Make: {{ }} Model: {{ }} Year: {{ state.year }} Option: No Option Radio: {{ }} The dip switches shown on the chart should be the ONLY switches set to OPEN. Green (LOGIC GROUND): Connects to the logic ground of an automatic mixer, switcher, or other equipment. C. Wiring diagram and check point of the water heater A. Troubleshooting 310 D. DIP switch settings on the computer board of the water heater Change the DIP switch settings when the power supply is turned off. Else result1 is 0. Multiple inputs can be built from a DIP switch bank, a SIP or DIP resistor pack, and wires connected to +5V and ground . See Figures 4 and 5 for diagrams of SIP and DIP resistor packs, respectively. power 1 green notes: 1) door control sw2 switch bank set dip switch #1 and 3 to the off (timer logic) position. Included in your lab kits is a DIP switch bank, with 8 or 10 separate SPST switches. High-altitude function DEFAULT 0 to 2,000 ft Minimum water flow is 25 GPM with minimum 1.5 inch plumbing. Logic Wiring. Can't find anywhere how it "should" be done so I assumed that if a feed all the switches +5v and give them separate inputs where I write something like: If pin1 = HIGH then result1 is ex 1. The main problem with the new RMN5068A Desk microphone that replaced the HMN3000 is that it works with the Motorola mobiles but doesn't work with dispatch solutions such as the MC series desksets and the Commandstar lite console all of which are … This system Self-testing Mode: FUN=ON (the 10th dip switch=ON) DMX Mode: FUN=OFF (the 10th dip switch=OFF) Setting DMX addresses with dip switch 1-9 4. 3. page 9 green notes: 1 ) magic force aux. Hi, I've recently started with a project that includes a DIP-Switch. 2. The dip switches must be set back to the default position in order to use the calibration chart on future calibrations. Set S1 DIP switches to: 1 & 2 "ON", 3 & 4 "OFF". Apply power to the LP1502 board. 6) The speedometer is now calibrated. The dark squares indicate the correct DIP switch positions. After the LP1502 boots up, watch for LEDs 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 to alternately flash at a 0.5 second rate. Set DIP switch 1 for momentary or toggle. 2) lo21s dipswitches: 1-5 (lock-out timing), #6-8 (not used) 3) torque if applicable and stall adjustments may need to be increased for lo21s proper operation. All other dip switches should be set to CLOSED. 400/800 Ampere Isolation Switch 400/800 Ampere Isolation Switch Front View Rear View Isolation Switch The Cutler-Hammer Type JMT-4/8, is a drawout, lightweight, 3-pole, manually operated isolating switch mounted in the top of the starter enclosure. If these switches the wiring diagram to setup the correct voltage output for the circulation pump. LED 1 on for about 15 seconds while LP1502 boots up. 3. Also setup the dip switches on the circuit board so that the system works properly with the circulation pump. switch horn push tank 57 horn 40 29 starter switch wiper motor 12 v. battery 33 flasher relay dip switch 16 sw cb ignition coil distributor heater motor (when fitted) 57 18 21 57 voltage reg. When shorted to LOGIC GROUND, the LED turns on. A SIP resistor pack, as shown in Figure 4, has a common The idea is that the switch should determine a DMX address. Dip Switch Operation: RDM Mode: The dip switch 1-10 are OFF. White (SWITCH OUT): Provides TTL logic (0 Vdc or 5 Vdc) in response to the mute button. RMN5068A Desk microphone HMN3000 Internal Switch I have taken the bottom cover off to get at the dip switches without having a schematic. according to the chart. It may be easily removed by loosening two bolts in the rear of the switch. 1. Orange (LED IN): Set DIP switch 3 on to use LED IN. Within 10 seconds after the above pattern starts, change switches 1 or 2 to "OFF". & cut-out !7-- oil pressure rad. DEFAULT is the factory setting. Configuration Diagram: Green Terminals RJ45 LED lamps connection socket DIP Switch 5-24V Power Input Green dc Terminal 4.