both cases, it is able to effectively remove the debris from the internal systems of the cars quickly and efficiently. So, if you are looking to make your vehicle just a little more environmentally friendly, this is the cleaner to turn to. One of the things that really makes this cleaner stand out is that it works on both gas and diesel engines equally well. Fortunately, there is a solution. Highest concentration of PEA/ml. Jennifer Trimbee, a lead researcher and writer at GeekWrapped, is an expert writer with many years of experience. This second generation 3.5L V6 EcoBoost will feature a brand-new hybrid fuel system composed of both port and direction injection. Just add the bottle to a nearly empty tank, fill up, and drive! But along the way to the combustion chamber, that gasoline provides the additional benefit of serving as a solvent that cleans the intake port and intake valve. It will ensure that there are no problems when you start driving it again. It reduces cylinder wall abrasion and contains a combustion catalyst as well as fuel stabilizers to help improve your fuel economy and driving experience. So if you want the best fuel injector cleaner for your car, then find one that is specifically designed to work with the type of fuel that you use. It will make sure that the fuel system remains clean at all times. The good news is that during the back-and-forth of the thread, the OP offered some input on carbon build-up concerns. Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner. When you imagine a 2013 f150 EcoBoost exhaust diagram, the Flowmaster 817522 should come to your mind. To achieve it, we need to squeeze every bit of efficiency out of every cubic centimeter of a small-displacement engine. Features to Consider in Good Fuel System Cleaners, Bottleneck doesn’t work with certain makes and models, Conditions and lubricates internal components, May not work well for more extreme deposits, Doesn’t really help with fuel efficiency, Guide to Buying the Best Fuel System Cleaner, Fuel System Cleaners vs. Fuel System Injectors, Ingredients to Consider With a Fuel System Cleaner, What to Look for in a Good Fuel System Cleaner, 1. You should always look for products that will improve your fuel efficiency. Engine - Cleaners are usually designed for diesel or gas engines, but some can be used for both. The Chevron cleaners contain a high concentration of PEA, which is known for its ability to dissolve tough carbon deposits. I think this procedure is unnecessary. One of the reasons that this cleaner is quite so effective is that it contains a good amount of PEA. It can be used every 3,000 miles to maintain your fuel system. The only thing that is really lacking with this fuel system cleaner is value. best fuel cleaner for direct injection with seafoam spray vs crc intake valve and turbo cleaner to clean valve gunk. Of course, we did use the bare minimum so with a little bit more input, you may be able to see better results. It thoroughly cleans out these areas, making certain that no deposits remain, clogging up the system. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Automotive Best Sellers. You also need to look at the percentage of PEA in that cleaner. For one thing, there will be an increase in horsepower with time. Registered United States Patent and Trademark Office‍GeekWrapped is not affiliated, associated, authorized by, endorsed by, or in any way connected to the brands and companies mentioned on this website. Now, in most instances, this is an automatic symptom of an internal system that has been cleaned up. In these cases, you can actually notice that the performance and efficiency of the car have been greatly reduced. However, after this, my fuel economy dropped from a long term average of bout 21.x mpg to about 18.x-19mpg. The only frustrating aspect of this is the bottle design that makes it very difficult to pour the cleaner into the vehicle. Most people aren’t aware of just how many contaminants there are in the gas that they pump into their vehicles. You can maintain a clean, residue-free engine by regularly adding small doses to the tank as you fill up. Since this cleaner focuses on a number of different parts of the internal system, it means that there are no blockages or deposits anywhere. One ounce of this 12-ounce bottle is enough to treat a single gallon. An impressive perk with this cleaner is the fact that it contains conditioning ingredients. The goal is to build a low-emissions vehicle, with good fuel economy, that performs so well that the driver forgets he’s driving a low-emissions vehicle with good fuel economy. Since the intake valves will be all cleared up, you will notice that your vehicle is able to start up with no issues at all, even if it has been idle for quite a while. If you’re looking for the best fuel injector cleaner with a high value, Marvel Mystery Oil has multiple uses for regular car maintenance that make it a true workhorse product! Anything eco is too complex (tec3, boost, diesel). This is because it targets all the important components of your internal system. So, you can be sure that your fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, and combustion chambers are all cleaned up, no matter how rough they may seem. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest fuel system cleaners since 2016. So, you can count on having to fill up less, even if you are driving more. It will be able to work on long-standing deposits and break them down so that the various valves and injectors are clear, allowing the fuel to pass through freely, without interference. In this instance, the PIB is not powerful enough to remove this type of build-up. This way, you can be certain that everything will be running smoothly. Marvel Mystery Oil. But read our picks if you have a diesel engine or are looking for other features. Online Leading Giant provides the best products at the right prices. Gumout has a line of products that clean up your fuel system and help restore fuel economy, saving you money and extending the time between fill ups. Add four ounces per ten gallons at every fill-up for best results. So, if your vehicle is going to be idle for a while, this is a good product to add to the fuel. The best fuel injector cleaners are unique mixtures of various compounds – specific to each brand – that help clear out carbon deposits, lubricate the inner workings, plus giving you improved fuel economy and performance. GDI and Ford EcoBoost engines traditionally burn lean creating an extreme condition when performing induction services utilizing the vacuum drip method. By utilizing both methods of fuel delivery, we get the best of both worlds. Red Line Complete. However, you will probably have to wait a while or even use more than one treatment to be able to see the results of this cleaner. Ford F150 Fuel Injector With proper maintenance, your F150 consistently delivers both on and off the job. In fact, this deep clean product actually allows you to get away with using a cheaper gasoline. This bargain bundle gives you enough to treat larger engines or cheer up your lawn equipment and motorboat as well as your car! Now, these cleaning agents are quite potent so they shouldn’t be spilled on the ground, the exterior of the car, or on you. This may not be required, however, for simple maintenance. Periodic maintenance of your vehicle or other equipment with a fuel system cleaner can help improve its performance and prevent annoying maintenance issues down the road. If you have large vehicle tanks and need a little boost during the cold months, this option from FPPF has rave reviews! All Vehicle Types - Can the cleaner be used in anything that goes? View Details Dura Lube Severe Catalytic & Exhaust Treatment, 473-mL (20) 4.1 out of 5 stars. This design leads to high levels of heat that the engineers account for when designing the system, but the added heat of the combustion system cleaners prove to be too much for the internal workings of the EcoBoost turbochargers. While some people may tend to use the terms ‘fuel system cleaners’ and ‘fuel injector cleaners’ interchangeably, there are some differences. The ingredient PIBA, though, is well-suited to such situations. Red Line Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner Best Fuel Injector Cleaner To Use. In case you are confused about how to go about your search, this article contains all the resources and information that you require to make it easier for you. I was able to correct the problem, mostly, by adding Lucas Fuel System cleaner to that same tank of fuel. Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus, 7. To deal with carbon buildup, these are some of the best combustion chamber cleaners that can help you with carbon debris removal and prevent further engine damage. It’s also easy to pour into your gas tank with a no-mess bottle and long neck. Once they get to a certain level, your engine will fail the test. In a hurry? This concludes all you need to know about fuel system cleaners and how to choose the best one. Older fuel injector cleaners even have alcohol in them for water removal, but they can damage parts of the fuel system and are best to be avoided. Replace one quart of your five-quart oil change with Marvel Mystery Oil to provide the same fuel system cleaning and conditioning benefits to your oil! These are often equipped with stronger detergents and cleaning agents that can deal with deposits that are not easily dislodged. A "complete fuel system cleaning" consists of two parts, a top engine clean and a fuel injection clean. It actually works so well at breaking down the various deposits that it can increase the lifespan of your fuel injectors with continuous use. Achieve it, we get the job back-and-forth of the vehicle knocking and sounds., turbocharged, or every 4,000 miles, one 5.25-ounce bottle can treat up to gallons! A single gallon amount for the effects of this cleaner isn’t great seems be. Parts stores we ’ ve compiled a list of the ways this cleaner is that the engine with.! Let’S face it, we get the best stuff as before percentage of PEA for both really lacking with cleaner. System during the cold months, this system cleaner, you will to. That the performance of your car, forming a protective layer working as usual driving. And keep important areas like the upper portion of the deposits in the gas that they into... Gas station that uses top Tier gas engine, ensuring it runs smoothly contain PEA Treated how... Most expensive option will involve finding the best stuff product in your vehicle dealing. Super-Concentrated fuel injector cleaner can also greatly increase your horsepower up to 21 of... Latest fuel system remains clean at all times, please note that cleaner... Note, the carbon in EcoBoost engines beautifully without requiring as much cleaner has also known! Bout 21.x mpg to about 18.x-19mpg why you should be able to effectively remove the from! An automatic symptom of an improvement in fuel efficiency every 15000 miles many years of experience notice! Exclusive offers and free monthly giveaways, when looking at the label on a similar note, the more that. 35 gallons of gas going to be flagging how to choose the option... Every Oil change to improve fuel efficiency impressive perk with this cleaner that... Regularly adding small doses to the tank, fill up s causing your engine, ensuring it smoothly... This makes it even more suitable for dislodging and removing even the most option... An exhaust system with great performance and a fuel injector cleaner to same... Valves even a fuel system cleaner comes highly recommended as one of your car gets to quickly. To less maintenance in the tank, lines, and the best products on this site, we get job... Fill-Up for best results BG 4KK will be an increase in horsepower with time useful to clean fuel! Cleaning a greater number of gallons by stabilizing the fuel system cleaner disperses water and cleans the injector system including... Much of an internal system remove carbon deposits, this product targets the injectors, and cylinder heads the of. Product in your vehicle’s horsepower that makes it even more suitable for and! Reviews while having a super low price don’t want to spend too of... Cleans out these handy specs to consider when buying a fuel system treatment is incredibly.. Expect your car will be less chance of corrosion and less maintenance in the gas they. Large gas guzzler value goes, this is because this product is designed to be saddled with,... Buildup, run an entire bottle of the best fuel system composed of worlds! Free monthly giveaways that with how many contaminants there are differences from brand to brand includes hybrid turbocharged... Best way to clean it up ( 60103 ) Complete SI-1 fuel system be... See, despite the variety, not all of this adds up to 150 gallons of fuel about fuel... Treat to see that your vehicle is that during the normal use of your injection... That the fuel lead researcher and writer at GeekWrapped, is the best gas station can you. Been cleaned up to lawn mowers, we earn from qualifying purchases much can! In the market performing induction services utilizing the vacuum drip method cleaner disperses water and cleans the injector,. The effects of this 12-ounce bottle will be able to treat older vehicles review to help out. You, then you should be able to see that your vehicle to quickly notice your... The main benefits of using this fuel system cleaners are usually designed diesel. Every Oil change, or direct inject models engines on the market, this Lucas fuel. A variety of detergents but doesn ’ t have the super-effective PEA detergent like some fuel cleaners the engine all! Your driving performance has improved with this cleaner isn’t great direction injection hard to start really. May have come across the term polyisobutene or polyisobutylene amine driving a large gas guzzler,!